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The Latest News from the Register

2nd February 2018  Hearty congratulations to Halbe Tjepkema over in Holland who has completed his meticulous ten-year restoration of 1929 Minor fabric saloon VG 2007 (M14258).
(That's Halbe's Aston Martin behind.)
Halbe and his father collected the car from Bungay, Suffolk in January 2008 - see below.
Pre-War Prescott next, Halbe?

Just as we like to find them.  VG 2007 emerges into the Suffolk daylight after many years in hibernation.  Tired but highly original and unmolested.

21st January 2018  Pre-War Prescott 2018 is just six months today!  We have another superb day in the planning stages, and have received 20 entries already.
We have lots of new features for PWP 2018 and we will be celebrating the twin Centenaries of the Armistice and the founding of the Royal Air Force.
We will also be welcoming the Riley RM Club who this year are marking the 70th Anniversary of the RM Roadster.  These, and post-war Rileys of all models
will be gathering in the Orchard as spectators.  Pre-War Prescott is but one day of our Register's Summer Rally weekend and on Sunday we will be holding
our regular Cotswold Navigation Rally and parallel Scenic Tour.  With an informal reception on Friday evening, a buffet/BBQ with live music and dancing on Saturday evening
and our traditional farewell pub run on Sunday evening a tremendous weekend is in store for everyone.  ALL pre-war cars are most welcome to enter any or all of the weekend's events
and post-war and moderns are welcome as spectators in the Prescott Orchard on Saturday.  Entries can be made on the Pre-War Prescott website,
and further details of the Register's Summer Rally weekend can be found here.  Alternatively, you can download the Entry Form here.
Finally, a reminder that owners of ANY pre-war car may now join the Register and enjoy the hefty rally discount which pays half of the annual membership!
You can join right now, right here.  See you in six months!

A mingling of Minors, MGs and Moths at the inaugural Pre-War Shuttleworth in 2017.

20th January 2018 We are delighted to announce the launch of Pre-War Shuttleworth 2018 on Sunday 12th August.
The weekend will include an informal pub reception on Saturday evening, a pre-war Garden Party and Vintage Picnic at the Shuttleworth Trust
in conjunction with the de Havilland Moth Club on Sunday and the weekend will conclude with a farewell pub run on Sunday evening.

Now in its second year, Pre-War Shuttleworth offers the rare opportunity to visit the flight line and chat with the aircraft owners during the lunch break.

There is no entry form or entry fee required for pre-war cars, but an entry list has been started, and we need everyone who plans to attend on Sunday to contact us
at vintageminor@gmail.com with their vehicle details so that we can provide the entries to the Trust in advance.

The event website which includes full details may be found here.

Miss Barbara Skinner poses in her striking White Minor, chassis 34/MS/41564.  The chassis was erected by Morris Motors on 22nd February 1934.
The Morris Progress Books contain the note: "M. MINOR 2 SEATER Less Engine. 'Chassis on permanent loan to SU, used by Miss B Skinner for racing
& presented to her as wedding present from Lord Nuffield."

11th January 2018  We extend a warm welcome to new member David Baldock who is well advanced with his heroic restoration of the famous White Minor,
Barbara Skinner’s Skinner Special.  Barbara Skinner was gifted the previously loaned White Minor Special by William Morris (by then, Lord Nuffield)
on 22nd September 1936 as a wedding present for her forthcoming wedding to John Bolster on 8th October 1936.
The car was based on a 1934 Minor rolling chassis fitted with a lightweight racing body and a very special Zoller blown Minor engine.
We cannot wait to see this car out, about and hillcimbing again after many decades.

9th January 2018 Today we welcome new member Tim Sharp and his blown 1936 MG PB VXS 544.  Tim reports:
"I acquired chassis PB0685 with a 2008 Enrique Llinares ash frame and various correct PB parts in 2018.  These have been built up by James Gunn with a Volumex supercharger.
The car is MMM Register 3614 and I wrote a piece on the development of the car for the Triple-M Register Bulletin October/November 2017."
Welcome to the Register Tim!

2nd January 2018  In illustrious company.  Keith Durston’s M Type parked beside the Benjafield 1928 4½ Le Mans Bentley in front of the Brooklands Clubhouse on New Year’s Day.
The weather was as kind as can be expected in January across most of the UK and many members turned out in their cars to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.
Nick Williams took these shots at the VSCC's popular meet at Much Marcle in Herefordshire.

19th December 2017  And still they keep turning up!  This 1933 SV Minor 2-seater (SV30663) has surfaced in Karachi, Pakistan.  New member Faraz Latif tells us that it was acquired
by his late father fifty years ago, but is in very poor condition.  However, he is planning a full restoration to return it to its former glory.  Not surprisingly he is looking for many parts
and a full list will appear in the December newsletter.  Offers of help please to the Register.

Barbara Skinner poses for the camera in her brand new Skinner Special - the White Minor - a blown hillclimb special based on SV Minor chassis 34/MS/41564

7th December 2017 Following on the good news that the Vintage Sports Car Club has granted eligibility to sidevalve Minors, we are delighted to announce that the Register
is to inaugurate a prestigious new award for 2018, to be awarded to the Register member who achieves the best aggregate performance in VSCC events through the year.

The Trophy has been graciously sponsored by our Honorary Member Annabelle Swain, daughter of Barbara Skinner
and will be known as the Barbara Skinner Memorial Trophy.

Barbara had such conspicuous success in competition in the thirties with the White Minor, a SV Minor special based on a 1934 chassis that was presented to her
by William Morris as a Wedding gift on 19th February 1934 on her marriage to John Bolster.  Her brother Peter also had considerable success with another SV Minor special,
the White Minor, based on a 1931 SV chassis.

Details of the aggregate award and the scoring system will be announced shortly, but will include points for entering VSCC tours, navigation rallies, driving tests and speed events,
with additional points awarded for scores achieved at the competitive events plus further points for any awards gained.

The prototype 1932 Sidevalve Minor McEvoy Special RC 300 at the start of the 1932 RAC Rally (the first one), being driven by the one-legged A. Squillario who gained a First
Class Award in this car in February 1932 on the Colemore Trial.  McEvoy is the gent on the left chatting to him.  Navigating is Squillario’s wife-to-be ‘Johnnie’ Johnson.
This car has survived in the hands of a Register member who, until now, has had his VSCC eligibility applications declined for this car.  It is now eligible.

Vintage Minor Register NEWSFLASH - The VSCC has granted PVT eligibility to all sidevalve Morris Minors with immediate effect

1st December 2017  Mere hours after the circulation of the latest VMR Newsletter comes this tremendous news from the latest VSCC Newsletter.
The Club's Eligibility Sub Committee made the recommendation in the autumn and it has now been formally ratified by the full Committee and takes immediate effect.

The Vintage Minor Register has been fighting vigorously for over a decade for VSCC eligibility for the SV Minor, and that effort ramped up further a few years ago
when the VSCC granted eligibility to many thirties Austin Sevens while withholding eligibility to even the early scuttle-tank Minors
and even the rare McEvoy specials, even examples with proven pre-war sporting history like RC 300 above.

But enough of the past.  This is tremendous news and will in time prove to be the saviour of so many SV Minors that are currently languishing in store or in pieces, or both.

As the note in the VSCC Newsletter states, this move will also hopefully allow younger enthusiasts to get on the bottom rung of the competitive ladder.
This was one of the key arguments that the Vintage Minor Register has been pushing for years.  And there are plenty of SV Minors to go around, compared to the OHC models.

The decision will not affect the Light Car & Edwardian Section eligibility which will remain solely for pre-1931 light cars in standard form.

On behalf of the Register, may I offer my hearty congratulations to the Vintage Sports Car Club for this momentous and historic decision.


From our inauguration in 2000, the Register has always welcomed owners of any pre-war car to join us on our rallies.
Earlier this year, the Register formally opened up its membership to owners of ALL pre-war cars.
We will continue to lobby the VSCC to follow suit and accept, like us, all those cars that survived the War.

22nd October 2017  New member Guy Harris contacted the Register a few weeks ago in the hope that we would have knowledge of the present whereabouts of two Minors that he had owned many moons ago.
One of these - a 1933 2-seater FS 5294 had been his first car, which he had bought as an impecunious student in 1957 for £5.   Inspection of Register records showed that in 2013, the then owner
Alan Price had contacted the Register.  Alan’s father originally acquired the car in 1980 and Alan himself has worked on it on and off since he inherited it,
so it had been in the same family for 33 years by then.  Alan had finally decided at that point that he wanted to pass it on.  I relayed this information to Guy who contacted Alan
to see if he could tell him who he had sold it to.  he was surprised and delighted to dicover that Alan still had the car.  Guy was able to purchase the car (for a little more than £5!)
and has now been reunited with FS 5294 after a gap of fifty seven years!  Guy reports that FS 5294 is in very solid condition and has obviously been well looked after over the years.

This is a tremendous example of the value of the Register and the best possible conclusion to Guy's search.

Below we see Guy with FS 5294 in 1958.  He sold the car in 1961 for £15 and after covering 10,000 miles.
The photo was taken somewhere in Northumberland, north of Newcastle.  Guy was 20 at the time and the “L” plate was for his flatmate who had just started to drive.
Guy recalls that the Morris put him off for a bit!

15th October 2017  Meet Lily, a charmingly attractive 1910 Talbot 4AB tourer, registration number A238.  Lily belongs to new VMR member Dr. David Pike
who lives in farthest Pembrokeshire and also owns a 1927 Darraq DTS and a 1931 Sunbeam 18.2 coupe saloon.  David has entered his Darraq in our 2018 Summer Rally.
Membership of the Register is now open to owners and enthusiasts of all pre-war cars, that is, all the cars that survived World War Two.

15th October 2017  This unique 1934 long wheelbase Minor with fixed head coupe body by Holden is currently being offered on eBay in Australia.
The car, with chassis number 34/ML/38171, is being offered by Anthony Barbara on behalf of his elderly father Paul.
The sister car with chassis 34/ML/38172 has also survived, fitted with an open tourer body, also by Holden.
The car has been in the family for forty years.  Let us hope that it finds a good home.

7th October 2017  Today we welcome Matt Boroweicki to Register membership.  Matt has been a solid supporter of our events for many years with his 1929 Chummy, being a regular competitor
on the Austin team for the Lewis & Nicholson Compass, competed for annually on our Navigation Rally between Team Austin Seven and Team Morris Minor.
Membership of the Register is now open to owners and enthusiasts of all pre-war cars - even Austin Sevens!

Here is a short but delightful YouTube video made by Matt at this year's Pre-War Prescott.

6th October 2017  As of noon today, our Summer Rally and Pre-War Prescott 2018 is officially up and running!
Download the entry form here.  The Rally website can be found here and the Pre-War Prescott website can be found here

6th October 2017  David Rolfe and daughter Philippa were spotted by David Hinds on the VSCC's Welsh Trial today in his newly-restored 1930 Minor tourer.  UR 7238 now carries corrected coachwork.
Here is what he started with.  They scored a very creditable 212 on the trial, not bad for only the car's second sporting trial.  Two other Minors were entered this weekend which is very good to see.
Ben Maeers entered the family 1929 tourer 'Dorothy' PG 5664 and Martin Redmond and Graham Goode entered Martin's Semi-sports special BS 9400 in the Sunday Trial.
However, sadly, Martin broke a bone in his foot last week and had to scratch.  But he reports that he should be fit for the Lakeland in November.
The weather was superbly sunny and warm on Sunday and several other larger Morrises could be seen rumbling up the various sections including
the Major of Pete Williams (left below) and his brother Nick Williams' red Cowley, which was good to witness.  Sam Makins (seen putting air back in the rear tyre)
was one of Nick's bouncers (son of Ian Makins, former BNMC editor from Ludlow, who can be seen sat in the back of the car sporting the woolen hat).
Nick finished slightly ahead of his brother in the results.  All great stuff!

(Photo - Nick Williams)

29th September 2017  Earlier this week, this 1933 Minor fixed head coupé, bodied by Archie Maddox of Huntingdon arrived at VMR HQ in Seattle from Picton, Ontario where it has resided since 2011.
Prior to that it was a resident at the Ellingson Motor Museum in Minnesota for many years.  It will be the subject of a thorough mechanical servicing over the winter and then be shipped to its new home
in Cirencester where Jayne and I will use it during our summer holidays in England.  For the rest of the year it will be run by our very good friends Peter and Ally Balding at whose home it will reside.
As far as we know, Maddox only built this single coupe on a SV Minor chassis.  It was shipped to the USA some time in the eighties, and its history prior to that is currently the subject of research.
The seller in Canada, VMR member Ian Samuel, is delighted that the car is to be repatriated to travel the byways of the glorious Cotswolds.
Follow the progress of the Maddox recommissioning in the 'Our Cars' section of our forum here.

In the late summer of 1928, this early Morris Minor fabric saloon was taken on a publicity tour of Norfolk.
Here we see it parked at Horsey Mere windpump, now restored and owned by the National Trust.

(UD 2483 is the only vehicle to have its registration number written in the Morris Minor Progress Books, from which we learn that the chassis number was MM119,
or the nineteenth production Minor built.  In the remarks column is written "This car being run experimentally at Cowley UD 2483".)

16th September 2017  The Centenary of the Morris Minor and the M Type MG will occur in 2028.  This might seem a long way off, but perhaps not so in terms of restoration project timescales.
The Register is therefore delighted to announce that we will be celebrating the Centenary in style, with the twin targets of gathering ONE HUNDRED pre-war Minors, and ONE HUNDRED M Type MG's
for a major celebration in the summer of 2028.  Details of the dates and venues are unimportant at this early stage, but it is hoped that this announcement will encourage owners of examples
that are currently unrestored (and there are many) to set 2028 as their goal to complete their restorations.  Look out for more details in our Autumn Magazine and in upcoming Newsletters.

12th August 2017  1933 Maddox-bodied Minor EN 5810 is about to be shipped from Picton, Ontario to VMR HQ in Seattle, USA
where it will receive a full service before being shipped to Southampton and on to Tarlton, Gloucestershire which will become its new home.
There it will be cared for and driven by Peter and Ally Balding.  Ian Samuel acquired this unique Minor in 2011 from the Ellingson Car Museum
in Rogers, Minnesota.  Ian has now sold it on to Jayne and I and we we will be using it extensively on our annual trips to England,
starting with our 2018 Summer Rally.  The original British registration EN 5810 is in the process of being recovered.

12th August 2017  The August Newsletter was circulated electrically today.  E-mail us if you didn't receive a copy but would like to.
A copy may also be found in the Members' Area of the website.

5th August 2017 The weekend after Prescott saw the Register holding its inaugural Pre-War Shuttleworth event in conjunction with the de Havilland Moth Club who were holding
their second annual Gathering of Moths at Old Warden.  Four Minors were present out of the entry of around 25 pre-war cars that pre-booked.
Once again, the pessimistic weather forecast put off many of the Moths, but the actual weather was fair and sunny.
Moths and Minors make a good mix, particularly as most Tiger Moths were built by Morris Motors at Cowley!  (Photo Keith Herkes)

5th August 2017  Just back home from our Summer Rally weekend and getting sorted.  It was another fabulous weekend with nearly 200 entries, and 60 cars entered the Sunday run.
The weather forecast was poor but the actual weather was sunny apart from a short period of rain on Saturday morning and a few sprinkles late on Saturday afternoon,
none of which dampened spirits.  The forecast put off many, while there was an equal number of cars that turned up on the day without pre-booking.
Sadly, of the twelve Minors booked in, only five showed up.  One of those was Sarah Gibson (above) with her 1932 McEvoy, now sporting an original and correct Zoller supercharger.
The mounting plates had been stored at the back of the garage for decades, their purpose completely unknown until the Zoller was acquired, and the mounts lined up perfectly
with the holes in the chassis!  The next step will be to connect it to the crankshaft via a fabric coupling.  A full report on the weekend will be included in our next Magazine.

29th June 2017  With just over three weeks go to our Summer Rally weekend and Pre-War Prescott, we have another superb weekend in the making!
As of this morning we already have 14 Minors entered, as well as a record twelve M Type MG's.
We have a total of 149 entries, representing virtually all of the major pre-war marques, plus some fascinating rarities.
We also have a record 58 entries for the Sunday Navigation Rally and parallel Scenic Tour, so a fantastic Sunday is also in store.
If you have not yet entered, please do so at your earliest convenience!
You can enter directly online here.
The Pre-War Prescott website can also be found here.

11th April 2017  The Register is a subscribing member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs which does so much to preserve our right to use our pre-war cars
on the open road in the 21st century.  Every spring, the FBHVC organizes a Drive it Day which gives owners the opportunity to showcase their cars to the general public,
to generate great PR for us all and of course it also offers a great excuse to dust of our cars and perhaps take them for their first run of the year, very probably to the pub!
Thus, all Register members are warmly encouraged to do just that on Sunday 23rd April.  Take your box Brownie, take some snaps and send them in to the Register for publishing
in the May Newsletter!

And if you live within pootling distance of Bicester, why not pootle along to Bicester Heritage on the day for their Sunday Scramble.
Our very good friends at Finest Hour Experiences will be offering Tiger Moth flying lessons on site, click here to book your 20 minute flying slot.

By the way, the FBHVC published their second Newsletter of the year today and a copy may be found in the Members' Area of this website.
Always an informative read.

9th April 2017  After a protracted and meticulous restoration with many twists and turns, Halbe Tjepkema's
1929 fabric saloon VG 2007 (M14258) is very nearly ready for the road in Holland.
Left to complete are the wiring, propshaft and carb. and also the beading and part of the interior but she will be on the road this year!

Jim and YD 4198 at Claverton on our 2002 Summer Rally

30th March 2017 Jim Peacop is offering his rare and sporting McEvoy for sale at the Brightwells auction on 5th April.  Estimate £15,000 to £18,000.
Here is the catalogue.  Jim purchased this car from an advertisement in the Blackpool Evening Gazette in 1962.  Fitted at the time with a Morris 8 engine,
he has since fitted a SV Minor unit.

26th March 2017  It has been another fabulous weekend in sunny Wales, where the Light Car Section of the VSCC meet every spring.
New member Alistair Bond entered his Semi-sports which is seen here beside Ben Maeers' tourer 'Dorothy'.
I will be posting many more photos on the forum shortly.

This is YOUR chance to run up Prescott in a Ferrari 458!

25th March 2017  Planning for our Summer Rally and Pre-War Prescott are advancing apace.

We are very excited to announce that Cotswold Motorsport will be bringing three supercars to Prescott to act as Course Cars for the day.
Not only will they act as Course Cars, but we will be holding a raffle on the day, the three lucky winners of which will have the opportunity to run up the hill
in one of these cars, including a fabulous Ferrari 458!  The winning tickets will be drawn immediately after the lunchtime auction.

More exciting news!  In past years, we have held an auction of donated spares and
automobilia with the proceeds being donated to the RAF Charitable Trust.  After discussion with Hereford Vintage Auctions and the Trust,
we can now announce that this year, Hereford Vintage Auctions will be holding a full-blown charity auction with the net proceeds going to the sellers and the commissions
donated to the Trust.  Lots are now invited from members and non-members alike and will be posted here, so that everyone can view the lots in advance of the weekend.
We would also welcome donated items as in previous years, and 100% of the proceeds from these will be donated to the Trust.
So this is your opportunity to turn your unwanted spares, automobilia and even your pre-war car into hard cash, and support a very good cause at the same time.

24th March 2017  And this OHC Minor (chassis M16710) is currently being offered on eBay Australia here.
Apparently it has been in storage for 46 years.  It was originally shipped to Australia as an export chassis.

23rd March 2017 This M Type has just been sold by Ken Macken in Australia.  2M/2712 was originally registered BG 168 in England.
Ken bought it from late Mr Brian Flowers (his neighbour of some 33 years).   The car was purchased in England in the early 1970’s by Rob Dunsterville
for Brian ans shipped out with other pre-war MG’s.

Rear wheels spinning and four hands on the roof.  A classic photo of Paul Rogers and his father Barry on the 2005 Light Car Welsh.  (Jim Wood)

20th March 2017  Next weekend the Light Car and Edwardian Section of the VSCC will hold their traditional and highly popular Welsh Weekend,
based once more at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells.  This year, Steve Kent will be entering his 1929 tourer MM 9385, the first event that
this Minor has ever entered.  Originally exported to Malta, MM 9385 returned to England aboard the Ark Royal 1954.  Good luck Steve!
In all, a very creditable eight Minors plus an M Type are entered.

Saturday will see entrants taking to the roads for a 65 or so mile circular tour on the quiet local roads to a secret destination with some surprises on the way.
There will be short cuts available for the more elderly and infirm (both cars and drivers!), and little in the way of hills meaning that it is ideal for you
to bring out older and less powerful cars.  This will be followed in the evening by the legendary Section Annual Dinner and Awards at The Metropole Hotel
in the heart of this scenic spa town.  On Sunday everyone will be up early for the Trial, finishing in time for lunch.  In a break from tradition the minimum age
or entrants for the Trial has been lowered to 14 subject to the front seat passenger being competent to take control if required and to drive between sections.

20th March 2017 The VSCC's Herefordshire Trial took place over the weeekend based at How Caple Court near Ross-on-Wye.
Two M Types (those of Davids Rolfe and Rushton) took part.  The Minor of Martin Redmond (above) also took part
with Graham Goode driving and Martin bouncing, here seen on Pinford Rocks.
Martin reports, "We had a stunning Saturday, being fairly dry and dropped only 3 points out of an available 210.
Sunday was back to a pretty Morrissey sort of day but reasonable in its way.  We are hopeful of getting half way up the results board!"
More great photos from the weekend have been posted on the Forum.  (This photo Steve Kent)

18th March 2017  A forlorn sight.  This 1934 Minor saloon is currently being offered for sale in Toledo, Washington State, USA.
It comes with a 1933 saloon body.  EV 9245 was originally registered in Essex in early 1934.  How it came to the USA is unknown,
and it appears not to have been registered for road use in the USA.

Will Clark 1920 to 2017

This photo was taken on Will's 95th Birthday when he was finally presented with his World War Two campaign medals
by the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Andrew Pulford at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

17th March 2017  An old friend of the Register, Will Clark passed away peacefully early this morning in the Queen’s Medical Center, Nottingham.
Will was not a vintage car owner, but was an enthusiastic supporter of the Register.  He was a World War Two Hurricane pilot who donated the last dozen copies
of his wartime memoirs to the Register to help fund the display by Peter Vacher's Hawker Hurricane at Prescott in 2015.
I have relayed condolences on behalf of all of us to his daughter and family.

8th March 2017  In past years, we have enjoyed the awesome sight and sound of  the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster over Pre-War Prescott.
We can now announce that this year the Flight has allocated us their iconic 1942 Douglas C-47 Dakota ZA947.
ZA947 is currently painted to represent Dakota FZ692 of No 233 Squadron, around the D-Day period in 1944.  This aircraft, which was named ‘Kwicherbichen’ by her crews,
was involved in para-dropping operations on the eve of D-Day and subsequently in re-supply and casualty evacuation missions into and out of forward airfields in the combat areas.
The female nurses who escorted the casualties on these flights became known as ‘The Flying Nightingales’.
By the end of 1944, 1,092 stretcher cases and 467 sitting wounded had been evacuated to England by the 233 Squadron Dakotas.
The Dakota will make a stirring sight and sound over the hill on Saturday.
To read more about the 233 Squadron operations, Dakota FZ692 ‘Kwicherbichen’ and aeromedical casualty evacuation in 1944, go here.

5th March 2017  The superb resurrection of what is believed to be the only surviving 1930 Australian-bodied Morris Minor Bullet is nearing completion in New Zealand.
The restoration is all the more remarkable as the car as recovered from a farm in a decrepit condition, sunk half way up the wheels in mud.
Note the drawing of an original Bullet on the workshop wall.  The chassis, M29833, was laid down 27th October 1930
and exported without body to Australia.  More images on our Forum.

Morris Minor Bullets were originally created and distributed by S. A. Cheney Motors (Victoria) Pty. Ltd.
Their advert below shows a marvelously art deco rendition of a Bullet at speed.
An example was tested in August 1930 and achieved 62.2 mph over a measured mile.

5th March 2017 Entries for our Summer Rally are running well ahead of this point last year.  As of today we have forty entries for Saturday at Prescott.
We also have a fantastic 26 entries for the navigation rally and parallel scenic tour on Sunday which is 50% of full capacity.  So if you are planning to make a weekend of it,
may I suggest that you get your entry in without delay as we are bound to be fully subscribed long before the weekend.
You can check out the entry list here which is updated as entries arrive.
You can enter online for either or both days here, or download the Entry Form here.
The Summer Rally wesbite can be found here, and the Pre-War Prescott website can be found here.

4th March 2017  More OHC tourer news.  HY 1833 (M32707) was registered in the spring of 1931 and is currently for sale by Maurice Kirk - the famed Flying Vet.
Maurice has owned this car for many years and was at one point converting it to run on gas!  He's selling it to help fund his recent flight in his Piper Cub
to the Cape from Greece during which he lost power and force landed in the middle of nowhere, but was found safe some time later.
Back in the sixties this tourer was owned by Rod King in Bristol and at that time had a collision with a fire engine.
The above photo was taken on Madeira Drive, Brighton on the Morris Eight Tourer Club’s London to Brighton Run in 1966.
Left to right – Rod King, Ken Martin with his well-known saloon VX 4590 and others unknown.  (Photo - Ken Martin)
It is currently on offer on eBay here.  Note that altough chassis M32707 was laid down 12th March 1931, ALL OHC Minors are now VSCC eligible.

The eBay blurb states, "It is now in need of restoration recommissioning.  The engine is dismantled but complete less the radiator.
There is a spare engine and gearbox also to go with it."

The photo below shows Rodney King in the tourer at Maiden Castle just after he acquired it in 1964.
See more photos and history on the Forum.  A very good car to save.  If you buy it, please let us know!

26th February 2017  It is not often that a previously-unknown OHC Minor tourer surfaces - particularly when they are in sound restored condition.
This 1930 example, DV 3600 (M18960), was recently sold by Castle Classic Cars of Wadhurst, Sussex.
Does anyone know the new owner?

25th February 2017  Also congratulations to new member Paul Brigden on the acquistion of 1929 Minor tourer FL 7665 (M3962) from Derek Tew.
The Minor joins Paul's M Type project in Amersham and in destined for action on our rallies and in the VSCC's Light Car & Edwardian Section.


25th February 2017  Congratulations to Peter Vacher on his acquisition of these two Post Office vans from Lester Pearson of Eye, Suffolk.
Members will recall that Peter recently sold his Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane and has since restored a de Havilland Puss Moth to full flying condition.
The Post Office van on the left (ELO 290) is to be restored for use as a tender vehicle for the Puss Moth.
Peter's wife Polly owns the earliest known surviving SV Minor, chassis SV107.

18th December 2016 Today we welcome two new members to the Register.  Roger Tushinghamn has recently aquired an M Type
and Anthony McGarel-Groves, a regular Pre-War Prescott attendee joins with his 1937 Alvis Speed 25 Charlsworth DHC.
Welcome both!

17th December 2016  Today the final Club Newsletter of the year was distributed to all members and our Pre-War Prescott friends.
A copy may also be found in the Members' Area of the website.  Contact the Register if you have forgotten the username and password!
This issue contains some very important news regarding a brand new Club event for 2017.  The clue is in the image above!

17th December 2016  Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a vintage New Year!

30th November 2016 Today the 2017 Vintage Minor Register calendar was uploaded to the Members' Area of the website.
Both A4 and 8.5" x 11" versions are downloadable as printable  Adobe pdf files.  Also uploaded today to the Members' Area is the 2017 Pre-War Prescott
2017 calendar - also in both formats.  Both calendars feature our 2016 Summer Rally and Pre-War Prescott.

29th July 2016  Today the November Newsletter was launched into the ether and all members should have received a copy.
If not, then members can access this and all our past Newsletters in the Members' Area of the website.
Contact the Register if you have forgotten the username and password!
Also, the latest FBHVC Newsletter has been uploaded to the Members' Area.

27th November 2016  Today we welcome Bill Fuller of Queensland, Australia to the Register.  Bill owns this 1930 M Type export model,
exported as a chassis and Australian-bodied.

2nd September 2016  Welcome to new member Michael Slater who has acquired Colin Lee's 1930 Minor saloon.  Mike is busy working on the car,
sorting hub studs and kingpins, etc.  We also welcome new members Richard Prest, well-known in VSCC circles with his Bullnose Morris
and Evie Formhalls of Formhalls Racing and Engineering who regularly supports us at Pre-War Prescott.

6th June 2016  A reminder that, as a susbcribing member club of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, we are automatically subscribed
to their excellent bi-monthly magazine.  The latest issue shown here can be found in the Members' Area of this website along with past issues
going back to 2013, when we joined.

24th May 2016  Today we welcome Stuart Stubbs to the Register.  Stuart has acquired 1930 Minor saloon PN 6603 (M28933).

18th May 2016  We warmly welcome Conrad Mershon to the Register.  Conrad lives in Florada where he keeps his immaculate 1934 Minor saloon,
with which he has won numerous awards over the years.  Conrad shipped APK 552 to Florida 25 years ago.

29th April 2016  And today we warmly welcome Mike Wevill from Devon to membership with his 1934 MG PA.  Mike has also entered Pre-War Prescott, so we look forward to meeting him there.
As of today, we have no less than 36 MMM MG's booked in for Pre-War Prescott, so it is going to be a tremendous Morris/MG day.

29th April 2016  Congratulations to Clive Hamilton-Gould for his latest driving test success.  He gained a Third on the new VSCC AotoSolo event at Silvertsone last Saturday.
AutoSolos are a wonderful addition to the VSCC sporting calendar and are highly suited to pre-war cars.  Tests are simple, all-forward affairs and don’t include any of the awkward reversing
you can expect to encounter at standard Driving Tests.  Clive just beat just beating Mark Garfitt in his 319 BMW. (Photo Phil Jones)

16th April 2016  The final trial of the season saw Martin Redmond out once again last weekend in his Minor Semi-sports special.
Here we see his bouncer abandoning the sinking ship.  Scoring 155 points, he was just short of an award.  Our new member Charles Gillett gained a First in his Bugatti Brescia,
while David Rushton picked up a Second in his M Type.  Thanks to Gary Clarke for this great photo.

5th April 2016  Today we welcome John Fincher of Victoria, Australia back to the Register with his MG M Type replica built on
OHC Minor chassis M10767.

25th March 2016  It's official.  The VMR will be holding its second Australasian Rally over the Easter weekend 2018,
in conjunction with the Morris Register of Queensland.  All VMR members worldwide are very warmly invited.
There will be much more news anon, but for now, here's the Rally Brochure and entry form.
The Rally will be centred around the incomparable Frazer Coast of Queensland.
Jayne and I are extremely excited to announce that we will be attending in person and look forward
so much to meeting as many members as possible.  Save the date - 30th March to April 2nd.

25th March 2016  Today we welcome Roger Davies to the Register with his 1934 MG PA 2-seater (PA0454), looking little changed since the war.

24th March 2016  Today we welcome Charles Gillett to the Register with his 1930 Minor saloon.  Here we see DY 8063 in the capable hands of Philip and Christine Parkinson
on the VSCC Herefordshire earlier this month.  Since acquiring the Minor, Charles has enetred a number of trials, including last year's Lakeland Trial.
He was unable to enter the Herefordshire, so loaned the car to Philip and Christine for the weekend.
They were second in class after the first day but fell back on the second.  Apparently they had not refuelled and had the tap on ‘main’
and on two hills the car lost power probably due to lack of fuel as the tank was low and only just above the main.
It is tremendous to see a Minor saloon entering VSCC main club trials once again.
Charles tells us "My other trials car is a Brescia Bugatti, so when I say I enjoy the Morris, I mean it!!"

22nd March 2016 And today we warmly welcome Michael Barber with his Hundred Pound Minor and M Type, fresh from the VSCC Derbyshire Trial.

21st March 2015  Today we welcome Peter Woodley to the Register with his M Type 2M/1041 (549 HYM, was originally RB 667).
What a super looking project!

19th March 2016 Today we extend a very warm welcome to Murray Maclean who joins us with his rare and delightful 1929 Alvis 12/50 Doctor's Coupe.
At 88, Murray has owned this car for 52 years and it was used by him as regular transport until he retired.

18th March 2016  Today we welcome back Mike Tebbett to the Register.  Mike was a founder member with membership no. 28 way back in 2000.
Today he drives this rakish 1921 GN Salmson which he has entered for Pre-War Prescott this year.
Mike is also well-known as the Editor of the VSCC Light Car & Edwardian Section's excellent magazine.

18th March 2016  The March issue of the combined Vintage Minor Register/Pre-War Prescott Newsletter was distributed around the globe this morning,
and can be read here.  A copy has been lodged in the Member's Area alongside all previous issues.

12th March 2016 Following last weekend’s successful John Harris Trial in Derbyshire, VSCC competitors head this weekend to the Wye Valley for the next round of the trials season,
the Herefordshire Trial, based at How Caple Court near Ross-on-Wye.  Here are the two M entries of Rolfe and Rushton earlier today.
Super spring weather at last!
(Photo David Hinds)

M Type 2/M 700 taking shape in South Africa with owner and new member Tony Lyons-Lewis.
Delivered on 15th November 1929 to Donovan Charles Baird of Wimbledon, London, this car was entered in the Lands End Trial of 1930.
This brings to 52 the number of M Types currently owned by Register members.

8th March 2016  Today we extend a very warm welcome to four new Register members.  Keith Fowlie of Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia has recently acquired Col Schiller's
1929 Minor roadster, chassis Y273, one of the rare Australian export chassis that were sent to Australia at the end of 1929 in CKD form.  Keith hopes to have the restoration
complete for our Easter 2018 Rally in Queensland.  We also welcome Neville Barraclough of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
with his Hundred Pound Minor 2-seater.  At first I wondered how I was going to put that on his Magazine address label, but apparently the common abbreviation is Llanfair TH.  Phew!
Next up is Tony Lyons-Lewis of Knysna, South Africa who joins us with his 1929 M Type MG (above).  Lastly, Murray Maclean joins us with his 1929 Alvis 12/50 which
he expects to bring to Pre-War Prescott in July.  Welcome all!

6th March 2016  Mud, mud, glorious mud!  A great Phil Jones action shot of Martin Redmond on the VSCC's John Harris Trial in Derbyshire yesterday.
In addition, four M types entered - those of Messrs Dark, Rolfe, Rushton and Barber.
This particular hill included this jump just after the start, and unless you went for it, a low score was assured.
Three M's went for it.  Barber lined up, and then changed his mind.
More great Phil Jones shots from the day will be included in our spring Magazine, M 157.

24th February 2016  Don't forget the Brooklands Museum Austin Morris Day on Sunday March 6th.
Full details here.

23rd February 2016 Welcome to new member Andrew Fearnley who owns this interesting 1934 Minor shooting brake, and we also welcome Peter Robinson who owns a 1932 Minor pickup,
both vehicles being conversions from saloons.  Peter's pickup was seen in the 1999 screen play of Rosamunde Pilcher's 'Nancherrow' as a builder's truck.

22nd February 2016  The February Newslettter was distributed electrically today, and a copy has been lodged in the Newsletters section in the Members' Area.

19th February 2016 We welcome Arthur Bell to the Register with his 1933 Minor saloon.  Arthur traveled almost four thousand miles in this car last year.
Arthur had been looking for a tourer since 2013, but eventually found this very smart saloon.  Welcome Arthur!
(Photo Authur Bell)

19th February 2016  We extend a warm welcome to Ian Goddard of Leominster who joins us with his 1931 MG F1 (now to F2 specification), chassis F 0283.
Here we see Ian at the wheel as he leaves the startline at Pre-War Prescott last year.  Ian also has a P Type in build.
(Photo Phil Jones)

PV 1660 'Sweet Pea' at Angoulême, September last year for le Circuit International des Remparts

19th February 2016  Welcome to Tim Luffingham of Tonbridge who joins us with his 1934 MG PA four-seater PV 1660, chassis PA 1392.
Tim acquired this car early last year.
(Photo Tim Luffingham)

The front cover of our spring magazine features David and Claire Rolfe with their daughters Eleanor and Philippa
enjoying the VSCC Cotswold Trial in November.

12th February 2016  The Winter Magazine was posted worldwide by our new print shop earlier today.
This issue was delayed somewhat by the closure of our previous print shop after over eighty years.
Finding and then transferring the operation to the new printers has taken some time, but we are confident
that the result will be worth the wait.  Meanwhile, our spring 2016 issue nears completion and will be deivered
to the print shop by the end of this month, thereby getting us back on schedule.

12th February 2016  Peter and Steph Field of Nelson, New Zealand own this early Hundred Pound Minor, chassis SV1012.
This chassis was laid down at Cowley 85 years ago today.  To celebrate, Peter and Steph took their car for a Birthday run out to
Belgrove to take this picture beside the restored windmill that pumped water for the Nelson Railway steam trains.

Belgrove was the terminus of the Nelson Railway Line from 1881 to 1899.  Road transport continued from there to the West Coast.
Belgrove was an important station until the closure of the line in 1955.  Windmills were once a common feature of the railway landscape
and those remaining are visible links with the age of steam locomotives.  The Nelson railway line was an important focus for the development
of the province and the Belgrove windmill is one of only two such structures remaining in New Zealand.
 A birthday lunch was had in Wakefield where many people asked questions about the Morris.  It was a great day.

9th February 2016  Today we welcome Ian Davison of Haverhill, Suffolk to the Register with his 1933 MG J2, seen here at Pre-War Prescott 2015.
(Photo Phil Jones)

8th February 2016 We also welcome John Emmett to the Register.  John owns this 1932 MG J1 (J0346), seen here at Pre-War Prescott,
as well and a 1932 D Type (D0430) and and M Type (2M/687) under restoration.
John has entered his J1 again for Pre-War Prescott 2016.
(Photo Chris Lambert)

8th February 2016  Today we welcome Jon Streeter to the Register.  Jon has acquired this 1929 tourer (M15076) and is currently overhauling the engine
for the coming vintage motoring season.  This is the ex-the late Richard Shuker's car that Richard re-imported to the UK from the USA where it
was owned by Arthur Hulnick many decades ago.

1st February 2016  This fascinating book has just been published by the SU Carburetter Company.  In addition to the history of the relevant members of the Skinner family and the SU Company,
the book has two chapters devoted to Barbara and Peter Skinner's hillclimbing and sprinting activities in the 1930s' and includes the details and history of the five Skinner Specials -
three of which survive to this day.  Another chapter covers the period leading up to and during World War Two when the SU Company manufactured aero-carburetters
initially for the stillborn Wolseley radial aero-engines which led onto them producing carburetters for the Rolls-Royce Merlin and Griffon and the Napier Sabre aero-engines
for many of the RAF's aircraft.  In 1944 the Merlin 100 series engines used in the Mosquito had SU single-point fuel injection.
Order your copy here.

1st February 2016  Today we extend a warm welcome to Steven Kent of Leigh Sinton, Worcestershire who has acquired this 1929 Minor tourer
from member Nick Williams.  Its claim to fame is that it was exported new to Malta, then repatriated to the UK in 1954 aboard the Ark Royal aircraft carrier,
whereupon it was registered JBK 920.  This number was evidently lost after DVLA computerization and has more recently acquired the number MM 9385.
Welcome Steven!

31st January 2016  The VSCC held their traditional New Year Driving Tests at Brooklands today.
The weather was as might be expected in January with drizzle enough to soak the paper instructions by the end of the first couple of tests.
The Brooklands Museum is currently spending millions on new buildings and moving the Wellington hangar off the finishing straight.
This hangar is about to be taken down sent away for repair and then rebuilt in its new position.
Several VMR members competed and a full report will appear in the spring Magazine.
(Photo - Clive Hamilton-Gould)

31st January 2016 The 2016 Summer Rally webpage was launched today!
Find the page here and download your Entry Form here.

30th January 2016  The January Newsletter was launched into the ether yesterday and a copy may be found in the Members' Area.

Alan Cameron Gilg and Walter Kay (driving) at speed during the making of the Granada TV documentary 'Once in a Lifetime' in 1978

15th January 2016  We have been contacted by Chris Kay who is the nephew of Walter Kay, who members will know as half of the
1933 Gilg and Kay expedition in a brand new Morris Minor tourer from Liverpool to the Cape.
Alan Gilg and Walter Kay lost touch after the expedition and only met again in 1978 when Granada TV made their documentary TV programme of the expedition
entitled 'Turn Left, the Riffs have Risen'.  After that reunion, the families lost contact again.  The Register has been in contact with the Gilg family for several years and now
another Gilg and Kay reunion is a very real prospect - 38 years after the last one!  Chris has an additional wealth of photos and memorabilia relating to
his uncle's fascinating life and the expedition.  Follow this breaking story as it unfolds on our Forum.

1st January 2016  Next up, David Hinds 'took' his M Type to the New Inn at Pembridge today.  Actually, this is David's garage - opposite the pub!
His house is appropriately named Garage House.

1st January 2016  Meanwhile, it was somewhat colder in England!  Here's a well-wrapped Mike Wood at The Duke at Bratton near Westbury in Wiltshire
in his slightly later 2-seater 'Henry'.  Mike reports, "After the mildest December on record, New Year's Day started very cold and has turned wet this afternoon."

Peter Field's 1931 Hundred Pound Minor (SV1012) at Cable Bay, New Zealand, New Year's Day 2016.

1st January 2016 Since New Zealand is one of the first countries to greet the New Year, it was perhaps appropriate that the first images of 2016 would come from there.
Peter Field who lives in Nelson near the north end of South Island reports:
"Hi Ian, A response to your request for pictures on Jan 1 2016.  This afternoon we went on a family picnic with the Minor to Cable Bay, 20 miles from home.
It was a beautiful day with 25 degree C temp.  A great place for fishing and swimming, the bay is so named because in the late 1800s it was the terminal for the
first telephone cable between Australia and New Zealand.  The picture above shows the boulder bank across the bay with open sea to the left
and a to the right, with a mudflat that is only covered with water at high tide."

11th December 2015  We extend a particularly warm welcome to our newest member, Albert Koolma of The Hague, Holland.
Albert today became our 500th Register member.  He and two friends have just bought this Hundred Pound Minor and,
as you can see, share it equally.  (That's Albert in the rear seat.)  Albert's other car is a 1933 MG J2 (below) with which he entered Pre-War Prescott
in July as part of the Dutch MG contingent organized by the Dutch MG Workshop.  Welcome Albert!

11th December 2015.  The 2016 Register calendar has now been sent to every member and is also downloadable from the Members' Area of the website.
The 2016 calendar features fine images from our 2015 Summer Rally.  If you would like a hard copy, please contact the Register.

The historic moment when two Minors met in the middle of the Sahara.  A screenshot from Disk 2.

29th November 2015  How about this for a unique Christmas gift?  At long last we are now able to offer complete sets of the original 8 mm cine films taken by Cameron Gilg
and Walter Kay on their record-breaking Liverpool to Capetown expedition in 1933 in a brand new Morris Minor tourer.  These original and fragile films were lost in the seventies
when Granada TV made a documentaty of the expedition.  After years of searching, the originals, still in their pre-war leather suitcase, were rediscovered
in a film archive in the Midlands and have now been digitally re-mastered, preserving them for all time.  The Vintage Minor Register is delighted to be able to offer
the complete set of films which fill no less than seven DVD's.  The set comes with a free copy of the 1970's Granada TV documentary.
The complete set of eight DVD's is yours for £40 including worldwide shipping.  If you would like to order a set, please contact the Register.

27th November 2015  Joining us today is Alan Filby with his 1931 SV Minor saloon DG 3005 (SV4383).
Alan purchased this car for twenty five pounds from Wyboston Garages Ltd, of Bedford on 11th July 1957
which means that he has owned and driven it for 58 years.  Is this a Minor ownership record?
Welcome Alan!

Among our recent new members is Nick Williams who has just acquired MM 9385 - a 1929 tourer with an interesting history,
including being repartiated to the UK from Malta in 1954 aboard the Ark Royal.

21st November 2015  After the rush of the Summer Rally, things have been quiet of the last couple of months, but that is about to change
as we start the run-up to 2016.  Our 2016 Summer Rally is set for 16th/17th July and entries will be open by the end of November.
In anticipation, the Pre-War Prescott website is undergoing a complete upgrade at www.prewarprescott.com.
We have had a host of new member since July and many are listed in the Autumn Magazine that should be with every member in the next few days.
Welcome, one and all!  Also in the next few days, the 2016 subs forms will be sent to everyone.
Your continued support of the Register is very much appreciated.

26th July 2015  Just arrived back in Seattle yesterday after a hugely successful Summer Rally.  We gathered over 150 cars at Prescott on Saturday
and followed this with a record entry of forty on Sunday for the Enigma Navigation Rally and Scenic Tour.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather,
with only a brief shower mid-morning on Sunday.  In particular, we had a lovely summer evening for the Hawker Hurricane display on Saturday evening
where 168 members and guests witnessed a superb aerobatic display by R4118.  We also welcomed five new members to the Register over the weekend.
A full report on the weekend will be included in Magazine M 155.

5th July 2015  We extend a very warm welcome to Tim McLoughlin who joined the Register this week.
Tim has driven post-war Minors for ten years or so, and his daily drive is a 1954 Minor.  But he has decided to take the plunge
and acquire a vintage Minor.  We are actively helping him with his search!

5th July 2015  Down in New South Wales, Ewan Lambess has completed the monumental restoration of Y329 - one of those rare late 1929
chassis that were exported by Morris Motors in 'knocked' down' form to avoid Australian import duties.  What makes this a monumental resotration is
the fact that when Ewan acquired the car, it was a derelict chassis- in two pieces!  It was cut in half sometime in the fifties
and the rear was made into a trailer.  Nice job Ewan!
There are many more photos of the restoration on on Fourm here.

4th July 2015  Our Summer Rally is two weeks today!  We are expecting another record turnout.  The 14-day weather forecast is looking great,
we have a superb entry of around 140 cars with more arriving every day.  We have 142 tickets taken up for the Saturday
evening Battle of Britain Victory Party where the highlight will be the display by Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane R4118.
We also have a superb 40 cars entered for the Sunday Navigation Rally and Scenic Tour.
Jayne and I are flying to London a week today and can't wait to meet everyone again!
If you  have not yet entered - with or without your car - do so IMMEDIATELY!

1st July 2015  We extend a warm welcome to Gerry Annett and his 1932 D Type MG.  Gerry has booked in for Pre-War Prescott
and is taking advantage of the discounted entry fee for VMR members.  We look forward very much to meeting Gerry at Prescott.

18th June 2015  Our Summer Rally is one month today!  Planning is going extremely well for our biggest and best rally ever which will include for the first time
a convoy of World War Two military and RAF ‘heavy’ vehicles.  These will be coming to us from the Ashdown military camp near Evesham.
So don’t be surprised if you are met by the Military Police on the gate when you arrive!  If you are planning to come along for the Pre-War Prescott Garden Party
and day of untimed climbs on Saturday 18th July and/or the Navigation Rally or Scenic Tour on Sunday 19th, then please get your entry in without delay
so that we can arrange to get your tickets to you in good time.  If you are entering the Navigation Rally, you will need Ordnance Survey map 150 (any edition),
but if you are entering the Scenic Tour, your Tour Handbook will contain easy-to-follow route instructions.  And don’t forget our Friday evening informal reception
at the Shutters Inn in Gotherington – just a couple of miles along the lane from Prescott.  All most welcome!

29th April 2015  We are saddened to have to report the loss of another member.  Peter Widdison, aged 80 was
a founding member of the Register with membership no. 21.  Here he is seen with his modified but much-traveled
and beloved OHC tourer.  He also owned a Family 8 saloon.  It was through Peter that we were able to track down the late Olive Willats'
fabric saloon which now lives at VMR HQ.  I have passed on our sympathies to his family via his daughter Diana.

27th April 2015 Yesterday's Drive-it Day brought out several Minors and M Types - including David Hinds and his M, seen here on a halt
in Dilwyn, just west of Leominster.  Photos of other cars out and about yesterday have been posted by members on our forum.

20th April 2015  A quick reminder that THIS SUNDAY 26th April is Drive-it Day!

12th April 2015 It is with great sadness that I have to report that our member and stalwart supporter Andrew Batey died yesterday aged 68 after a battle with cancer.
Andrew owned this 1934 Minor which he has brought to our Summer Rallies many times and this year he was planning to bring his 1939 Morris 8 series E tourer,
and we had jointly prepared a feature article on the car for the Prescott rally programme.
He was one of the first to enter this year and was greatly looking forward to the weekend again.
Andrew and I were both involved in the Falklands campaign in 1982 - I was in the RAF and he was in the Merchant Marine -
hence the Red Duster flying proudly from his Morris above.  Condolences on behalf of the club to his wife and family.

1940 Hawker Hurricane Mk. 1 R4118 arrives at RAF Fairford for RIAT 2014

11th April 2015  Tremendous news!  We have secured Hawker Hurricane R4118 for our Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Victory Party in the evening of Pre-War Prescott!
  With 49 combat sorties, five enemy aircraft destroyed, and being itself shot down in the Battle of Britain, Hurricane R4118 is regarded as the most historic
British aircraft to survive in flying condition from the Second World War.  Even more significantly, this historic aircraft is currently for sale and 2015
may very well be the last time it is seen in the UK!  Owner Peter Vacher is an old friend of the Register and his wife owns the Hundred Pound Minor
on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.  The aircraft will be coming to us from RAF Fairford and giving a full aerobatic display!
Do NOT miss this tremendous party and very possibly one of the last chances to see this British icon in the skies over England!
The Hurricane will not be the only visiting aircraft this year.  During the lunch break, we also have a historic pre-war Tiger Moth displaying for us!
Full details and entry form may be found here.
Per ardua ad astra!

5th April 2015 Happy Easter!  Here's Janie and Phil Shepherd calling in to visit Clive Hamilton-Gould on their way south yesterday to catch the Isle of Wight Ferry.
See more images here of their trip in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support as their trip progresses.

Brian Maeers in his beloved 1929 tourer ‘Prudence’.  This photograph was taken shortly after Brian purchased the car in 1998.

3rd April 2015  Brian Maeers’ daughter Janie and her husband Phil are about to set off this weekend from Market Harborough in Leicestershire
to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight in order to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, in return for the support they provided to the family during Brian’s illness.
Brian died of cancer 19th December 2013 after little warning.  Janie has launched a JustGiving fundraising website that can be found here
and we encourage everyone to consider supporting Janie by making a small donation to this extremely worthy cause.

29th March 2015  Sue and Richard Woodward on the VSCC Light Car Section's Welsh Trial earlier today.   A great action shot by Phil Jones.

28th March 2015  Up in Yorkshire, Tony Gamble has run out of space for all his Minors - again!  So he is putting his very interesting 1930 CMS replica project out for offers.
It is registered (V5C) VG 3260, with chassis no. M30850.  The chassis was laid down 25/11/30 as a saloon. T he car is fitted with a new Enrique Llinares ash frame
and is the standard model with standard Minor wings and running boards, making it a very stylish car indeed.  These standard models were offered by CMS with either
steel paneled or fabric covered body's, so the car could be correctly completed in either material. Further photos may be found on the Forum.
Contact the Register for Tony's contact details if interested.

1st February 2015 And still they turn up!  This 1934 Minor 2-seater, JA 4208, has just been discovered in a garage in Aldridge near Walsall in the West Midlands.
Dave Holland was clearing out his late grandfasther's house when he opened the garage to find a slumbering Minor.
His grandfather bought the car from a Mr. John Mackley in 1969 and ran it until 1975, which is the last sime it saw daylight - exactly forty years ago.
David is looking for a good home for the car.  More details can be obtained via the Register.

VMR Honorary Members past and present.  The late Robin Barraclough (left) and Peter Seymour

1st January 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members and their families worldwide!

We are delighted to announce that we have a Register New Year Honours List this year!
As many of you will know, we sadly lost our Honorary Member Robin Barraclough in December.
But we are very pleased to announce that the Morris historian Peter Seymour, a longstanding friend of Robin
becomes an Honorary Member of the Vintage Minor Register today.

In 1959, Peter commenced a 5-year engineering apprenticeship with Morris Commercial Cars Ltd. in Birmingham.
By 1974, he had risen to work in the Service Marketing Department of Leyland Cars, Cowley, on special projects.
By 1976, he was a Distributor Development Executive with Leyland Vehicles Exports Ltd., resident in Singapore covering the Southern Hemisphere
and in 1981 became General Manager of Trans International, Singapore, the John Deere distributor for Singapore, Indonesia and Burma.
In 1983, he returned to the UK, becoming  Managing Director of Vicarys of Battle Ltd. (his family's retail motor business),
a position which he still holds.  The company was awarded a Morris franchise in 1924.
Over the years, Peter has provided us with a wealth of historical Morris material for our Magazine.
Welcome Peter!

29th December 2014 Down in Seaton, Devon, recent new member Alan Dolman is making superb progress with his 1930 saloon BF 6638 (M28190).
He acquired the kit of parts from Tony Gamble which included the chassis and a saloon body that had been restored by Steve Lewsley and is now assembling
the whole into what will be another vintage Minor that will be put back on the road before long.  Well done Alan!

28th December 2014 More holiday reading!  The sixth and final FBHVC Newsletter of 2014 is now available
to members in the Members' Area.  The Vintage Minor Register is a proud member of the FBHVC, and all
FBHVC Newsletters are archived on this website as a service to our members, part of whose subscription supports
the Federation and its vital work to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our cars on the open road.

26th December 2014 Magazine M 151 is at the printers and will be with every member shortly.
In the meantime, here is a low resolution print proof version so you have something to read over the holidays!

8th December 2014  The Register magazine is now being printed in the UK, and our new printers - Stanley Hunt Printers Ltd. have produced
this outstanding 2015 calendar for us, depicting the very best professional images captured at Pre-War Prescott since the inauguration
of the event in 2011.  These calendars are now available for £15, including worldwide postage, with £1 from every sale being donated
by the printers to the RAF Charitable Trust.  To secure your copy, simply contact the Register by e-mail for ordering instructions.
Order now for delivery before Christmas!

6th December 2014  The December Newsletter was distributed electrically today.  A copy has been archived in the Members' Area of the website.

1st December 2014   Welcome to new member John Balson who lives in Maidenhead.  John has recently acquired this 1930 Minor saloon WD 1321 (M24783)
from David King who has now permanently emigrated to Canada.  David has completed much work on the car over the years, including a full engine overhaul,
so John hopes to have this fine vintage Minor back on the open road without undue delay.

14th October 2014  Mike Jones  sent in some pictures of his 1930 Semi-sports at the Kop Hill hillclimb in the Chilterns.
He is seen here in the paddock with Helen Barnard, the wife of the organizer.

14th August 2014  Getting back to normal (whatever that is!) after a super visit to England and of course our Summer Rally, Pre-War Prescott
and a hugely enjoyable VMR Lakeland Weekend.  Prescott was superb again this year.  In spite of the Biblical deluge in the morning, we had a record attendance
all round, including no less than twenty Minors.  Thanks to everyone who came along, and in particular all of you who helped marshal the day and man our tent,
sometimes in trying conditions! A full report will be included in the Autumn Magazine - M 151.

The partially-restored White Minor at VMR Prescott, 2005

10th July 2014  First off, sincere apologies for the lack of updates lately - planning and preparation for our trip to England and our Summer Rallies has swamped all else.
However, we do have some very significant late-breaking news regarding our Summer Rally at Prescott.  SU Carburetters will not only be bringing their
Skinner Triangle Special once again (the car based on the original 'Red Minor'), but also this year, the White Minor, campaigned so successfully in the thirties
by Barbara Skinner.  This car has been the subject of a protracted and meticulous restoration for many years by David Baldock.  Although not running quite yet,
the car now features its 'new' engine - an heroic recreation of the original blown SV Minor engine.  It is believed that this will be the first time the pair of historic Skinner Specials
have been united since 1937!  A number of Skinner family members will also be joining us on the day, including Annabelle Swain (Barbara Skinner's daughter),
Richard Skinner and other family members, as well as several people who have been closely associated with the White Minor over its long history,
and also by author Mike Harvey who is about to publish the authorized history of SU.

3rd June 2014  Further to the June Newsletter, the Lakeland Weekend has been RE-INSTATED.
Currently there are three MMM MG's entered plus a fifties Morris owned by Register member Mike Taylor.
If any other Register members would like to join us at Loweswater - in a Morris, M or modern, do get in touch.

3rd June 2014  Every year, the third Saturday of May is the day for the Meet The M.G in Japan.  This year, 17th May was the day for that gathering.
It was the 25th Meet The M.G. and MG 90 was also celabrated  -marking the 90th Anniversary of the first MG.
This year, the overseas director of the MGCC-UK, Mr.Paul Plummer joined this gathering.
The venue was the Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour as usual.  It was a beautiful day, and 33 MGs including three MMM gathered
from all over the country.  Kenji Matsuoka's M Type (left) joined this gathering sporting its new VMR badge.

12/5/14  Many years ago, the Register was in correspondence with certain individuals in Romania regarding a
unique 1928 Morris Minor that was built for the King Michael (Mihai) of Romania.  The car was a gift for him, when he was aged 9.
It left Cowley as a chassis (chassis MM1078, engine 990) and received its special coupe coachwork built in Austria.
The car is now to be shipped to the UK for restoration and the Register has been asked to provide guidance and assistance.
We look forwared very much to doing so.

27/4/14  The big news from the Drive-it Day weekend was that Ian Harris, owner of a rare Cunard-bodied Morris 10/6 Special
traveled to France to meet John Seddon and returned today as the proud new owner of John's Calshot-bodied Minor.
We are delighted to report that the car is safely back in the UK and taxed and insured.
And best wishes to John in his retirement, and who wishes to remain a member of the Register.

Seven VMR members attended the 2012 Morris Register of Australia's Rally.  John is third from the right in this photo.
John's 1929 Minor roadster, seen here, took home the Minor trophy.

23/4/14  As mentioned below, we lost John Wien-Smith, a founding member (number 10) of the Register recently.
In 2001, John received award from The Sporting Car Club of South Australia, for 50 years of membership.
He also found out that he had been made Life Member of the UK Morris Register after 25 years of membership.
His father was an early member of the Sporting Car Club of SA, and ran a single-cylinder 1904 De Dion Bouton.
John still owned that vehicle until his passing, and some time ago shipped it to
the UK to join in with The London to Brighton Run.
We send out sincere condolences to John's family.

22/4/14  Nigel Stroud's heroic restoration of 12/12 rep. KW 7956 (2M/927) is nearing completion near Chipping Norton and he hopes to have the car ready for our Summer Rally.
This is the ex-Tim Miller car, and was a wreck when Nigel acquired it.  The car joins Nigel's other slightly earlier M Type PO 1357 (2M/734).
Great job, Nigel!

From left to right are Gary Kingston, Ewan Lambess, Ted Pavitt, and Max and Jane Dawkins

22/4/14  The Australian Morris National Rally was held at Forbes NSW over the Easter long weekend.
92 Morris vehicles ranging from 1913 through to 70's examples turned up, including four pre-war Minors - three OHC and one SV.
Max and Jane Dawkins were there with their blue buckboard, Ted Pavitt with his white two-seater, Ewan Lambess with grey 2 seater and Gary Kingston with his green side valve tourer.
Saturday was an all day display day followed by a 140 km run on Sunday.  We're pleased to say that all Minors behaved themselves and completed the day with no issues.
It was sad to hear of the passing of VMR Member John Wein-Smith of South Australia who had a very original '29 Minor.
John was founding member number ten of the Register.
Thanks to Ewan Lambess for this report and photograph.

10/4/14  Today the April Newsletter was launched into the ether worldwide, and a copy has been archived in the Members' Area of this website.
Also archived today was the latest FBHVC Newsletter which can also be found in the Members' Area.

2/4/14  And hearty congratulations to Clive Hamilton-Gould and Sue Woodward who both thrashed the hoards of Austin Sevens with their Minors at the Light Car Welsh!
Clive in his 1930 Minor tourer DG 325 was the overall winner of the sporting trial, beating ALL the Austin 7's  - and all others including the GN's.
And Sue also achieved a 1st Class Award and the Winifred Boddy Trophy for being the top scoring lady driver.
This is another fantastic Minor triumph that shows just what our cars -  and our members - are capable of!
(Photo - David Hinds)

29/3/14  The VSCC Light Car Section is gathering in Wales for their traditional Welsh Weekend this weekend.  Here are Sue and Richard Woodward,
recently returned to the UK from overseas RAF postings enjoying themsleves in the Welsh countryside once again.
Today's roue took the light car crews on a punishing 130 mile route as taken by the 1924 Light Car trial 90 years ago.
Clive Hamilton-Gould is also entering his 1930 Minor tourer this weekend, and also Alan Webber with his M Type.
An excellent day out was had by all in lovely springtime sunshine - at last!
(Photo - David Hinds)

ANO 17 and some boating enthusiasts

                                              25/2/14  And today Philip Young also joins us.  Philip has just acquired the rare 1933 tourer ANO 17 (SV30864) which has been a regular attendee of our Summer Rallies with Clive Holland.
                                              If you recall, this car is identical to that driven by Gilg and Kay from Liverpool to Cape Town in 1933 and we were delighted to show the car to the Gilg family at Prescott
                                  in 2012 and 2013.  It is particularly apposite that Philip has acquired the car as he runs the Endurance Rally Association and recently broke the record for the drive from Cape Town to London
                                  his Fiat Panda (with the same size engine as the Minor).  He was so inspired by the story of the Gilg and Kay Expedition detailed by the Register that he went straight out and bought the Minor!
                                                           We look forward to seeing ANO 17 once again at Prescott in July with its new owner.  And of course the Gilgs will be there to meet him.

Tony Gaston's 1934 Minor has spent most of the time since 1962 laid up, but is about to receive a new lease of life

25/2/14  We are delighted to welcome Tony Gaston who joins us with his 1934 Minor saloon BPB 177 (SV35916).
                                                          This car had been off the road since 1962 when it was purchased by Tony's father-in-law in 1974, partially rebuilt and painted maroon.
                                       It attended the Yeovil Festival of Transport in 1982, '83 and '84 when half shaft broke.  It was repaired but was then laid up until
Tony's father-in-law died recently and BPB 177 was passed on to Tony.

4/2/14  The 2014 vintage motoring season kicked off last Saturday with the VSCC's Driving Tests at Brooklands.
Three VMR members took part - Clive Hamilton-Gould in his 1930 Minor tourer, and John Haine and Nigel Stroud in their M Types.
Here we see John's 1932 M Type with Nigel's 1929 model behind.  (Photo - Phil Jones)

19/12/13  It is with deep sadness that we must report that Brian Maeers passed away last night.
Brian was diagnosed with cancer shortly after our rally at Manor Farm in July.
We have lost a towering character and great proponent of the Morris Minor.
To Heidi, his children, grandchildren and all the family we send our sincere sympathies.

9/12/13  Our Winter Magazine is being packed and is about to ship worldwide.  Your copy should be with you in time for a good Christmas read!
The cover depicts ‘The Last Collection Before Christmas’, a delightful seasonal rendition by Kevin Walsh.
Inside there are all the usual articles, plus a major feature on the completion of the Minor Genome which
analyses the entire Minor production from 1928 to 1934.  There is also a fascinating article written by Cameron Gilg for the
Vacuum Oil Company of South Africa’s house magazine ‘The Gargoyle’, recounting his Expedition from Liverpool to Cape Town in 1933.
As a special Christmas treat for everyone - members or not, here is the print proof copy of the Magazine.
If you are not yet a member of the Vintage Minor Register, but would like to join us and receive our Magazine quarterly,
 as well as our monthly Newsletters and other Register services, simply complete and return the 2014 Membership Form.

8/12/13  Rachel Bolton-King in her late steel paneled M Type APB 298 at the VSCC's Winter Driving Tests at
St. George's Barracks, Bicester, Oxfordshire yesterday.  For some reason this car wasn't registered until 3rd January 1933,
resulting in it being given the three letter, three digit number.
(Photo Phil Jones)

6/12/13  And still they keep turning up!  This highly original 1931 MG D Type has just surfaced in India.  With chassis number D0401, this car is owned by
Venkatram Reddy in Hyderabad.  The car has been in the family for some thirty years and is to be restored.  Apart from the dashboard and instruments,
the car is in amazingly original condition.  Thanks to Ted Hack of the MG D Group for this story.

28/11/13  Here's wishing our far-flung membership a Happy Thanksgiving from VMR HQ!
(Martin Redmond's Semi-sports special on the VSCC John Harris Trial - photo Phil Jones)

22/11/13  We extend a warm welcome to Peter Oliver who owns this 1933 SV Minor.  Fitted with a post-war Morris Minor engine which required
the radiator to be pushed forward and a number of other bodywork modifications, there is no hiding the Jensen origins of the body.
Whether this was originally a Jensen Special or a McEvoy Special is currently under detailed investigation.
Either way, this is a very rare Minor indeed.  Much more can be read about this car on our Forum.

21 11/13  Today we welcome Mick Roberts who owns this extremely nice 1932 Minor 2-seater.
Here we see him winning the best Minor award at the Morris Register's Thoresby Hall Rally earlier this year.
Congratulations Mick!

Spectacular and secret Loweswater in the far corner of the Lake District.

16/11/13  Today we launch the 2014 VMR Lakeland Weekend, to take place over the weekend of 26th/27th July next year.
We will be spending a very relaxed and enjoyable few days based at the Grange Country House, Loweswater, in the far north-west of the Lakes,
far from the madding crowds of Windermere and Ambleside.  Preliminary details may be found here.

16/11/13  In 1976, television producer Barry Cockroft made a documentary about the Gilg and Kay Liverpool to Cape Town expedition for Yorkshire TV.
During the making of the documentary, Gilg and Kay were reunited for the first time since 1933.
The programme shows the pair meeting at Gilg's country home and motoring in this 1933 Minor tourer - an identical model to that used
in the expedition.  It also includes many fascinating 16 mm cine film clips from the expedition.
The programme, titled 'Turn Left - the Riffs have Risen', was shown twice on ITV as part of the 'Once in a Lifetime' series.
We showed the programme at our Summer Rally this year in the Clubhouse at Prescott where it captivated the audience.
We are delighted to announce that the Register can now offer DVD copies of this historic documentary
for £20 including worldwide postage.  Please contact the Register if you would like a copy.

16/11/13  Up in Southport, Martyn Griffiths has this very tidy 1932 saloon (SV14602) for sale.
It's in nice original condition, lots of patina and the interior is mainly original.  The engine was rebuilt in the winter of 2011.
It has a 4 speed box, and Martyn is asking £4,500 for the car which makes it very good value.
Contact Martyn for more details.

15/11/13  Today we extend a warm welcome to Kenny Moffat of Motherwell, Scotland who collected JJ 9069 today.
JJ 9069 (SV26797) is a very smart 1933 saloon that was auctioned by Bonhams back in 2010, but has recently been offered for sale
through Bonhams again, due to the passing of the elderly owner.  Welcome to the Register, Kenny!

14/11/13  Congratulations to Derek Chatto on the acquisition of his 1931 M Type, MG 1930 (2/M2620).
Derek has a couple of year's work ahead of him, but intends using the car for trials.  This M was originally registered JV 291.

12/11/13  Today we extend a warm welcome to Eddie Torr of Rotherham, South Yorkshire who joins us
with his 1932 Minor saloon JK 2439 (SV18796).  Eddie recently acquired this car and is currently restoring it apace.
He reports that someone has previously painted it with a yard brush!  It is being repainted black and maroon.
Welcome, Eddie!

12/11/13  The ex-Hamish Orr Ewing 1932 LWB OHC Family Eight is up for sale - in Japan.
Hamish carried out a sympathetic but expensive restoration of this very original car back in 2005 including a new Phoenix crank and rods before offering the car for sale.
In M 119, Hamish reoported, "It now goes quite well - quicker than an unmodified Minor, but not of course compared to a Minor with similar mods.
Where would we be without Mike Dowley?!  All this has cost lot of money and is quite uneconomic, but if one is going to make economic judgments one wouldn’t own
this sort of thing to start with.  I have a great affection for these cars because, when in the Army in 1946, I bought one for £30 to visit my then girl friend.
It was a completely dependable little car.  These cars were far superior to the Austin 7 on which, like so many of my generation, I learned to drive,
in my case around the roads on our property in Perthshire, at the age of 12.  The Austin’s clutch and brakes were atrocious and the engine wouldn't pull the skin of a rice pudding!"
Since then Hamish, a past Chairman of Jaguar Cars, has campaigned his Derby Bentley at VMR Summer Rallies, including Pre-War Prescott this year.
Hamish sold the car in 2005, after which it was sold on to the current owner in Japan.
Find the full details of the Family Eight here - if you can read Japanese!

5/11/13  Ian Harris (seen here on a VMR Summer Rally in his 10/6 Cunard Special) lives in Hitchin, Hertfordshire
has supplied our spares needs for many years.  His latest catalogue of Minor/M Type spares may be downloaded here.

4/11/13  A very significant opportunity has arisen to acquire an outstanding vintage Minor.
Albert Spence, founder member no. 20 of the VMR lives up on Orkney and is reluctantly selling his 1929 Minor fabric saloon MM 9063 (M11282).
Albert has owned and driven this car since 1986 and it comes with much history.  The car has had a total body off restoration and is very sound.
The engine has recently been rebuilt by Sports and Vintage Motors and is about run in by now.
Reason for Sale - due to his age Albert is down-sizing his collection to his 1932 M Type MG and 1926 Cowley Tourer.
Interested parties should call Albert on 01856/771295 without delay.

1/11/13  The November Newsletter was circulated by e-mail today.  A copy may be found in the Members' Area.

21/10/13  Little and large.  Meanwhile, a little further north in the quiet Northamptonshire lanes, new member Martin and Jean Gregory exercised their 1930 saloon
and were joined by a friend with his 1927 Oxford tourer.  This was the first real outing that Martin had given the car - 23 miles without incident.
First stop was a wonderful church in Whiston (built in 1534 and hardly changed since) and then off to Castle Ashby for coffee.  Then a stop for photos on
Yardley Chase with Castle Ashby as the backdrop on our way to the Rose and Crown at Yardley Hastings for lunch.  The party then returned to
Castle Ashby to see the gardens before driving home for tea.

21/10/13  Glass half full?  VMR members Pat Guthrie-Jones (left) and Peter Hills with his Minor tourer at the Phoenix yesterday.
Pat is a local man, but Peter drove down from Putney for the meet.  Peter's 'Out of Africa' car is named Chiriappala
(which is Bemba for the one with no hair, i.e. a tourer!).  A milestone was recorded, DS9936 passing the 5,000 mile mark since restoration,
which, Peter says, may not seem much since 1992, but the car was off the road for a few years with a damaged diff.
and then spent the last nine years garaged while Peter was in India.

The spectacular San Juan islands from Orcas Island, one of the stops on our Two Hemispheres Rally in the Pacific Northwest in August 2015.

3/10/13  The second in our monthly Two Hemispheres planning Newsletters was circulated today and a copy may be found in the Members' Area.
(The October VMR Newsletter has also been uploaded to the Members' Area this afternoon.)

17/9/13  We are delighted to welcome Martin Gregory to VMR membership.  Martin has acquired the ex-James Wheeler, ex-Tim Brown and Elina Helenius
1930 Minor coachbuilt saloon UF 7090 (M31579).  Martin lives in Weston Favell, Northampton.  Many moons ago, Martin onwed a very early Hundred Pound
Minor 2-seater with chassis number SV306, which is, apparently, still extant on a SORN.  More about this car in M 147.
Welcome, Martin!

5/9/13  The date for our autumn pub meet at The Phoenix, Hartley Wintney, Hampsire will be Sunday 20th October - the week before the clocks go back.
Please make a note of the date.  Of late, turnout at our spring and autumn pub meets has been quite disappointing, so please make a real effort to come along
in your Minor, M or modern if you are within striking distance.  This is the pub where the Vintage Sports-Car Club was founded in 1934, and they have been meeting there ever since.

5/9/13  Today two Newsletters were circulated to members by e-mail - the September VMR Newsletter and the first of what will become monthly Newsletters
providing news, information and updates as the planning for our 2015 Two Hemispheres Rally progresses.
Both Newsletters may be found in the Members' Area of the website.

8/8/13  The latest FBHVC Newsletter was received this morning and has been uploaded to the Members' Area of the website.

Washington State car ferries connect Seattle and the Puget Sound with the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island

1/8/13 The Vintage Minor Register is extremely excited to announce The Two Hemispheres Rally, 2015.

We are planning a rally right here at VMR HQ in Seattle!  One of the unfortunate aspects of the Register is that we have two main communities of members –
one in the UK and Europe, and the other in Australia and New Zealand.  Apart from one or two visitors, it has never been possible to truly bring
our antipodean members into the mainstream of our events.

Until now.

This will be the 2015 VMR Two Hemispheres Rally.  Here’s the basic plan.  It is possible to fit six of our cars into a 40’ container – by double-decking the container,
thereby dramatically reducing shipping costs.  We therefore plan to ship at least one container from England and at least another from Australia/New Zealand
in order to gather a dozen cars or more here in the Pacific Northwest for at least two weeks of concentrated rallying and touring, with the possibility of extending
over four weeks for those who wish to stay longer.  We will be visiting and touring the incomparable San Juan Islands where we will take a whale watching trip
to meet the resident Orca pods, crossing Stevens Pass in the dramatic Cascade Mountains to visit the German town of Leavenworth and the beautiful Lake Chelan.
We will cross Puget Sound to visit the Olympic Peninsula and mountains, we will visit Paradise, high on Mount Rainier, to see the incredible alpine flowers among the glaciers
and we may also get up into British Columbia and Vancouver Island.  And much, much more in this most spectacularly scenic corner of North America.

VMR HQ will host numerous social events during the rally and full maintenance facilities will be available onsite – as will a couple of spare Minors and several moderns
for those not able to ship theirs (we would welcome any members – with or without their cars).  The Register will shortly be initiating a regular Two Hemispheres Newsletter
to interested parties, so if you would like to be included in the circulation list (and with absolutely no obligation!), please simply e-mail the Register.
Detailed planning can then get under way, but in the meantime, we can promise that this will be the rally of a lifetime for those able to make it.
And of course we will welcome members from across the US, Canada and elsewhere, and provide all possible logistics support where required.
Much more news as plans develop.

1/8/13  The August Newsletter was distributed electrically last night and can now also be found in the Members' Area of the website.

31/7/13  After eight years of research at Gaydon, the original Morris Minor production records have been completely computerized by the Register.
The OHC and SV Minor 'Genomes' are finally complete and available for study in the Member's Area of the website.  They record chassis build data
for OHC chassis MM101 to M39199 and SV Minor chassis SV101 to SV47332.

28/7/13  Just back from a fabulous two weekends VMR rallying in the UK.  The Midland Weekend at Brian and Heidi Maeer's Manor Farm was superb,
as was Pre-War Prescott and our Summer Rally.  Huge thanks to everyone who attended - particularly those who marshaled, of course.  Special thanks go to Brian Maeers
for hosting the superb Midland Weekend and for loaning Jayne and I one of his tourers for the weekend, so that we could take part.  Both weekends enjoyed
the superb weather of this record-breaking July.  Around 160 Edwardian, vintage and pre-war cars gathered for Pre-War Prescott and there were 495 climbs
of this historic hill during the day.  Full reports will be included in the Autumn Magazine, M 147.  Peter McFadyen's images of the Prescott weekend may be found here.
Now the planning gets into top gear for 2014!

6/7/13  We're all set for the Midland Weekend next weekend and our Summer Rally including Pre-War Prescott the following weekend.
Jayne and I fly to England (via Frankfurt!) next Thursday and will be in the Cock Inn, Peatling Magna in the evening after driving down from Manchester airport.
So what on earth has the above photo to do with these weekends?  Absolutely nothing, except this will be the venue for a VERY special VMR gathering in 2015.
Much more after we get back from England.

6/6/13  Nimrod - the Mighty Hunter!  This is the first production Nimrod, XV226, c/n 8001 which is preserved at the Cold War Jet Collection, Bruntingthorpe.
We'll be visiting the Collection during our Midland Weekend in July.  XV226 is special to me as it was one of my aircraft when I was an Engineering Officer on 42 Sqn.,
RAF St. Mawgan during the late seventies/early eighties.  I'm planning to give rallyists an informative tour of the aircraft - not to be missed!  We will also be able to get up close
and personal with the other aircraft in the Collection, including a Victor, Hunter, Canberra, Comet, 2 off Lightnings , Starfighter, Mystere, Sea Vixen,
4 off Buccaneers, 4 off Jet Provosts, Super Guppy, Iskra and a Jaguar.  We will also be able to park our cars close to the aircraft for photos.
If you have not yet entered, but would like to do so, full details of the weekend and an Entry Form may be found here.

30/5/13  The May Newsletter was distributed by e-mail to all members this morning (just in time!) and has been archived in the Members' Area.
If you are a member and did not receive the Newsletter, please let me know.

10/5/13  And also welcome to Andy Brown who joins us with his equally smart and original 1934 saloon, recently acquired from Register member Richard Mace.

10/5/13  Welcome to new member Paul Critchley who owns this very smart and original 1932 saloon which he recently purchased.
The above photo was taken at Brooklands during their annual Austin/Morris Day in March.

VMR member Michael Banfield receiving the Transport Trust's Lifetime Achievement Award from Prince Michael of Kent in July 2007

3/5/13  Yesterday I learned of the sad passing of one of our members - Michael Banfield of Staplehurst, Kent.
Michael joined our Register just last year when he acquired the highly original Minor 5 cwt. Van PJ 5453 from Steve Johnstone.
We send our sincere condolences to his family.  Michael's obituary may be found here.

3/5/13  We are delighted to announce that the Vintage Minor Register has been accepted as a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.
The FBHVC exists to uphold the vital freedom we enjoy to drive our historic cars on the open road.  It does this by representing our interests to politicians,
government officials and legislators, both in the UK and (through the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) in Europe.
 There are over 500 subscriber organisations representing a total membership of over 250,000 in addition to individual and trade supporters.
Membership of the Federation further raises the standing of our Register and will bring many important benefits to our members in the future.

2/5/13  Those of you who are following the Gilg Expedition diary (link above) will notice that tomorrow, the diary will reach its one hundredth page.
The Gilg's diary of the trip is developing, day by day, into a fascinating insight into life in the thirties in the Dark Continent - a look back to another age.
Eighty years ago today, Gilg and Kay had reached Eldoret in Kenya on their way to Cape Town.  Here they met up with this 1932 model Minor tourer.
Notice the handy bathing facilities at their hotel!

30/4/13  We are very excited to announce that our 2013 Summer Rally Navigation Tour and parallel Scenic Tour (Sunday 21st July)
will conclude at the spectacular Stanway House, home of Lord Wemyss.  Rallyists from last year will undoubtedly remember the incredible 300 ft gravity fountain,
and His Lordship has very generously offered to run it again - twice - for us this year at the conclusion of the day.  NOT to be missed!
Entry to both events is open to all pre-war cars, and an entry form may be downloaded here.

30/4/13  This the perfect time to pick up a vintage Minor for the coming motoring season.  Right now, there is a mouthwatering collection of
vintage Minors on the market - including four OHC saloons (two very much on the button and two projects, including the above car
currently being offered by Tony Gamble), three Semi-sports (one in concours condition and two projects), a concours Cunard Calshott, a Maddox and a McEvoy.
Take your pick!  These can all be found on our Marketplace page.  If anyone needs any further information on any of these cars,
please contact the Register - we'd be delighted to help.
And incidentally, the CMS (see 26/4/13 below) was successfully auctioned in Ireland yesterday for 7,000 Euros.  A bargain for someone!

27/4/13  (In New Zealand!)  Today marks the 80th Birthday of our Founder and Honorary Member Jack Blyth.  A resident of New Zealand, Jack
has been a Minor stalwart for decades.  He flew from New Zealand to be at our inaugural Summer Rally in 2001, and famously bought a suitcase of spares for members!
Ten years ago, to mark his 70th Birthday (and the 75th Anniversary of the Morris Minor), Jack took his fabric saloon on a 1,400 mile circumnavigation
of New Zealand's South Island.  In the summer of 2005, we sent our son William to New Zealand and Austraila for his 18th Birthday.
William stayed with Jack who took him all over South Island and gave him a very special holiday, for which William will always be very grateful.

To mark Jack's 80th Birthday, here are some of the articles that he has provided for the Register's Magazine over the years.

Happy 80th Jack!

M103 - Jack Blyth's Fabric Saloon
M 108 - Jack Blyth planning his South Island Circumnavigation
M 111 - More Planning
M 112 - Outside front cover
M 112 - Jack Blyth's South Island Tour
M 115 - Jack Blyth's West Coast Tour
M 116 - Outside front cover

26/4/13  The ex-George Bryne, ex-Tony Foot 1930 CMS Special (M20036) is to be acutioned in Ireland by Mealy's next Monday 29th April.
George acquired this car in a poor state in December 1992 from D Page who had owned it since 1973.  He then undertook a complete restoration.
The rear of the car is non-standard, but nevertheless, this is a rare opportunity to pick up a genuine vintage Minor special.
Auction details may be found here.

26/4/13  The April Newsletter was lauched into the ether today and has also been uploaded to the Members' Area of the website.

23/4/13  This year's VSCC Light Car Section's Summer Navigational Rally and Tour will be based at Old Sarum Airfield, SP4 6DZ
(accessed via MR184/150335), one of the oldest First World War airfields (& museum) still operating.
The LCES invites you to arrive on Saturday 22nd June from 10 a.m. and see the afternoon Vintage Aircraft Fly-In and/or
explore some local attractions, e.g. Salisbury Cathedral, English Heritage Stonehenge plus Old Sarum Hill Fort,
or Saturday’s Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb (20% discount arranged) before supper at the airfield restaurant
from 7pm with a band.  On Sunday there is a 70 mile Navigational Rally with light
mental stimulation - or a Tour for those wanting to admire the scenery
close to the cathedral City of Salisbury, with a lunch stop.
Download the regs and entry form here.
Let's see if we can gather a strong VMR entry for what is certain to be a truly splendid and varied weekend.

Cliveden from the gardens

18/4/13  This Sunday, thousands of vintage, pre-war and classic cars will take to the roads across Britain to demonstrate our love of our vehicles to the wider world
in a massive PR exercise which can only be good for our movement.

The Vintage Minor Register has a Drive it Day meet planned in conjunction with our friends at the Bean Car Club at Clivedon House on the Thames near Windsor.
We have been told to arrive between 10 a.m. and noon, as the general public are allowed in from noon, and we must stay until 3 p.m. (seems reasonable).
Not a good idea to bring dogs, as they are not allowed in the grand avenue (where we park) or the formal gardens.  Everyone is welcome to explore the estate;
refreshments can be purchased.  Feel free to bring a picnic.  Anyone wanting to attend needs to contact Howard Martin who is co-ordinating with Cliveden National Trust,
at h_h_martin@hotmail.com or call him on 01628/522421

If you are not within striking distance of Cliveden, then if at all possible, please get the Minor or M Type out this Sunday and take it for a spin – perhaps a trip to a pub lunch
at your local or to one of the many gatherings being organized across the country.  And please take some photos and send them on for the Magazine.
And if your car isn’t roadworthy – why not get it out, give it a clean, fire it up if the engine runs, or generally do a few jobs on it.

Further information on Drive it Day may be found here.

9/4/13  Not a Minor but a Major!  Member Col Schiller of Cambooya, Queensland has recently acquired this superb Morris Major in the UK and has entered it
for our Summer Rally and our Midland Rally in July.  He will be traveling from Australia with his wife and two daughters to join us.
See you there, guys!

19/3/13  We are extremely excited to announce that, for the third year running, the Register has been awarded a flying display by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight for our Summer Rally.
In 2011, we were lucky enough to secure a display by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Avro Lancaster - one of only two flying survivors in the world.
Last year, the skies over Prescott were graced by a Spitfire Vb from the Flight, and I just heard this morning that this year, we have been awarded a display by a BBMF Hurricane IIc.
Although the Spitfire became the iconic fighter of all time, the Hurricane was the workhorse of the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940.
The image above shows one of the two BBMF Hurricanes in the foreground, then the Spitfire and the Lancaster furthest from the camera.
Put the date firmly in your diary - Saturday 20th July.
Per Ardua Ad Astra!

17/3/13  We are delighted to announce that, on Drive-it Day Sunday 21st April, we will be joining the Bean Car Club at the spectacular Cliveden House,
near Windsor in Berkshire and one-time home of Nancy Astor.  With 376 acres of National Trust gardens to explore, it is difficult to imagine a better spring day out.
Watch this space for further details of the day as they are finalized.

17/3/13  Eighty years ago today, things were getting interesting for Gilg and Kay as they began to tackle the Sahara crossing.
Apart from Gilg's diary, he kept every piece of documentation from the expedition and these are being systematically scanned right now.
For example, here are their hotel and petrol bills for 'last night'.  After 43 days on the road, the expediton is becoming a real challenge for a Morris Minor.
We are posting Kay's diairy entries, eighty years to the day after they were written, here.


The Morris cars Centenary is nearly upon us.
This just in from Robin Barraclough - foremost Morris historian and VMR Honorary member:

Dear Ian, The first Morris car was despatched from Cowley on 29th March 1913.  To celebrate a hundred years of car making in Oxford,
Lady Tanya Field has organised a run and display at Oxford.  (To give you some background, Lady Tanya is the daughter of the 9th Earl of Macclesfield
and is an enthusiast.  The 7th Earl was chairman of W.R.M.Motors Ltd. which made the first Morrises at Cowley i.e. Morris borrowed money off the Earl).
The cavalcade organised by Lady Tanya is not a Bullnose Club event.  The event has the support of BMW and the official Oxford Tourist Guide.
If you Google “Morris Centenary Cavalcade” you get the details given below:

“40 Oxford built vehicles will assemble early morning of the 29th March at MINI Plant Oxford. The Bullnose and MINI will be waved off to go to Hollow Way
where they will start an re-enactment of when the first ever Bullnose left Hollow Way on 29th March 1913. However, instead of driving to London as in 1913,
they will drive to Nuffield Place to join the Bullnose Morris Club's celebrations. The 40 vehicles will then leave MINI Plant Oxford to drive to the City Centre
to form a static display for the day taking a route that will pass by as many significant places as possible, including the Nuffield Needle,
old North and South Works, Hollow Way, the Nuffield Hospital and the Longwall garage.”

The important Morris models of which the cavalcade is in need is a good example or two of the first generation OHC and S.V. Minors.
Could you suggest any owners who might like to take part?  Presumably they would be in the Oxford area. Lady Tanya can arrange secure storage
if required for the cars and/or trailers. The event will attract plenty of TV and press coverage.
Hope you can help.  Pity you do not live in England!

We have an OHC Minor, but are in URGENT NEED of a SV Minor.
Who will support this historic event and fly the flag for Minors and our Register?

28/2/13  On this day 80 years ago, the Gilg and Kay Expedition, who had been waiting in Tangier, received the impatiently awaited letter
from the Prince de Ligne providing vital information on the way ahead.  So they are now ready to head for Cape Town.
Kay's expedition diary entries are being updated daily here.

24/2/2013  We have been invited to join the Bullnose Morris Club at Nuffield Place on Good Friday, 29th March with our Minors/M Types.
The first ever Morris left the work on 29th March 1913 - exactly a hundred years ago on this day.
An optional lunch at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel is also available.
If you would like to attend, please dowload the entry form in two parts - here and here - and return them directly to the BNMC.

1/2/13  On this day eighty years ago, two restless young men left Liverpool in a 1933 Morris Minor tourer.
They would not rest until they reached Capetown.  The incredible story of their record-breaking expedition
will be told in words and pictures on this website - day by day.  Follow the story here.
Sincere thanks to the Gilg family for providing diary entries and other documents relating to the expedition
from their father's trip records.

30/1/13  And still they keep turning up - the latest in a never-ending series.  This SV Minor has just surfaced in Oxford.
It has been highly modified, including Family Eight 9" hydraulic brakes - for good reason.
Under the bonnet lurks a 918 c.c BMC A series engine that apparently gives it 'scorching' performance!
We look forward to seeing more of the car once it has been sprung from its lair.

19/1/13  In the summer of 1933, two Englishmen - Cameron Gilg and Walter Kay - drove a Morris Minor tourer from Liverpool to Capetown
becoming the first light car to achieve such an epic journey, including crossing the Sahara.  Gilg maintained a daily diary of the trip and
his family have carefully transcribed each daily entry.  2013 is the 80th Anniversary of the trip and  so we will post each day's diary entry
here - exactly 80 years to the day after they were written.

15/1/13  This 1931 SV Minor (chassis SV1641) is being offered for sale in Italy by  Gian Paolo Cheula who has just inherited it and wants to pass it on.
Gian Paolo is looking for around € 12,000 and can be contacted at g.cheula@libero.it.

10/1/13  Jim Peacop is auctioning his 1932 McEvoy Minor at Brigtwells in Leominster on 6th March - details here and here.
This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up a rare and delightful Minor.

Joyce and Andrew Gilg at Prescott last July, trying out Chris Holland's 1933 tourer for size (photo - Chris Holland, with Joyce Gilg's camera!)

10/1/13  2013 marks the 80th Anniversary of Gilg and Kay's epic drive from Liverpool to Capetown in a new 1933 Minor tourer.
The Gilg family were our Guests of Honour at Pre-War Prescott last July and they brought along all of their father's arrtifacts from his trip,
including his trip diary.  The plot was hatched there to transcribe that diary and post it on this website - each day - exactly 80 years after the trip.
The trip actually began on February 1st 1933 and lasted 158 days until July 7th, but the diary starts before then and so, to set the scene,
the introductory pages have been posted on our forum and lead up to the collection of the car from Cowley.  Later this month, I will be setting up a separate
web page for the entire diary as the year progresses and post daily as the diary entries progress day by day through 1933.
Watch this space for further news.

5/1/13  First of all - a Happy New Year to one and all!  We kick off 2013 by welcoming Arthur Campbell to the Register with his rare
1932 (1933 season) Minor four-seater tourer.  Arthur is a friend of Brian Maeers, which explains everything!
Here we see KV 2652 at Brian's Manor Farm last July when Brian was getting the Minor road-sorted for Arthur.

27th November 2012  Today we welcome  new member Phil Sowry of Epsom Downs who joins the Register with his 1930 M Type MG 493 (2M/1425).
Phil was recommended by Dave Cooksey who will receive ten pounds discount on his 2013 subs for referring a new member - thanks, Dave.
Phil is a family friend of Dave's and commented on his membership application, "I should have joined a decode ago"!
(He has owned the M since at least 1964, according to Register records.)
Never too late, Dave - welcome at last!

4/11/12  The Hundred Pound Minor MU 3307 (see 20/10/12 below) is now being offered for sale by the Vintage Petrol Pump Company
who are asking £4,950 for her.  Contact Roger Baker for call him on 01947/895289 for more details.

28/10/12  250 copies of the Autumn Magazine M 143 hot off the presses of Northwest Fine Art Printing today.
These will be winging their way to eighteen countries early next week.
M 144 will be with all members in time for Christmas.

27/10/12  And congratulations to new Register member Martin Watts who collected this Lancashire-registered
1932 long-wheelbase Family Eight TF 7653 (M36187) from Jim Peacop's Mouldsworth Motor Museum today.

27/10/12  And still they turn up!  This time in New Zealand where this '1928' Minor is being offered for sale.
Notwithstanding the 1932 season radiator, the windscreen suggests that this is indeed be a very early tourer.
More information here.

20/10/12  Congratulations to new Bedfordshire member Peter Newbery who has acqired the 1930 M Type MG 748 (2M/1506), nicknamed 'Pootle'.
Originally built 16th April 1930, the car was modified in the forties in the fashinable J2 style seen here.
Peter has owned an MGB for 18 years, but has never owned a pre-war car, so he is looking forward to the new experience.

20/12/12  And still they turn up!  This 1928 OHC tourer is being offered for sale in Sydney, Australia, having been in the same family for seventy years.
The owner reports: "The car gave us very good service, and both myself and my brother learned to drive on it the 50's.
The car has been up on blocks for about 15 years and we now think it is time to sell it to a good home.  A restoration project was
carried out about 10 years ago and even though there is some finishing off to be done, the car is complete and almost in running conditon.
A 4-speed gear box is fitted.  There are a lot of spares such as engine, 3-speed gear boxes, axles and diffs. which would also be included in a sale."
Contact the Register for further details.

20/10/12  Minors continue to come out of the woodwork.  This 1931 Hundred Pound 2-seater and is available to interested parties.
MU 3307, chassis is SV2129, still fitted with original engine 2894.  It is now in primer and needs finishing but is a fairly tidy car
and turns over with good compressions.  Contact the Register for further information.

20/10/12  We have two very enthusiastic Register members in Japan - Kenji Matsuoka (left) and Shinichi Nagatani (right).
On 13th October, the 28th MG Day was held at Kajimanomori Hotel in Karuizawa under the auspices of the MGCC Japan Centre.
The MG Day is the biggest MG gathering in Japan and has a long history since 1973.  The 1st and 2nd meets were held in Tokyo, then they moved to Karuizawa
where there is a historic health resort near Tokyo.  For the last six years, the MG Day has not been held.  Many MG enthusiasts in Japan have waited
for the the restart of the MG Day, so more than 70 MGs gathered from all over Japan this year.
Among them were eight MMMs including Kenji's and Shinichi's M types.
Other MMMs were two J2s, one PA, one PB, one C and one K3.
(Photo: Kenji Matsuoka)

19/10/12  Today we welcome John Denton to the Register.  John has acquired the ex-Paul Harris, ex-David Brown, ex-Jeremy Evans
1929 Minor saloon DF 9053 from a dealer in Northern Ireland, who at one point reently was planning to dismantle this car for spares!
It is great to see this car back in the Register and in such good hands.
And in other great vintage Minor news, Derek Tew has acquired the 1929 Minor tourer FL 7665 - see 30/9/12 news item below.
Derek is known to many for his work at Gaydon and as a Wolseley man.

17/10/12  The Vintage Minor Register has been working over the years with the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust at Gaydon to
transcribe and computerize the original manuscript Cowley production records for the Morris Minor.  The resulting data has become known
as the Morris Minor 'Genome'. We captured the data for the vintage Minors several years ago, but have always wanted to expand the initiative to the
sidevalve Minors.  We started earlier this year to record the production data for the SV Minors, recordng data for the first 18,340 SV chassis.
We have now extended this to chassis number SV32246 - almost to the end of the 1933 season production, and look forward to completing the
entire Minor 'Genome' in the New Year.  This is a monumental task that takes weeks of careful and accurate onsite work and all of this data is made available
to Register members online in the Members' Area of this website.  As a Register, we will continue to strive to make historical data
available to members wherever it can be found.

16/10/12  Today we warmly welcome to the Register Peter Purcell of Melbourne, Australia who has restored this 1929 Ruskin-bodied roadster.
You will appreciate his monumental achievement when you see what he started with.

The VSCC was founded at the Phoenix, Hartley Wintney in 1934 when the landlord was Tim Carson.
The club has been meeting there monthly ever since, on the first Thursday of the month.
Here we see a gathering at the Phoenix of several VSCC heroes of the late sixties.  Many will recognize the faces.
Left to right: Jim Wyman - Arthur Jeddere-Fisher (co-founder with Bill Boddy of the VSCC Light Car Section) - Jock Chamberlain (on the running board)
- Pam Dear - Russell Wilson-Kitchen - Peter Hull - Dudley Gahagan - A N Other (any ideas?)
No longer with us.  Happy days.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Harris)

15/10/12  Two upcoming events.  First, on Sunday November 18th, a VMR-hosted MoT Emancipation Meet at the Phoenix Inn, Hartley Wintney
to celebrate the day that the MoT will be dispensed with for pre-1960 cars.  All and every pre-1960 car warmly welecomed - MoT'd or not!

Second, a New Year's Day meet at the Crooked Billet, Honey Hill near Wokingham, in association with the Bean Car Club.

13/10/12  Today we welcome new member John Hall of Kidderminster who has acquird the ex-Bunn Collection
1929 fabric saloon RX 4207 (M4322) which was auctioned by Bonhams last year and subsequently offered by Arun Motors.
RX 4207 was first registered in Berkshire on 10th April 1929.

13/10/12  This 1933 SV Minor 5 cwt. van, chassis SV26830 is to be auctioned next Saturday 20th by Cheffyns in Cambridge.
Find details here.

6/10/12  The date for Pre-War Prescott 2013 was officially established thisi week as Saturday 20th July.
This sets the date for our 2013 Summer Rally - 20th/21st July.  Start making plans!

5/10/12  The October Newsletter was distributed by e-mail yesterday and can also be found in the Members' Area of the website.

30/9/12  Nickel radiator tourer projects don't come up very often these days, so here's a super opportunity for someone to pick one up at a reasonable price.
This Peterborough-registered 1929 tourer was being restored by a garage owner in Cornwall back in 1981 when I was posted to RAF St. Mawgan.
He was making a poor job of it and so I pestered him to sell it to me.  After about a year, he relented and so I advertized my Austin 7 fabric saloon project
in Exchange and Mart, sold it and went back with the cash - only to find he'd sold it to someone up in Preston the previous week!
I have been searching for it ever since.  This just shows how a restored car in sound, running condition and unknown others more recently.
View it on eBay here.

29/9/12  After a break of about four years, VMR HQ now has high-speed internet that permits use of Vonage VOIP telephone service.
One of the features of this service is that we can take advantage of a pseudo telephone number in the UK.
Members in the UK can therefore call this number, paying only for a local call, and be connected directly to VMR HQ in Seattle.
The pseudo number is Oxford (01865)/593089 and should take effect within 24 hours from now.
Members in Europe and elsewhere can also call this number and pay for a call to England, which may be cheaper than calling the USA.
Please feel free to give call with your news or questions - evenings or weekends, just remembering that we are 8 hours behind Oxford time!

29/9/12  The ex-Captain Angus Hambro Semi-sports, LJ 4435 is being offered for sale by the current owner - who is too tall to fit in it with the hood up!
This vintage Minor is probably the finest and most historic Minor in existence today.  The perfect mount for VMR and Light Car events.
Contact the Register for comprehensive details.

9/9/12  And today was VSCC Madresfield, held since 1947 on the mile-long drive of Madresfield Court and with the gorgeous backdrop
of the Malvern Hills.  The M types entered held the end up well in the Standard Sports Car Class.  5% of the total field were M types,
and 25% of Class A (Standard Sports Cars) were M's.   Owen Bolton's 1932 car APB 298, 2nd Class award, Nigel Stroud 1929 car PO 1357
and David Rushton 1932 car PJ 7970 both 3rd Class awards.  (The 1st Class went to a Bugatti  Type 22.)  All subject to official confirmation.
 In Class A the M's held off opposition from the likes of Hornet Special, Frazer Nash, a PA and TA.
Thanks to David Hinds for the report and photo.

9/9/12  And here's the lineup!  A brace of Minor 2-seaters - Mike Jones' OHC, and Mike Wood's SV flew the VMR flag at Lodge Park yesterday.
Mike Wood reported that a great day was had by all, and the National Trust made them very welcome.
(Photo: Mke Wood)

18/8/12  As part of the 2012 Heritage Open Days on Saturday 8th September, the National Trust has invited the Register to put on a display
of our cars at the magnificent Lodge Park, Sherborne, Gloucestershire.  We visited Lodge Park during our Summer Rally last month,
where there was a clue for the Navigation Rally in the grounds.  So far, two members have declared, but the more we get, the better.
The NT will give us free entry and allow us to line up our cars on the lawns in front of the Lodge for a great photo opportunity.
If anyone else would like to come along, please e-mail the Register for further details and co-ordination.

5/8/12  Today we welcome Derek Russell and a very special vintage Minor to the Register.
Derek, who lives in the Isle of Man has acquired the late Harry Edwards' 1930 Minor saloon UK 8983.
Harry restored this car back in the sixties, took it to the Morris Register's rally in the seventies and it was then put into the garage until his death.
It will be splendid to see this Minor out and about in future, once it has received a little road sorting.
Derek's only regret is that the number plate will have to be relinquished, as the car will be receiving a Manx plate shortly.

The Minor line at Prescott (Photo:  John Nagle)

4/8/12  Arrived back in Seattle last Tuesday to a project crisis at work, a vicious bug picked up on the flight back, and now 105 degree heat,
so it is taking a bit of time to get back to the usual routine!  Jayne arrives back on Monday.
What a superb two weekends!  Prescott and the Summer Rally enjoyed two completely dry, warm days, and I lost count of the people who told us how lucky we were!
Prescott was amazing - around 150 entries and 16 or 17 Minors (I haven't had time to do the final count yet) - either way a post-war world record!
And the Northern Weekend was definitely the best-kept secret of the year.  What a superb weekend!  Just four Minors, plus others (like us) in moderns,
but the focus of the weekend was a social one and it was great to meet so many members for the first time.  John Pallister and Peter Brock did a superb job of planning
and the scenery of the Dales could not have been more dramatic.  The Sunday lunch stop at the Tan Hill Inn (the highest pub in England) was truly unforgettable.
Sixteen of us sat down to dinner together in Romaldkirk on Saturday night where many new friendships were forged.
Thanks to everyone involved in both weekends - you know who you are.  Now to start planning next year's rallies - and we cannot wait!

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire is scheduled for 1410 hrs over Prescott.

18/7/12  Wednesday morning, and Jayne and I are just about to leave for the airport to fly to London for our Summer Rally,
Pre-War Precott and our Northern Weekend.  We have the best ever lineup of VMR cars booked in to Prescott and a very
strong entry of other cars - around 130 in all with a very large MMM contingent.
And after seemingly-endless rains lately, the weather forecast is looking GREAT!
We're both really looking forward to meeting as many members as possible over the coming two weekends.
If you have not booked for Prescott, and want to come along, just turn up at the gate, which opens at 9 a.m.
If you have not booked for the Sunday Navigation Rally or Scenic Tour, just turn up at Prescott this Sunday morning at around 8, with the off at 9.
If you have not declared form the Northern Weekend, just either turn up at the Rose and Crown, Romaldkirk on Friday evening (27th),
or on the village green on Saturday morning.
See you all soon!


12/7/12  Peter Brock has completed the route planning for our Northern Weekend 28th/29th July and he has assembled two superb touring routes for us -
 one for Saturday and the other for Sunday.  Click on the two maps above for the planned routes.
The Saturday route summary can be downloaded here.
The Saturday route directions can be downloaded here.
The Sunday route summary can be downloaded here.
The Sunday route directions can be downloaded here.

Printed copies of all of the above will be available to particpants at the start of each tour.
All members are most welcome to join in the weekend which will also include suitable evening socials.

10/7/12  So earlier this year we commissioned a batch of fifty Tenth Anniversary CD's (which grew into DVD's!) containing all 36 of our Magazines produced over our
first ten years as a Register, plus the five Yearbooks that have been produced over that time.  I was planning to bring a number of unsold copies
to our Summer Rally, but 49 sold and I am keeping one for our archives.  But I just visited our printers and they have agreed to run off a second batch
of 50 disks for us, and also get them to me before next Tuesday when Jayne and I fly to England for the Rally!
Our print shop is going crazy right now - they will be delivering our Summer Magazine (M 142) by Friday so it can be enveloped over the weekend to bring with me,
they are printing the Rally Programmes which will be ready by next Tuesday and they are also going to be printing the Scenic Tour Handbooks which I am
going to give them the artwork for tomorrow after finishing the master off tonight!  Meanwhile, VMR HQ is in a state of near bedlam with countless
last minute items to be sorted.  Among other things, we will be very pleased to welcome Peter McFadyen to Pre-War Prescott once again this year.
Peter penned a very nice report on Pre-War Prescott 2011 for The Automobile, and will be doing so again this year.
But this time, in order to more fully appreciate the spirit and excitement of the day,
he is bringing his recently-acquired Lea Francis Hyper to have a crack at the hill!
Anyway, if you are coming to either the Summer Rally or the Northern Weekend and would like a copy of the Anniversary,
I will have some with me.  Now to chase up the car badges which I am also very much hoping will be delivered in time!

10/7/12  Our good friends at Hereford Vintage Auctions have graciously offered to run a no-reserve auction of spares and automobilia at Pre-War Prescott.
All of the proceeds raised will be donated to the RAF Charitable Trust at the end of the day, and will be accepted by Air Vice Marshal Rick Charles who is one
of the Trust's trustees.  All entrants are invited to bring along any suitable items and drop them off in the morning at the VMR tent - thanks in advance for your support!
This fine rendition of the Skinner Special was painted by Graham Abbott and shows Mark Burnett at speed at Pre-War Prescott last year.
(Needless to say, the SU boys and the Skinner will be joining us again this year, and SU is once again our headline Pre-War Prescott sponsor.)
We are delighted to announce that Graham has very generously donated this painting to the auction.
Graham will be joining us again this year.  If you would like to commission him, either speak to him on the day or visit either of his websites
at www.4aphoto.co.uk or www.4apainting.co.uk.

10/7/12  The June Newsletter was distributed over the ether last night, and a copy may be found in the Members' Area.

9/7/12  Welcome to Christophe Lack of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire who joins the Register with his M Type XAS 404 (2M/3308).
Christophe tells us that the car has been in the family for many years but has recently been re-commisioned.

28/6/12  Our inaugural Northern Weekend is now just a month away and the Entry Form may be downloaded here.
There is no entry fee for this informal weekend of touring the Dales and socializing, but we do need to have an idea of numbers before we finalize the pubs, etc.
John Pallister and Peter Brock are doing wonderful work putting a great weekend together for us all.
Jayne and I will be in the Dales and are looking forward to meeting as many of our northern members as possible, but of course southerners MIGHT be accepted!
Feel free to bring your Minor, M Type or modern.  OS map 192 would be useful, but not absolutely necessary as route instructions for the two tours will be available each morning.
 If you are planning to attend, please either post the Entry Form back (quite quickly - we leave for England on the 18th July),
or fill it in, scan it and return it electrically, or just e-mailthe pertinent info.

12/6/12  We are delighted to announce that we have commissioned Premier Badges to produce a limited run of enamel on chrome car badges for the Register.
The badges produced by Premier Badges are of the very highest quality and come with a strong recommendation
from Frank Ashley who tells us that Premier manufactured the 50th Anniversary badges for the MMM Register.
I was able to inspect one of these on Frank’s M Type last year.  The badges come with the standard badge bar clip two-hole fixing
and feature the VMR logo.  The artwork for the badges is shown above and we have ordered a batch of badges
which will be available in time for the Summer Rally and Northern Weekend next month.
To order your badge (or badges), please return the order form.  It would also be very helpful if you would also
respond by e-mail, letting us know your interest.

10/6/12  We are delighted to announce that Chris Dunster has been appointed an Honorary Member of the Register.  Chris has been
closely involved with Morrises for many years and joined the Morris 8 Tourer Club as member number 131 in 1962,
since when he has been a proponent of the Minor at every opportunity and a firm background supporter of the VMR
since its founding.  The photo above shows Chris (left) with the late Bev Hicks at VMR Prescott 2010.
Congratulations, Chris!

6/4/12  Today we welcome Alice Sears (any relation, Toby?) to the Register with her 1933 saloon JB 861, chassis SV15337.
Alice lives in Uckington, near Cheltenham.  This saloon is new to the chassis register, so watch this space for more information.

5/4/12  The June Newsletter was launched into the ether today and a copy can be found in the Members' Area.

5/4/12  The Discussion Forum is back up and running again!

1/6/12  Longtime member John Seddon lives in France and after many decades of ownership is now offering his extremely rare 1932 OHC Cunard Calshott Special for sale.
The car is very original, has history from the first owner, including photos, and the car has run less than 500 miles since a £4,500 engine rebuild.
        The car is to be sold with Cunard archive photographs, advertisements, other literature and spares - see The Automobile for August 1997 for an article on this car.
        For more information e-mail John at seddonjohn@orange.fr

25/5/12  After getting Magazine M 141 and the Anniversary DVD's in the post today, there was time to pull out the ex-Olive Willats Minor fabric saloon
and fire her up for the first time in 38 years.  With just 4,000 miles on the clock since new, this car is virtually new mechanically.
Here is a video of the first engine run taken earlier today.

21/5/12  Our Summer Rally is TWO MONTHS TODAY!  So far, we have eight Minors and 6 M Types booked in, but would like to see many more.
In particular, we only have three OHC Minors booked in to date, so if you are intending to come along, please send in your entry, or at least drop us a quick e-mail!
In other news, Magazine M141 goes in the post tomorrow along with the Tenth Anniversary DVD's.  We are STILL working to get the Forum back up again.
And today we welcome Graham Taylor to the Register.  Graham owns the very last Scuttle tank Minor car, chassis SV5535.

15/5/12  We just received this proof for the Tenth Anniversary CD sleeve - actually a DVD now, as a CD wasn't big enough to contain all the content!
If you would like a copy, we have just SIX left!  Contact us immediately!
The DVD's and sleeves will be ready for collection by the end of the week which means I can pack them with the Magazines over the weekend
to post worldwide next Monday.  Meanwhile, we are STILL fighting to recover the Forum - if you cannot access it, it is NOT your fault!

13/5/12  Big news just in from the operators of Cotswold Airport (the old RAF Kemble) this morning.
Pre-War Prescott forms just a part of our Summer Rally in the Cotswolds and we have a Navigation Rally and parallel Scenic Tour on Sunday.
This year, the route will be taking us to the south - down towards the old RAF Kemble.  We will gather there during the day, along with a collection of vintage aircraft
that will be offering pleasure flights to the pre-war car crews with all proceeds going to our designated charity - the RAF Charitable Trust.
 If the formula for the day is a success, this charity fly-in and pre-war car gathering may well become a firmly established feature of our Summer Rallies!

10/5/12  And still they keep turing up.  Today we welcome Neil Carpenter of Bliss Gate, Kidderminster to the Register.
Neil is collecting this 1933 season 2-seater tomorrow from a factory where it has langiushed on the roof of the factory toilet block since 1964!
We wish him well with the restoration.

23/4/12  Tony Gamble is selling his 1930 Minor fire tender replica.
Full details of this charming and unique vehicle may be found in Marketplace.

23/4/12  Minors were out and about all over the country yesterday, attending our spring pub meets and other Drive-It Day gatherings.
Here we see the Minors of Toby Sears and Mike Rose with appropriate spring green coackwork attending our meet in the New Forest.

17/4/12  Our spring pub meets are THIS WEEKEND!  First, the Hatchgate Meet is ON!
There were just two takers for John Nagle's Land's End Run - one from the VMR and one from the Morris Register, so the run is CANCELLED.
This means we will revert to our usual pub meet THIS SUNDAY at the Hatchgate at Bramshill.
Our other meets this Sunday at noon are at the Alice Lisle, Rockford Green near Ringwood in the New Forest
and our inaugural western meet at the Who'd Have Thougt It, Milton Combe, Yelverton in Devon.
Full details of these meets may be found here.
Please do try to make it in your Minor, M or modern, if you can, and please remember your camera!

Parth gives another interview to the media while the next reporter waits.

17/4/12  VMR member Parth Medh got together with three of his friends in Ahmedabad, India last weekend for a Sunday morning drive.
The word got out and resulted in 29 cars participating, national media coverage including a front page story in the Times of India and thousands of spectators lining the route.
The result is that the Gujarat Vintage and Classic Car Club has now been well and truly founded!
Well done Parth!

11/4/12  Today we welcome new member Ronald Trumpi from The Netherlands and his 1934 season 2-seater DE-24-11 (SV36604).
We also welcome Michael Banfield who has acquired Steve Johnstone's 1932 5 cwt. van (see 31/3/12 below)
and Richard Cox with his 1933 Minor 2-seater OY 4962 (SV20057).

11/4/12  The April Newsletter was launched into the ether yesterday and may also be accessed in the Members' Area.
Update on the forum - more snags have emerged, the final fix will take a little more effort yet.

9/4/12  The Forum is in the process of being re-hosted on our new server right now.
The forum baseline is accessible, and the original database, including all the original content
should be in place later today.


31/3/12  This weekend five Minors are attending the VSCC Light Car Section's annual Welsh Weekend.
The four saloons and a tourer were captured by David Hinds at the lunch stop today.
Left to right - Paul Rogers, Lee Robertson, Clive Hamilton-Gould, Colin Lee, David Rolfe.

25/3/12  Member Steve Johnstone is selling his rare, charming and highly original 1932 Minor 5 cwt. van PJ 4653.
Saved in 2006 by Tony Gamble working on a tip from fellow van owner John Twinberrow, Tony reported that the
condition of the vehicle is apparently not as good as photos suggests, but it is unrestored, and, for it age, it is quite amazing.
The passenger door needs replacing (weight of spare wheel has taken its toll!), and seats are not original (bench seat for two!).
The front central roof panel has suffered badly from wire worm at the front and needs replacing (which poses a problem in itself -
to keep restoration to a minimum - without incurring major ‘incompatible’ panels in the roof.)
Nevertheless a superb original Minor for someone at a time when the worth of unrestored vehicles is finally
being recognized.  Find it on eBay here.

20/3/12  Today, we received a letter from the RAF Events Team at RAF Northolt, bringing the splendid news that we have been allocated a
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire display for our Summer Rally.  Last year, we were extremely lucky to have the BBMF Lancaster,
the arrival of which was undoubtedly the highlight of the day.  The appearance of a Spit over Pre-War Prescott
this year will no doubt be an equally heart-stirring moment not to be missed.

16/3/12  Still life.  This remarkable photograph shows the restored radiator, engine and gearbox for Halbe Tjepkema's 1929 fabric saloon.
Finished, tested and ready to re-install in the chassis.  We look forward to seeing this highly original car back on the open road before long.

14/3/12  Today we welcome Richard Cox to the Register with his very tidy 1932 Minor 2-seater OY 4962 (SV20057).
Richard lives in Oxfordshire.

14/3/12  Good news regarding the forum. The SQL database has been recovered by TalkTalk, but it will take some time to
re-host it and get the forum up and running again.  With any luck, none of the content will have been lost.

The Who'd Have Thought It, Milton Combe, near Yelverton, Devon

12/3/12  It is nearly time for our spring pub meets once again.  This year, we have two meets and a short rally,
all to be held on Drive It Day, Sunday 22nd April.  We will hold another meet at the Alice Lisle, in the New Forest,
a brand new gathering for our western members at the Who'd Have Thought It, Milton Combe, Devon and another brand new event,
The Land's End Rally for our members in the north Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey area.
Full details of all these events may be found on our 2012 Events page.

12/3/12  The March Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today and a copy has been placed in the Members' Area.

4/3/12  Testing, testing, testing!  It looks like the website is up and running on the new server.
There are some teething problems to sort, chiefly the non-appearance of the forum.
Hopefully everything will be back to normal very shortly.

27/2/12  Yes, its a vintage Minor!  Chassis number M10057, this chassis was exported to Austalia in 1929 and is now being auctioned in Australia.
The car has a fascinating history.  A great example of Aussie ingenuity, the Bedmore single-seat racer came into the world when William Jolly
crashed his 1929 Morris Minor at a Lobethal race meeting in 1948. It was a decent accident, a rollover on the second lap of his first motor race,
but Bill came away with an idea.  Unable to afford an MG motor, he found an old Bedford truck block in a wrecking yard.
It was modified to fit the retained four-speed Minor gearbox, while the Bedford's rear hydraulic brakes were also adapted.
This was all slotted in to the remains of the Minor chassis.  The finished hybrid couldn't fit the drivetrain and Bill in, so the engine was offset
to suit and Bill sat on an aircraft seat with a rear-mounted fuel tank, also from an aircraft, being installed. The new machine was christened the 'Bedmore'
('Bed' for Bedford, more for 'more Morris'), and it was bodied as a single-seater and taken off to compete in local events, modifying the car to suit.
An example of this was when he took inspiration from the Dunlop disc brakes and created his own version of them,
ensuring excellent stopping capabilities for the time.  After several years of competing with the Bedmore,
Jolly sold it to motoring journalist Tony Lucas in 1953.  The rest of the car's more recent history
can be found on the auction site here.  Wouldn't it be splendid to see this car at Pre-War Precott in July?!

26/2/12  A monumental effort is under way to reproduce the entire collection of our first ten years of Magazines and Yearbooks in full colour
and to capture them on a single Tenth Anniversary CD.  This is what M 113 - our Autumn 2003 issue - looks like in full colour.
The covers will be added before the entire issue is converted to .pdf format.  All 36 Magazines are going through this process
which includes enhancing many of the original images and numerous formatting and typo corrections.
The Anniversary CD is to be professionally assembled and will be presented in a professionally designed CD box.
This is a unique opportunity for members who have joined since the Register was founded to obtain a complete set of back issues of our publications.
A limited run of 50 copies is being burned, and there are now just 16 left, so if you have not yet reserved your copy,
please contact the Register without delay.  The Anniversary CD's will be distributed with our Spring Magazine (M 141) next month.

26/2/12  With spring hopefully just around the corner, it is time to gear up for the new events season.
First up will be our spring pub meets on Drive It Day - Sunday 22nd April, and this year, our Hatchgate meet is being replaced
with a Land's End Run!
You are invited to enter the Lands End Rally, incorporating a trip to a brewery, a pub crawl, and to go in search of a Maharaja.
The start will be just south of Reading at 12 noon and the finish will be at Lands End - TWO HOURS LATER.
(Hint - the finish is just east of Reading!)
John Nagle has put the run together and interested parties should contact John for further details.
A location map can be found here.

4/2/12  Hearty congratulations to Kartikea Lunia in India who took his 1930 tourer to a local show today.
What makes this such a huge achievement is that his car was not much more than a pile of bits only weeks ago.
In the last seven days, the car has been assembled, rewired, painted, upholstered and all the myriad finishing details sorted,
with work finishing in the small hours this morning.  A full report on this record-breaking restoration will be published in our Spring Magazine.

24/1/12  The Register's 2012 calendar is now available for download in the Members' Area in both A4 and 8.5" x 11" formats.
The theme of this year's calendar is our 2011 Summer Rally.

19/1/12  VMR HQ is battling the worst Pacific winter storm in living memory.  Two feet of snow has now given way to
freezing rain and an ice storm that is bringing down hundreds of trees, and power lines with them.
The city of Seattle has ground to a halt.  I'll try to post a few more images on the Forum.
Roll on the spring!

16/1/12  The 2012 Pre-War Prescott website has been launched at www.prewarprescott.com and includes an online entry form.
Keep wathcing the website for all the latest event news and it breaks.

8/1/12  The start of the 2012 vintage motoring season is here and promises to be the best yet!
The 2012 Summer Rally website has been launched today and can be found here,
and the entry form can be downloaded here. Once again, the highlight of our Summer Rally will be Pre-War Prescott.
The following weeked will see the inauguration of our Northern Weekend in Teesdale,
details of which may be found here.  In addition, we are planning a number of new pub meets and short runs this spring,
details of which will be posted here shortly.

3/1/12  The January Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today and a copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

John Nagle's recently-restored two-seater in festive setting.

24/12/11  We wish every member across the world, their families and friends a wonderful Christmas
and a happy, peaceful and safe New Year.
Please visit our virtual Christmas pub meet on the Forum for a virtual pint with friends!

If you are considering joining the Register, December is a great time to do so, as you will receive the Winter 2011 Magazine
plus four quarterly magazines next year for the price of your 2012 subscription.
Download the 2012 Membership Form here.

8/12/11  We extend a very warm welcome to the following new members who have joined us in the last two weeks.
Paul Meeker (1934 Minor 2-seater), Andy Tullis (1934 Minor 2-seater), Doug Spooner (1933 Minor 2-seater),
Lee Robertson (1929 Minor saloon) and Tony and Debbie Slattery in Queensland who are looking for an M Type.
Welcome one and all!

7/12/11  The Register website is once again operational after the successful transfer to TalkTalk.
Numerous updates will be made in the next few days, but the first major addition was uploaded this afternoon.
It is the first part of the SV Minor 'Genome' - a table listing the body type fitted to chassis SV101 to SV18330,
as well as the full build data for all known surviving SV Minors within this production run.
This, and the full OHC Genome may be found in the Members' Area.

20/11/11   One out, one in.  Bill Piggott has sold his 1929 fabric saloon UR 4313 and acquired this very smart M Type which he plans to use
for LCES events.  As the M is currently in 12/12 trim, Bill is looking for a 3-speed box and standard single carburetter and manifold.
Please contact the Register if you can help.

ANO 17 all present and correct at the Alresford Watercress Line annual 'War on the Line', the 2011 weekend event.
Lt. Cdr. Holland on the left.

18/11/11  Welcome to new member Clive Holland who owns this rare 1933 4-seater tourer.
Regular readers may recall that Clive's car played host to a very special reunion last year.
And next year, Chris will be doing us another great favour when his Minor will play the role of HF 8547,
the Minor tourer that Cameron Gilg and Walter Kay drove from Liverpool to Capetown in 1933 (see 3/11/11 below).
ANO 17 will form the centrepiece of the Gilg and Kay exhibition at Pre-War Prescott next July.

The picturesque village of Romaldkirk at the foot of Teesdale will be the weekend's headquarters

13/11/11  Provisonal details of our inaugural 2012 Northern Weekend are now available here.
Start making your plans now.

Near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which marks the gateway to New York, Martin Redmond sets Pacific water free in the Atlantic.

12/11/11  14 countries, 80 cities and 15,000 miles.  Tonight, Martin Redmond and Roger Gaunt reached New York city
on the final leg of their epic round-the-world drive in their 1938 Morris 25  'Stanley'.

Congratulations to you both on a truly magnificent, once in a lifetime achievement!

Many of you have been following their progress online, but if not, here is their final daily blog from the Big Apple.

Our first Register Magazine was published in the autumn of 2000.   Just sixty copies were printed.

11/11/11  Last year we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary as a Register, and we have certainly come a very long way in that time
since our very first Magazine was distributed to about sixty founder members back in 2000.  Just how far we have come becomes clear
when one looks back at some of our early Magazines, which make fascinating and sometimes poignant reading today.

In our first decade, we published 36 Magazines.  These have now been tidied up and converted to .pdf format files and are available as a full set on CD.
The Anniversary CD also contains all of our Yearbooks and a wealth of other fascinating material and comes in a very smart
commemorative presentation case.  All of the files are fully searchable for names, registration numbers, etc. and all of the
Magazines and Yearbooks are presented in full colour, high resolution graphics – unlike the black and white photocopied originals.
So this represents a tremendous opportunity for members who joined after 2000 to acquire a complete set of the Register’s publications.

A one-time limited run of fifty Anniversary CD’s are being prepared by our printers – Northwest Fine Art Printing.
To order your copy of the CD, please use the order form, or simply add £25 (or $Au45, $NZ50, $US40) to your 2012 subscription payment.

By purchasing this CD you will be supporting the Register, enabling us to make even more improvements
in our publications and services for you as we head into our second decade.

The wild moorland above Teesdale's picturesque and historic villages affords some of the most spectacular vistas in Britain.

10/11/11  The Register is delighted to announce that we will hold an inaugural Northern Weekend the weekend after our Summer Rally next year.
The date for our Summer Rally is 21st/22nd July, so the Northern Weekend will take place over the weekend of 28th/29th July, and will be
based in Teesdale in the northern Pennines, a region of Britain famous for its quiet lanes and dramatic scenery.
This brand new Register event is designed to offer our northern members the opportunity to meet and enjoy a relaxed weekend
of touring and socialising.  However, southern members will be tolerated - if they promise to behave themselves!
Two days of gentle touring and visits to places of interest will be planned, with a slightly special Register dinner on Saturday night.
A hotel will be selected with safe parking and plenty of space for trailers for those traveling from afar.
There will be no competitive aspect to the weekend (except getting to the bar first in the evening!),
so it should be a very family-friendly weekend.  So far, at least eight of our northern members have expressed an intention to gather
and more expressions of interest would be most welcome.  Please let the Register know if you might be interested, so that we can secure
sufficient accommodation and hopefully negotiate an advantageous group rate.  There will be NO rally entry fee.
For our European members, there is a DFDS car ferry from Amsterdam, and ferries from other European ports to Newcastle,
which is only about forty miles from the Rally area.  Keep an eye on the website and our publications for more information
as plans for this exciting new Register weekend develop.

6/11/11  Over in Jaipur, India, Kartikea Lunia's 1930 tourer (M22335) was driven for  the first time in forty years today.
He recorded the momentous event on these fascinating videos.
Congratualtions on returning another vintage Minor to the open road, Kartik.

4/11/11  Martin Redmond and Roger Gaunt have reached Madison, Wisconsin on the trans-America leg of their round the world drive.
In Madison, Martin and Roger met up with Register member Peter Caldwell for a chat and a look at Peter's workshop
and classic British car spares business.  Also in attendance was the President of the local British Car Club.
Next stop for Martin and Roger is the windy city - Chicago.

3/11/11  In 1933, Cameron Gilg and Walter Kay drove their new 1933 Morris Minor from Liverpool to Capetown,
thus achieving the first ever crossing of the Sahara in a light car.  For the trip, the car was adorned with a
serpent radiator mascot and Red Duster.  Here we see Cameron's wife who still has her late husband's radiator mascot and duster
from that adventure.  The family will be our Guests of Honour at our Summer Rally next year,
where long distance adventure will be a major theme of the weekend.

1/11/11  Today we warmly welcome Eberhard Sasse to the Register.  Eberhart lives in Schwerte which is near Dortmund in Germany.
He runs a firm of architects - Schlosserei Sasse.  He has always wanted a Mercedes SSK or Blower Bentley,
but has decided that what he really wants is a Morris Minor!  We wish him well with his quest.

1/11/11  The November Newsletter was e-mailed to members last night and is available in the Members' Area.

31/10/11  Just how we like to find them.  As mentioned below, new member Philip Butland has acquired a Hundred Pound Minor
which he collected from Surrey today.  TF 4293 (SV802) is a very sound and quite original early two-seater which Philip
intends to recommission rather than rebuild.  The car is currently sitting on 18" wheels, but Philip has already sourced
a set of correct 19" Magna wheels.  We very much look forward to seeing another Minor out and about before long.
The Minor will join Philip's very smart Morris 8 tourer.

30/10/11 Meanwhile over in Japan, the Meet the MG 2011 event was held at the Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour yesterday.
Front and centre is Kenji Matsuoka's ex-Dave Cooksey 1930 M Type WH 2424 (2M/886), behind which can be seen
Shinichi Nagatani's recently-completed 1930 Double Twelve PJ 4513 (2M/1342).  Shinichi has spent the last seven years restoring his M.
Completing the lineup is a C Type and a K3.

30/10/11  VMR member Martin Redmond (centre) has reached the Rockies with his friend Roger Gaunt
on their trek across the USA as part of their round the world drive in their 1937 Morris 25.
The Badlands await them over the next few days as they head east towards Chicago.
Last night they stayed close to Yellowstone.  You can follow their journey each day on TravelPod,
and you can easily sign up for their fascianting daily e-mailed updates.

29/10/11  Today we welcome Mark Morris to the Regsister.  Mark is looking for a 1929 nickel radiator
fabric saloon, and has discussed the two cars below with the Register.  However, if anoyone else has one
that they may be interested in parting with, please let the Register know.  Mark is the Registrar for the
Bugatti Owners Club, and so is no stranger to Prescott.   We very much look forward to seeing him there
at our Summer Rally next July with his Minor - whichever one he acquires.

28/10/11  And here's another vinatge saloon for sale - to be auctioned by our very good friends and sponsors
Hereford Vintage Auctions on 23rd November.  This OHC saloon, chassis M12504, started life on 12th August 1929
as fabric saloon and was exported to New Zealand.  Re-imported to the UK in 2007 after an estate clearance,
in New Zealand, it was sold by Orchid Cars in May 2008, but is now for sale once again.
The car has been steel paneled at some point in the past.  It is fitted with a 1931 OHC engine with large dynamo.
Smart, sorted and with a realistic estimate of £5,000-£6,500, it is ready for the coming vintage motoring season.
Find more photographs here or contact the Register for more details.

24/10/11  This very fine 1929 Fabric Saloon RX 4207 (M4322), first registered in Berkshire on the 10th April 1929
was auctioned at the Goodwood Festival of Speed back in July (see 15/6/11 below) and is now being offered for sale again
by Jaguar dealers Arun Motors of Pulborough, West Sussex.  It formed part of the Bunn Collection in Dorset
prior to being auctioned.  Here's the sales blurb:
"This fabric-bodied example of a now rare Vintage-era Morris comes with a report dated April 1983 written by noted automobile
historian and author, Michael Sedgwick, who found that it was a good example of a now very rare car.
The car was refurbished quite some time ago and is now offered in excellent condition both inside and out.
Documentation on file records a complete engine rebuild in 1975 by St Christopher's Garage, Dorset
while accompanying photographs appear to show the Morris undergoing a full 'body off' restoration in the 1970s
with in excess of 300 hours labour spent (at £2.80 an hour!!).  The car has obviously stood the test of time as it remains
in superb condition both inside and out - an unusual opportunity to purchase a great looking little car
and is nice to have something apart from the usual Austin 7."
We agree that this would make a fine vintage light car and is definitely worthy of a closer look.

23/10/11  Welcome to new member Philip Butland of Hailsham, East Sussex who joins us with his 1938 Series 2 Morris 8 tourer,
seen here rounding the Semi-cicrle at our inaugural Pre-War Prescott event in July.  (Photo: Graham Abbott)
Philip writes: "Loved Pre-War Prescott, had four runs up the hill and am now besotted.  Have been looking out for a Minor for
some time and now think I may have found one.  Anyway, whether the Minor happens or not, it's time I joined the Register."
Welcome, Philip.
UPDATE 25/10/11! Congratulation, Philip, on your purchase of a Hundred Pound Minor today!

23/10/11  The contents of the Members' Area of the website is currently being overhauled and expanded.
The first upgrade was to add wiring diagrams and lubrication charts for most OHC, SV Minors and M Types.
These diagrams have also be uploaded in French, Spanish, German and Dutch from original overseas Morris Minor Handbooks!
The remaining missing diagrams are being sought and will be added in due course.
Emphasis is being put on providing more technical information, sources of spares and providers of services.
If you have any material or suggestions to help with the upgrade, please contact the Register.
Similarly, if you find any information on the website which is out of date or incorrect, please let us know.

23/10/11  After a few months of snags including a chewed-up oil pump, John Nagle has nearly completed the restoration of his 1934 2-seater
OW 4224 (SV37955). John had OW out today in fine fettle in the autumn sunshine.  Congratulations on another high quality restoration, John.

21/10/11  Jeff Body has completed the new body for Toby Sears' 1931 (1932 season) four-seater tourer
(UX 9251, chassis SV 6690) and the result is spectacular, as can be seen above.  Hereis what he started with.
This was the car that Toby won in our Register auction two years ago, after it was found as part of the estate
of the deceased owner.  It has been off the road since the 1960's.  We look forward to seeing this rare SV tourer
out and about once Toby has completed the restoration.

19/10/11  During the summer of 2011 Kip and Carmen Waistell drove, unsupported, from Peking to Paris.
Unfortunately they used two vintage Austin Sevens!  However, they had an epic journey.  The purpose of their journey was
to raise funds for SmileTrain, the charity that treats children in developing countries with the dreadful affliction of cleft lip and pallet.
They will be giving a slide presentation of their exciting cross continental journey in
Tickets in advance price £7.50, to include light refreshments, may be obtained from David Hinds, Garage House, East Street, Pembridge, HR6 9HA.
Please make cheques payable to D. Hinds and enclose a sae.  All profits to SmileTrain.
There will be a number Minor Register members there, perhaps some of them will be inspired to make this journey in a Minor.

18/10/11  Our Summer 2011 Magazine has been made available online here as a sample copy of our quarterly Magazines.
It replaces the old-format Spring 2009 Magazine.  Our quarterly 48-page Register Magazine is now professionally printed in full colour
and distributed to all members.  So, if you are not currently a member, and you like what you see, you know what to do!

16/10/11  Register member Martin Redmond and friend Roger Gaunt are driving their 1937 Morris 25 around the world.
From Bedford in England, they drive across Europe and Asia to Vladivostok, where they shipped the car to Los Angeles.
They have now left Los Angeles for the east coast.  Here we see them headng for the mountains yesterday.
You can follow their progress on TravelPod, where you can also sign up for e-mail updates.

14/10/11  The October Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today and a copy may be found on the Members' Area.

5/10/11  Just how we like to find them.  UP 5286 is an early Hundred Pound Minor 2-seater, chassis number SV910.
It has been laid up in this shed since 1986.  It belonged to Paul Palmer's father,
who died 25 years ago, but the family have now decided to restore it for their sons and daughters.
The first step will be to try to recover the registration number.

28/9/11  Once again this Sunday we will be holding our founding autumn pub meet at the Hatchgate, Bramshill, Berkshire.
This was our very first pub meet and we met regularly at the Shoulder of Mutton at Hazeley.  In more recent times, the meet has moved
to the Hatchgate at Bramshill which has proved very popular, and we are now joined by our friends at the Morris Register and the Bean Car Club.
 So DO PLEASE see if you can come along to the Hatchgate this Sunday 2nd October at noon and help mark
this auspicious Register anniversary with a record muster of Minors and M Types!
 Full details and directions may be found here.
 Cheers to one and all, please invite your friends to join us and please bring your cameras too!

25/9/11  It was a beautiful autumn day for our Minor muster at the Alice Lisle earlier today.
Next Sunday is the Hatchgate, Bramshill.
(Photo: Toby Sears)

21/9/11  A reminder that our New Forest Autumn pub meet will take place THIS SUNDAY at the Alice Lisle, Rockford Green, Hampshire.
Details here.  All most welcome!

21/9/11  The September Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today.  A copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

30/9/11  And today we also welcome Michael Norrey to the Register.  Michael recently acquired this
Stewart & Ardern-registered 1930 Minor saloon MU 2165 (M28983) from Newtown in Wales.
Incidentally, new members joining the Register between now and the end of the year will receive
membership through to the end of 2012.  The Membership Form may be downloaded here.

16/9/11  Today we welcome John Newell to the Register.
John has acquired this 1932 2-seater CG 1140 (SV15401) which was offered for sale earlier in the year
and also auctioned at Castle Combe in March.  Good luck with the collection tomorrow John, and welcome aboard!

30/8/11  Our autumn pub meets are almost upon us.  We will be holding two meets this autumn.
Our traditional meet at the Hatchgate at Bramshill, Berkshire will take place on Sunday 2nd October
in conjunction with the Morris Register and Bean Car Club.
 Our other meet is our roving New Forest meet, taking place this time at the Alice Lisle (above),
which is a superb country pub.  All are most welcome at both meets, which start at noon.

22/8/11 Bill Piggot is offering his very tidy 1929 fabric saloon UR 4313 (M11538) for sale.
This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a vintage Minor that is ready to be enjoyed.
Contact Bill for further details.

3/8/11  Welcome to new member Andy Pocock of Birdham, West Sussex who recently acquired this 1934 saloon AYF 733.

22/7/11  A number of superb Pre-War Prescott photosets are appearing on the web.
Paul Saunders (Dart Images) can be found here (including the one above).
Peter McFadyen's images can be found here.
Allan Rhodes (Track Car Photography) has posted his images here.
Hereford Vintage Auctions has posted a selection on their web page here, which include shots of the Navigation Rally on Sunday.
Nick Williams has posted a good selection here.
David Southcott (Bonzer Photos) has posted more here.
Finally, there is a lovely video by the Bowie contingent here that sums up the spirit of the day and includes shots of the Lancaster display.
I also hope to be posting some of the GoPro onboard videos to YouTube shortly.
If anyone posts any other online galleries of the weekend, please let us know.

22/7/11  Over in Picton, Ontario, Ian Samuel is offering his unique 1933 Maddox Coupe Minor for sale.
It would be good to see this car repatriated.  If interested, please contact the Register for further details.

20/7/11  Just back from a superb weekend in the Cotswolds.  Here's the Triangle Special ready for its first run in the hands of the boys from SU.
Photo sets are starting to appear on the Internet.  Peter Mcfadyen's can be found here, and Paul Saunders' here.
Also check out this YouTube video which nicely sums up the day.  I'll be posting a selection of GoPro onboard videos to YouTube shortly.
Thanks to everyone who worked to make the weekend a huge success.

12/7/11  Just signing off before flying to London tomorrow, arriving Thursday mornning for the Summer Rally.
We have 99 advance entries and are expecting many more on the day, so a super weekend is in store for everyone.
I will be running around the navigation rally/scenic tour route on Friday after calling in at Prescott in the morning to check on
final arrangements, and then I'll be at the Gardeners Arms, Alderton on Friday evening for our reception.
I am also bringing Magazine M 138 with me, so if you are attending at any point over the weekend, I'll have your copy for you.
See you there!

28/6/11  With just over two weeks to what will undoubtedly be our best ever Summer Rally, planning is in its final stages,
and we already have over a hundred cars booked in over the weekend.  On Sunday we will be holding a Navigation Rally
and spectacular Scenic Tour across the glorious Cotswolds.  Meanwhile preparations are virtually complete for our
inaugural Pre-War Prescott event on Saturday.  The incomparable and historic Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Avro Lancaster
is booked to arrive over the hill at 1445 hrs precisely, and we heard today that it may also be accompanied by
a Spitfire and Hurricane from the Flight.
Definitely a weekend not to be missed, and there is still time to enter.

19/6/11  With just four weeks to our Summer Rally, have you booked yet?  Your tickets are waiting for you!

16/6/11  This stunning advert will be published in our Pre-War Prescott Rally programme.
The SU Carburetter Company is the event's main sponsor and the advert proudly highlights their recent acquisition -
the Skinner Triangle Special which will be attacking the hill on the day.

15/6/11  More auction news.
The Bunn Collection, comprising two Bentleys, five Rolls Royces and this very sound Berkshire-registered 1929 Minor fabric saloon
RX 4207 (M4322) is being auctioned by Bonhmas at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 1st July.
Thanks to Dave Aston for spotting this one.
View it here.

Gavin and his M Type seen here arriving at Milton Abbey School on our 2007 Summer Rally.
Since this photo was taken the car's original number - TM 5321 - has been re-allocated to the car.

14/6/11 Gavin Barnett is offering his superb early M Type 2M/371 for sale by auction.
Comprehensive details and wonderful historic images may be found at vintagemg.co.uk.
This is the car used in the MG Profile Publication and known to Wilson McComb.  An astonishingly original
Oxford-built car with complete known history and original competition accessories.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire arguably the best MG M-Type in existence.
It will be offered on eBay, the auction starting Thursday 30th June and ending on Sunday 10th July,
just in time for the lucky new owner of this superb MG to bring it to Prescott!

10/6/11  And a very warm welcome to William Armston-Sheret who joins the Register today and lives in the New Forest.
William writes for Classics Monthly, is currently restoring a post-war Minor and has obviously seen the light because he is looking
for a pre-war Minor saloon to restore after that.  If anyone has such a project, please contact the Register.
Funds are somewhat limited, as William is 16 years old.

9/6/11 Last year, David Aston brought his growing family to our Summer Rally, but has since exchanged his 1930 tourer for something a little larger.
The Minor was acquired by Raymond Douglas, who has now joined the Register and will be bringing it back to Prescott
for this year's Summer Rally.  See you there, Raymond!

8/6/11  This is the half page advert for Pre-War Prescott that will appear in the July issue of The Automobile - out in a couple of weeks.
It will be printed in black and white, but only here you can see it in gloroious Technicolour!
The header photo was taken at VMR Prescott last year.

3/6/11  The June Newesletter was distributed by e-mail today and a copy may be found in the Members' Area.

Mark Burnett (left) receiving the Triangle Special from Andrew Harding (right) at Brooklands

31/5/11  We are also delighted to announce that Burlen Fuel Systems has acquired the Skinner Triangle Special
which has been on display at Brooklands and will be exercising this historic car at Pre-War Prescott.
The Triangle Skinner Special is the direct descendent of a Supercharged Morris Minor SV used as a publicity vehicle
by Morris to show that their new ‘£100 Morris’ could reach speeds of 100mph and a fuel consumption of 100mpg.
The car attained the 100mph target at Brooklands over an officially timed mile.  It was then gifted to the Skinner family
and converted into a hill climb special by Peter Skinner, son of Carl, in the early thirties.
Details of their acquisition and their support of Pre-War Prescott can be found in their latest Press Releases.

24/5/11  We are delighted to announce that Pre-War Prescott, which is being hosted by the Vintage Minor Register,
has been awarded major sponsorship from the SU Carburetter Company.  SU is part of Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd.
and will be bringing their trade stand to Prescott along with a very interesting and appropriate car - of which more will be announced shortly.
Mark Burnett of SU notes:
"I am pleased that we have been able to support an event that I believe will become a significant date on the vintage calendar."

24/5/11  Today we welcome Harold Blair to the Register with his 1934 two-seater CRF 572 (SV 44504).
Harold bought this car in 1964 for £3 10s. from a fellow student.  It had a large hole in the side of the block with a conrod sticking out.
He managed to find another engine and got the car going.  He then used it in the mid seventies, intending to rebuild it,
but work and family commitments precluded this.  After many false starts, he was able to give it the time needed after his retirement.
With the help of a very good friend it was put back on the road in March last year.
Although it has won a number of awards in shows in the past year, Harold's main intention was always to rebuild the car to go rather than show.
That concisely sums up the true spirit of the Register, and Harold has had 2,000 miles of fun since putting his Minor back on the road.
Welcome aboard, Harold, and congratulations on 47 years of ownership.

24/5/11  Bev Hicks' funeral took place yesterday in Eardisley village.  Ian Makins, the Bullnose Morris Club Magazine editor reported:
"Remarkable turn out for Bev.  Angela overwhelmed by the turnout and the number of vintage cars in attendance.
Church full.  A man well liked by a diverse range of characters.  As I said to Angela, at least we knew him and have the memories..."

21/5/11  In Brisbane, Ed Zillman has finally decided to sell his OHC Ute, chassis M18566.  Ed has a number of Austin, Morris and MG vehicles
ranging from a 1923 ‘Clover Leaf’ Cowley to a 1955 Austin A30 Countryman.  He took this Minor Utility from one of his sheds back in 2007,
thinking he would like to do something with it, but never did.  At one point he was considering donating it to a local museum.
The original engine no longer with car.  It was last seen when on display at a local Historic Commercial Vehicle Day in 2000
and appeared on the front cover of the September 2001 Morris Register of Queensland Magazine, and was written up in VMR Magazine M 129.
It is available here on eBay.

19/5/11  Sold to ...!
The Skinner Triangle Special has a new custodian - see 28/4/11 below.
Watch this space to find out who bought this historic car - you will be surprised!

17/5/11  Today we welcome Tim Brown and Elina Helenius to the Register as new custodians of
James Wheeler's much-campaigned 1930 saloon UF 7090 (M31579).

15/5/11  A service in Bev's memory will be held on Monday, 23rd May at 1.00pm, at Eardisley Church (Herefordshire).
Those who attend are welcome to go afterwards to Eardisley village hall, where tea & sandwiches will be served.
 The church is on the main road, which is narrow, but opens out at the Hereford end of the village, where parking is suggested.
The village hall is opposite the village shop, on the main road.
 There will be a private Crematorium Service later in the day, for family members only.
 No flowers please, but any donations to Help For Heroes or British Legion.
Bring your Morris or MG if possible.

12/5/11  Extremely sad news.  Bev Hicks passed away last night.  Bev's life was dedicated to Morrises
and he was a kingpin of the Register.  More news will follow.

11/5/11  And today we welcome Mike Wood with his 1931 (1932 season) 2-seater HN 8234 (SV8067).
This is the car that Brightwells auctiond last November (see 26/11/10 below), since when it has passed through a number of trade hands.
Mike drove it home the 110 miles from the dealer.  Welcome, Mike!

10/5/11  Today we welcome Martin Horsler to the Register.  Martin owns this very smart 1932 2-seater
439 UXP (was RM 8758, SV16644) that was advertised by Nicky Paul-Barron last November.

9/5/11 Yesterday I checked out an amazing micro video camera - designed for motorsport.
It records up to 8 hours of HDTV quality video!  I'll be bringing one to the Summer Rally to attach to cars climbing the hill.
For a nominal charge, we'll be able to take the videos and burn them on to DVD's for competitors to relive their climbs.
The picture quality is stunning. Here's the camera.  And here's a YouTube video captured with the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO camera we'll be using.
So if you record your climb on video, you'll also be able to indirectly time your untimed climb, as well as analyze your racing line!

9/5/11 The Beaulieu Spring Autojumble is next weekend - 14th/15th May.
Toby Sears will be manning the VMR stand number RF293 - so do stop by and say hello.
Full details of the weekend may be found here.  Happy hunting!

9/5/11  Clive Hamilton-Gould entered his much-campaigned Minor tourer in the VSCC's Northern Rally at the weekend.
Based in Lancashire, the navigation rally took in about 95 road miles.
and brought home a 2nd Class award with just 14 penalty points.  Well done once again Clive!
The photo above shows Clive's tourer alongside the winning Alvis of Potter and Hughes
which ended the rally with a clean sheet, so 7 is evidently a lucky number!
Clive reports that the new head gasket held up well, but that he had to drive "rather hard" on a couple of sections.
Knowing Clive's competitive motoring spirit, we think this may be a slight understatement...

9/5/11  Register member Martin Redmond (seen left above) has just returned from a little trip from Bedfordshire to
Vladivostok in this 1938 Morris 25.  The car is now on its way to Long Beach, California before being driven
across the USA to complete a round-the world trip.
Follow Martin's exploits here.

Ian Harris washing his 10/6 Cunard special on the VMR Cotswolds Scenic Tour last year

7/5/11  Member Ian Harris has been supplying Morris spares for many years and recently acquired the entire stock of
the late Harry Edwards' 'Yesterday's Components'.  By merging Harry's stock with his own, he has now been able to
produce a comprehensive catalogue of pre-war Morris Minor and M Type spares which may be downloaded here.
He will also be bringing his stall of Minor and M Type spares to our Summer Rally where he will set up shop
in the Prescott paddock.  Items ordered before the Rally may be picked up in person, and you will have chance to meet
a real gentleman!

4/5/11 The May Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today.  Six members' e-mail addresses bounced,
so if you think you should have received a copy but did not do so, please contact the Register.
A copy of the Newsletter has been placed in the Members' Area.

4/5/11  And today we are delighted to welcome David Hattam to the Register.  David has acquired this delightful 1931 5 cwt. van from
our old friends at Pioneer Automobiles. This is an extremely early SV van, having been registered in Bedfordshire on 21st May 1931.

2/5/11 Today we welcome Daryl Johnston of Christchurch, New Zealand to the Register.
Daryl is restoring this 1929 Minor (M15843) and is planning to build a Hundred Pound Minor body to replace the original saloon body
which disappeared long ago.  Daryl becomes member number 400 of the Vintage Minor Register.
Today we also welcome Ed Morrison of Paso Robles, California back to the Register with his 1930 saloon which he imported from New Zealand.

Robin Harcourt-Smith and his dashing CMS Special are now a LCES regulars.
(Photo:  Ian McFadyen)

29/4/11  It is time to get your entry in for the VSCC Light Car Section's Summer Navigational Rally and Tour – Sunday 26th June 2011.
This year's event will be based at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb (OS 138/721630).
The entry form and regs. may be downloaded here.  Let's have another strong Minor entry!

28/4/11  Today we welcome Mike Rose to the Register as member number 399 with his 1932 2-seater WP 1085,
pictured at our High Corner spring pub meet in the New Forest earlier this month.
Mike, who lives near Wimborne in Dorset has owned his Minor since 1964.
Although a 1932 model, WP 1085 was registered in Worcestershire on 7th December 1931.
Welcome Mike! (Photo:  Toby Sears)

28/4/11  What is possibly the most historic Morris Minor is for sale - the Skinner Triangle Special.
Developed from the £100/100mph/100mpg Morris Minor by the Skinner (SU ) family into the Hudson 4.2 litre straight-eight powered
unlimited Shelsey Special class record holder for 1937/8/9.  Further developed by Ted Lloyd Jones into its current form as one of the three Triangle specials.
Complete with twin rear wheels and earlier body.  See p175 in Bateman's Vintage Specials.  Large file of continuous history. Ready to compete.
Offers to Andrew Harding. akharding@tiscali.co.uk

27/4/11  And welcome to yet another new member today - Englishman Ian Samuel of Picton,
in the beautiful Prince Edward County of Ontario, Canada who is just about to take delivery
of this unique 1934 Maddox-bodied Minor from Ellingson Classic Cars.

27/4/11  And welcome also to Ian Harris who also joins the Register today.  Ian is a well-known Morris spares supplier
and has recently acquired the entire stock of the late Harry Edwards and Yesterday's Components.
Ian will have his spares stall at Pre-War Prescott in July and is seen here at the VMR Prescott BBQ last July.
(He's the one with the silver beard.  Well, the one with the silver beard and glasses!)
He is planning to bring gaskets, head studs, valves, springs, guides, timing chains, engine mountings, clutches, flexible couplings,
radiator mounts, fanbelts, kingpins, track rod ends, shackles, pins, ‘U’ bolts, seals, felts, ball/roller bearings, brake master cylinders,
brake cables, pulleys, wheel cylinders, rubber seals, flexible pipes, linings, exchange shoes, plugs, points,
reconditioned cut-outs, lighting/ignition switches, horns, trafficators, SU pumps – everything with a full guarantee.
If you are in need of spares, Ian may be contacted at 01462/456330 or by e-mail at ian@harris84.fsnet.co.uk,
or simply come along and meet him on the day.

27/4/11  We are delighted to extend a particularly warm welcome to John Hicks, stalwart of the Prescott Marshals Club,
who joins the Register today.  John has been a huge supporter of the Register and our Prescott Summer rallies.
Many years ago, John was gravely injured by a wayward modern hill climb car but to this day gives up his summer weekends
to support events such as ours.  Here he is seen on his famous, fascinating and highly entertaining lunchtime hill walk
which has become an unmissable feature of our visits to Prescott, and 2011 will be no exception.
No matter how many times you have been to Prescott, you are sure to learn something new from John.

26/4/11  Today we welcome Andy Gallacher of Carmarthenshire to the Register.  Andy doesn't have a Minor yet,
but is a true vintage enthusiast who is also interested in steam engines and vintage radios.
Welcome, Andy, and keep scanning our Cars For Sale adverts!

25/4/11  Today we welcome Terry Broomhall of Rochford, Essex to the Register with his very smart 1934 2-seater AYF 22 (SV41783).
Terry acquired this car from VMR member Simon Hyslop last year, and his advert for the car can still be viewed here.
Terry reports that he is nearing the end of some remedial work and perparing the car for the MoT.
Good luck Terry!

24/4/11  Today we received photographs from Belgium of the ex-Bev Hicks 1933 McEvoy Special being offered for sale (see 17/4 below).
In total there are 14 images depicting the meticulous restoration which can be fowarded to interested parties.
This truly historic Morris has been valued by Sotheby's at around 75,000 € (about £66,000),
but direct offers would be enteretained around 50,000 €.
It is possible that it will be auctioned in the UK.  Watch this space for further news.
Contact the Register if genuinely interested.

18/4/11  Today we extend a warm welcome to Neil and Jane Beck who become our first members in the in the Republic of South Africa.
Here is their 1919 M Type that they are about to start restoring. They are looking for drawings or patterns to build a 12/12 replica body.
If anyone can help, please contact the Register.

TJ 1876 at Beaulieu in the sixties when owned by Bev Hicks
Photo - John Hagger

17/4/11  Extremely important news in the Minor world this morning.  The ex-Bev Hicks 1933 McEvoy Special TJ 1876, which went to ground
back in the seventies after being exported to Germany, was rediscovered by the Register in Belgium last year.  News was received from the owner
this morning that the car is for sale, having become too old to drive.  This is one of the most important Minors in existence and every effort
is being made to repatriate this car to the UK.  Interested parties should contact the Register immediately for further details.

17/4/11  This 1930 OHC saloon (M23761) is currently being offered for sale at $NZ 7,000 in Nelson, New Zealand.
Contact the Register for further details.

17/4/11  John Nagle didn't complete his '34 tourer in time for our spring pub meet at the Hatchgate today, so brought it along on a trailer.

16/4/11  The Vintage Minor Register's Summer Rally and Pre-War Prescott is just three months today!
So it is time to make your plans and get your entry in - see the links at the top of this page.
Let's make the first rally of our second decade as a Register the biggest and best ever.

16/4/11  The new format, professionally-printed, all-colour Magazine M 137 about to be packed at VMR HQ this morning.
This landmark issue is the first to be published in our second decade as a Register.

15/4/11  Chris Arnott is looking for a vintage Minor tourer in at least reasonable condition for VSCC eventing.
If you can help, please contact Chris at c.arnott@blueyonder.co.uk

15/4/11  The ex-Jeremy Evans 1929 saloon remains for sale in Northern Ireland with Dave Carson,
who offers to deliver it to the Birkenhead ferry terminal for the buyer.
Road sorted and ready for the summer, full details of this interesting car may be found in Marketplace.

8/4/11  Our spring pub meets will take place next Sunday - 17th April at noon.
The Hatchgate at Bramshill, Berkshire, the Royal Oak at Barrington, Cambridgeshire,
and a beand new meet at the High Corner Inn, at Linwood in the New Forest.
Everyone welcome!

8/4/11  Hearty congratulations to Andrew Miles, aged 16, who has been working all winter
to re-commission his father's 1932 OHC Special Coupe which has been off the road for many years.
Today, the car passed its MoT and is now taxed and ready to go for the new motoring season.
Well done, Andrew!  That's the spirit!

7/4/11  Congratulations to new member Chris Garner who has acquired WE 9759 (see 25/3/11 below) from Ken Cox.
Chris has been searching for a good vintage Minor for many months and is delighted with his new mount.

5/4/11 The April Newsletter was distributed electrically today.  A copy may be found in the Members' Area.

29/3/11  Today we welcome Kartikeya Lunia of Jaipur, India to the Register.  Kartikeya recently acquired this 1930 tourer
which was first owned by the Royal Family of Ayodhya.  Last week, he fired up the engine and now the body is being removed
in perparation for a full restoration.  Many parts are needed, but in particular, a radiator cap, calormeter and wings are sought.
If you can help, please contact the Register.

Laura Hamilton-Gould on last year's LC Welsh

25/3/11  We have a strong team fielded in the VSCC Light Car Section’s Welsh this weekend:
Clive Hamilton-Gould (1930 tourer DG 325)
Wendy Cooksey (1930 Duple tourer GN 4524)
The Rolfes (1930 saloon UT 7156)
Pam Knight (1929 tourer WL 6501)
Colin Lee (1930 saloon CV 3487)
James Wheeler (1930 saloon UF 7090)
David Roscoe (1929 Semi-sports rep. GU 1342)
Sadly, Bill Piggott has engine issues with his 1929 fabric saloon and so will be marshaling with his Bristol 401.
All the very best for a super weekend, guys!

25/3/11  Up in Aberdeenshire, member Ken Cox is offering his 1930 Minor saloon WE 9758 (M29355, first registered 14/10/30) for sale.
He reports that he has been very pleased with it, and it has been his runabout this past 18 months,
but he has had another vehicle on his wish list since the late '70's, so it has to release some funds
along with his 1929 La Licorne and an American motor home.
The Minor is in excellent condition.  Contact Ken if interested.

25/3/11  Toby Sears has just sent his rare 1932 tourer to the coachbuilders to have a new ash frame made,
and is offering to co-ordinate additional frames, suitable for 1932 or 1933 season chassis if anyone is in need.
This represents an excellent opportunity to obtain a new ash frame of you are in need.  If so, contact Toby without delay.

3/3/11  The March Newsletter was distributed by e-mail today because the iBuilder website is experiencing difficulties.
The Newsletter is also viewable in the Members' Area.

1/3/11  The Pre-War Prescott website was launched today.  Click on the image above to enter the site.
The Vintage Minor Register is proud to host this exciting new motoring event
which will form the centrepiece of our Summer Rally.

1/3/11  Today we welcome Nigel Stroud of Chipping Norton to the Register.  Nigel acquired this very smart M Type
last year (2M/734, first registered 28/12/1929).  During the War, it was kept in London at the Royal Horse Artillery's
headquarters in St. Johns Wood and used by the officers for getting around London.
This is one of the early Oxford-build M Types with the 'suicide' doors and rod front brakes.
To date, Nigel has entered it in VMR Prescott 2010 and the Beggars Roost 100 ascents re-enactment last year.
Welcome to the Register, Nigel, and thanks to Colin Lee for the referral, and who will therefore
receive a £10 on his 2012 subs.

27/2/11  Dave Aston has passed on his tourer MM 9326 to a new custodian and past M Type owner not too far from Brooklands.
Here is it seen on the 2010 LCES Summer Rally near Rugely, Staffordshire and gracing the front cover of Peter McFadyen's
highly recomended book 'A Vintage Year - Vintage and Historic Motor Sport 2010'.
Dave reports, "This rally and VMR Prescott were the highlights of our 2010 vintage motoring season
and turned out to be a glorious swansong for our Minor ownership".

Bugatti Owners Club Prescott manager exercises Frank Ashley's M Type - VMR Prescott 2010.
(Image copyright Allan Rhodes, Track Car Photography.  Check out more of Allan's photos of VMR Prescott 2010 here.)

16/2/11  Today the VMR Summer Rally web page has been launched.  View it here, and download the Entry Form here.

16/2/11  26th/27th March is the date for the traditional VSCC Light Car Section’s Welsh Weekend.
The weekend will be based, as usual, at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells, from where the Section will
sally forth northwards to Llanidloes for a Tour (and fun and games) on the Saturday, and westwards for the Sporting Trial on the Sunday,
both offering light car-friendly entertainment for drivers and passengers alike.  In between the two, the Section’s unmissable Annual Dinner
will be held on the Saturday evening.  Colin Lee and Clive Hamilton-Gould thrashed the Sevens in 2010,
so let’s see if we can put up a really strong Minor contingent again this year.  Regs and entry form can be found here.
Entries close Friday 11th March.

16/2/11  The February Newsletter is being distributed today, and may also be found in the Members' Area.

15/2/11  Sadly, we must say farewell to another of our Honorary Members.  Richard Letts passed away 28th December aged 82.
Richard owned his 1930 Minor saloon OG 6216 (M30467) since 1948, and used to collect his spares from the works at Cowley!
His mother bought him the car when he was on National Service because he threatened to get a motorbike!
The car still carries its suppliers plate and was sold by Cirencester Garage when they were still on the High Street/Dyer Street,
and they serviced and MoT’d the car until the garage was taken over in recent times.
Richard's Daily Telegraph obituary may be found here.
Our sincere condolences go out to Jocelyn and the children.

4/2/11  Today we welcome Malcolm Jones to the Register with his 12/12 replica UW 3853 (2M/2016).
Malcolm lives in Herefordshire.

27/1/11 Due to circumstances beyond his control, Tommy Jardine has had to sell his Minor saloon LV 5437.
During his brief ownership, Tommy commissioned this delightful painting of his car, and is now offering it for sale.
Tommy tells us that the painting cost £150 but that he would take the best offer for it.
The registration number could easily changed by anybody interested in making a purchase.
Please contact Tommy in Scotland on 01555/770961 if interested.

25/1/11  Today we welcome Bruce Reay of Thatcham in Berkshire to the Register.
Bruce owns the well-known ex-Gren Strickland '34 2-seater, AYY 681 (SV45081)
as well as a '33 2-seater RV 2852 (SV35821).

24/1/11  As has become a tradition, the VMR has invited the Morris Register and the Bean Car Club
to our Hatchgate spring pub meet - Sunday 17th April.  John Nagle over at the Morris Register is co-ordinating lunch requests
so that tables can be pre-booked.  Find full details here, and please contact John if you think you might be hungry!

24/1/11  Welcome to new member Ray Campbell of Rollingstone, Queensland who recently acquired
this 1928 Minor roadster chassis MM 1226 from Ian Hancock.
The car is depicted here as it arrived for the inaugural Australian VMR Rally in 2005,
complete with plywood front wheels for Ute loading!

24/1/11  Dave Aston is reluctantly selling his 1930 tourer MM 9326 (chassis M12965).
The car is seen here at VMR Prescott 2010 with the family onboard.
View details here.

13/1/11 The Register's 2011 Calendar features a number of high quality images that have come to light over recent years.
It may be donwloaded in either A4 of 8.5" x 11' formats from the Members' Area.

10/1/11  Congratulations to Stuart Clark's daughter Tamsin and her husband Peter Coulson who tied the knot
on 29th December in County Durham.  They used Dad's 1930 Minor saloon WD 1430 as the Wedding car.
The front passenger seat was removed for Tamsin and her dress - Pete is over 6ft 2in tall and had to sit behind the drivers seat.
The 10 miles to the reception were very cosy and the Morris acted as a rolling road block on the A66 for a couple of miles!

10/1/11 The January Newsletter has just been launched into the ether
and an electric copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

VMR Prescott 2010 - left to right - Toby Sears and legs, Ian Grace, Ian Harris (Ken Martin photo)

8/1/11  And congratulation to Register member Ian Harris who has acquired all the stock from the late Harry Edwards' Yesterday's Components.
In due course the catalogues will be merged but transfer of parts between the premises may take a month or two.
All parts enquiries should now be made to Ian at 01462/456330 or via e-mail to ian@harris84.fsnet.co.uk.
Ian is located in Hitchin, Herts.

8/1/11  Congratulations to new members Ray and Viv Davies who took their recently-acquired 2-seater
for its first run on New Year''s Day.  It proved to be a trouble-free day.  A record of nearly 150 Edwardian, vintage,
pre-war and classic vehicles took part in the run from from Sturminster Newton to The Fox at Ansty on a cold but dry day.
Ronald Hogg also enjoyed the run in his 1929 tourer.

23/12/10  The December Newsletter has just been launched into the ether
and an electric copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

16/12/10  This 1933 season saloon BZ 2002 is being offered for sale near Ballymena in Northern Ireland.
Details here.

14/12/10  Something for your Christmas list?
This very smart 1932 2-seater is being offered for sale by
Ashted Classic Car Specialists in Kenilworth.  The subject of a complete restoration,
the car comes with a full history from new.  Asking price is £7,950.  View it here.

8/12/10  Congratulations once again to Clive Hamilton-Gould who won another First Class Award in the VSCC's Winter Driving Tests
at Bicester on 4th December under somewhat chilly conditions.  The results show that Clive was fastest in 10 of the 13 tests,
losing just 599 points to come first in the Touring Class and coming second only on the day to Edmund Burgess in his Brescia Bugatti,
a car well-known for agility in driving tests.  Andy King and Rachel Bolton-King (pictured above) entered their M Type
and won a Second (681 points) and Third (746 points) respectively, making this another excellent day for overhead camshafts.

7/12/10  Today we welcome Dr. Ross Spall who joins the Register with his ex-Ralph Marriott 1931 OHC Minor saloon (M34334).
Ralph was a Rolls Royce engineer and completely restored this car to a superb standard.  Ross has used the car regularly since 2007
and reports that it has been totally trouble free - a testament to Ralph's outstanding work.
The car was also present in Ralph's hands at our Inaugural Rally in 2001.

6/12/10  Member Barry Henderson is offering his very smart 1932 Minor 2-seater CG 884 for sale due to ill health.
This car has a fascinating history.  It was once owned by Roy Hogg - before he bought MT 3286.
CG 884 was owned dueing the war by a pilot at an RAF station and one day he went missing.
Everyone presumed he was missing in action.  The car was left laying about to camp.
Roy Hogg was posted to thew same camp at that time on National Service and started using the Minor.
One day the pilot returned - he wasn't missing in action but had been posted!
He saw that Roy was making good use of the car, so handed over the logbook and gave it to him!
Barry acquired the car in 1995 as not much more than a chassis and engine from a chap named Len who had stored it in London for about 20 years.
Len had moved to Hastings and was obviously not going to do anything with it so sold it to Barry, who still has some photos of the car pre-restoration.
He also has a large quantity of Minor spares which will go with the car (will not seperate).
Price £8,000.  If interested, please call Alister Reid on 0208/3936732.

4/12/10  Clive Hamilton-Gould's tourer tries to keep warm at the VSCC's Winter Driving Tests at St. George’s Barracks,
Bicester, Oxfordshire earlier today.  Clive reports: "Cold, but better than the previous week, not quite as slippery as it looks.
Many non-starters due to the snow overnight and during the last week in many parts of the country.
New venue in the Army base rather good, proper bar and canteen, etc."

3/12/10  This sound 1932 2-seater partly completed restoration project (SV8645) has become available in Connecticut, USA.
Asking price is $11,500.  Contact Gary Booker for further information.

30/11/10  This sound-looking 1930 saloon is being offered for sale in Portugal.
View it here.

"So, remind me again Vicar - which one is the accelerator pedal?"

29/11/10  Here's another Minor that doesn't seem to have survived - OW 1225 - registered in Southampton on New Year's Eve 1931.
Tim Dyke's father owned this car back in the fifties.  He was a keen amateur cine photographer and their Minor, 'Rosie'
starred in many of his masterpieces.  Here you see him in his habitual role of vicar, alongside a great family friend, during the course of one of his epics.
Unfortunately, some scenes in the films look as if Rosie was left-hand drive because Tim's father managed to get the film
the wrong way round after splicing, and Tim hadn't the heart to ask him to film it again.  After much searching in the attic,
Tim has managed to locate these priceless original cine films and transfer them to DVD, and copies are winging their way to VMR HQ.
Watch this space to find out when these historical gems will be coming to a silver screen near you!

Echoes from another time

A 1929 Minor tourer and a 1930 DH60M Gipsy Moth VT-ABL (c/n 1471) somewhere in India before the war.
Neither has survived ... as far as we know.

28/11/10  After a decade assiduously assembling the Chassis Register of surviving Minors and M Types,
we have initiated a register of all those Minors that have not survived.  Some 90,000 of our cars were made between 1928 and 1934,
but only around 1,200 are recorded (so far) as survivors.  With this new register, we will be attempting to record the onetime existence of
as many of those cars that probably have not survived as possible.  This new register may be found in the Members' Area and has been
started with 50 vehicles, together with links to images.  Clearly, we will never be able to record the identity of all 90,000 vehicles,
 but that should not discourage us from recording as many as we can.  Please help the Register assemble this important historical archive
by sending in details (and images where available) of any Minors or M Types that cannot be found on the chassis register of surviving cars.

Mike marshaling Laura and Clive Hamilton-Gould on our 2006 Navigation Rally

27/11/10 It is with deep regret that we have to report that Mike Hawke, VMR member and past MGCC Vice President,
passed away on Thursday evening at 8.00pm.  Mike never regained consciousness after a fall at the start of the week.
Mike’s family have made no funeral arrangements so far, but have said it will not be next week .
The family have requested privacy and have asked all messages be channeled through Kimber House.
They will let us know the arrangements, and as soon as we have them they will be posted here.
A condolence page will be posted on the MGCC website very soon.
In the meantime, please e-mail any messages to webmaster@mgcc.co.uk
Thanks to Ken Martin for passing on this news this morning.

26/11/10  Offered earlier in the month by Pioneer Automobiles, this neat 1932 2-seater (chassis SV8067) is being auctioned
by Brightwells Classic Vehicles on Wednesday December 1st in Leominster, Hereforedshire.

25/11/10  Hearty congratulations to Clive Hamilton-Gould who entered his standard 1930 tourer in the VSCC's Costwold Trial last weekend
(see 21/11/10 below).  Provisional results sho that Clive won a Third Class Award in the Standard SWB Class with a score of 266.
This is the first time Clive has won an award in a VSCC main club trial, having owned the car for 29 years!
He entered several main club trials when he first had the car, but gave up as the Minor did not have enough power to get of the line.
But since his daughter Laura had a go last year, and did well, Clive thought he should have another try this year.
And what a result for a standard light car!  Well done, Clive, and bouncer Dave Whittle.  This is a significant achievment.

23/11/10  These three Minors are currently being offered on eBay.  A 1933 2-seater, a 1932 saloon and a 1934 saloon.
We are particularly keen to see the '32 saloon WV 864 saved from the number plate merchants.

22/11/10  Magazine M 136 has been uploaded to the Members' Area of the website today
and hard copies will be posted to all members next week, along with the 2010 Yearbooks
for those who have ordered them.

22/11/10  Today we welcome Christian Brodersen from Denmark to the Register with his 1933 Minor 2-seater (SV27922).
Registered as X 377, this Minor was imported to Denmark immediately after the war, and Christian is the 5th owner in Denmark.
There is no doubt that the Danes really know how to restore cars, as this photo attests.
Welcome, Christian.

21/11/10  The Register's 2010 Yearbook will be published and shipped a week tomorrow - in time for a great Christmas read.
Included are some superb articles to mark our Tenth Anniversary, together with some outstanding contributions from members,
period articles and images.  Each copy comes with a CD containing all of the articles in full colour, a directory of all the images in full resolution,
plus plenty of bonus material.  Price is £12.  If you have not ordered your copy yet, contact the Register without delay.

21/11/10 It was a gloomy and muddy day in Gloucestershire yesterday for the VSCC's annual Cotswold Trial, centred on Prescott.
Clive Hamiton-Gould entered his 1930 tourer - bounced and encouraged by ex-tourer owner Dave Whittle,
and the Rolfes entered their saloon (two behind Clive above).  Clive ran out of power or traction on several hills,
but didn't make many mistakes.  He managed two out of three stop and restarts, which is an excellent performance for a Minor.
Well done, guys.

20/11/10  Today we welcome Tony Margel to the Register with his much-traveled 1932 M Type ST 6963 (2M3888).
Purchased at midnight after a night in the pub - cost £30.  When the car was delivered the next day,
Tony could see that he had been robbed - it was a wreck.  That was in 1967.
Since then it has been to New England (twice), Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany,
Scotland and Guernsey, and even to Lancashire.  It has a few mods.
Non-standard headlamps, D Type gearbox top, ali footboard from a Bradford Corporation bus,
and various bits of old X-ray machines.
Known as the Spokesman to many of our members for his wheel services
he can supply wheel rims and spoked for Minors and M Types.
Visit his website for further details.
Welcome, Tony.

Dave Aston on the startline at VMR Prescott earlier this year

18/11/10  Dave Aston still has his 1930 tourer for sale.  This is a very special car, having been totally rebuilt by Terry Dickie
and David Cooksey, with a brand new body and wings, Phoenix crank and rods and much, much more.
For further details on this superb vintage Minor, please contact the Register.

18/11/10  Today we welcome Keith Lawrance to the Register.  Keith is the owner of the modified saloon MJ 1285 (see 12/11/10 below).
After confirming with Gaydon that this is indeed a modified saloon, and not a coachbuilt special,
Keith has decided to keep the car and develop it into a proper Minor special.
He is currently looking for a replacement engine and radiator for the car.  If you can help, please contact the Register.

18/11/10  This rare 1933 Minor Special Coupé is currently being offered for sale by Peter Rodgers Car Sales in Huddersfield.
Asking price is £7,950.  Details here.

17/11/10  Originally advertised back in April, this Minor was first registereed 25th November
and is being offered for sale again over in Holland for £6,050.
Details here.

17/11/10  Today this very tidy 1933 saloon goes under the hammer at Bonham's sale of collectors' motor cars,
motorcycles and automobilia, at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate.  Full details here.
JJ 9069 was registered in London on 2nd March 1933 - the same place and the same day
as new member Richard Earlam's Minor 2-seater JJ 9085 - see 10/11/10 below.
How about a matching pair, Richard?!

17/11/10  As the year draws to a close, those VSCC members among us have one more opportunity to compete.
The club’s Winter Driving Tests will take place at St. George’s Barracks, Bicester, Oxon on 4th December.
2010 sees this well established event move to this new venue, whilst remaining under the experienced guidance of Malcolm Elder and his team.
This year, the tests have been designed with an emphasis on easy-to-follow instructions (so I am told!).
They will be on good surfaces, and spread over a vast area, mostly pleasant and sheltered,
so do arrive with full tanks as no fuel is available locally, (Bicester closest).  There will be full catering services
from full hot breakfasts to a good selection of lunch courses in the canteen, all at remarkably low cost.
There will also be full bar facilities, including a mobile bar to cater for those on far flung tests!
Let's see if we can put a really good vintage Minor contingent together for the day!

16/11/10  And welcome to Andrew Miles who also joins us today with his father's rare 1932 OHC Sports Coupé RT 8431 (M36296),
shown here alongside Eric Mouser's 1930 OHC saloon.  After laying in repose for some years, Andrew managed to fire the car up
over the weekend and posted the scene on YouTube.  Welcome, Andrew, and good luck with the rest of the recommissioning.

16/11/10  Today we extend a warm welcome to Peter Burt of Poole, Dorset who has just acquired this gorgeous black 1929 M Type (2M408).
(Note the rear-hinged doors and rod front brakes - features of the early Oxford-built M's)
The car was rebuilt 5 to 7 years ago and is still in sparkling condition.
Peter reports that his son will soon buy an OHC Minor.
Welcome, Peter and son, and congratulations on a great purchase.

15/11/10  The November issue of the Register's Newsletter was distributed today.  If you did not receive a copy via e-mail,
please let the Register know.  Also, a copy has been placed in the Members' Area as usual.

12/11/10  And by coincidence, this similar car has just become available.  Unlike the car below, this Minor was not modified
by Mulliners.  It certainly requires some fairly serious TLC, but will go to a caring new home for a very reasonable sum,
and considerably less than €12,500!  Contact the Register for more details if interested.

11/11/10  This interesting SV Minor is currently being offered for sale in Belgium.  The vendor reports that it was converted
from a coachbuilt saloon in 1935 by Mulliners.  Chassis SV15752, engine U15206.  Asking price is €12,500.
Contact Anton Deja for further details.

10/11/10  Welcome to Richard Earlam who joins us with his 1933 season Minor 2-seater JJ 9085 (SV26464).
This is the ex-Hon. Richard Buxton car that was once fitted with an Arnott supercharger,
and was auctioned by Richard last year, having been in his family since the war.
Richard (Earlham) works at Cardiff University and is currently recommissioning the Minor,
which has been off the road for many years.

5/11/10  Roger Bashford has put his 1929 tourer up for sale.  This represents an excellent opportunity to pick up
a very suitable car for VSCC Light Car Section eventing.  The price is a very reasonable £4,450.
This car was famously repatriated to England in 1954 aboard the Ark Royal.
Contact the Register for more information on this car's interesting history.
The car is located in Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, and Roger can be contacted on 01550/721196.

Ted with his beloved cars - the Red Bomb and Jane Austin (photo:  Annette Spiller)

4/11/10  Further to the report below (12/10/10), we are delighted to welcome the Rev. Ted Spiller's son Richard to the Register,
where he will take up his late father's membership number 337.  Both of Ted's cars will be kept and cherished by Richard.
Welcome, Richard!

29/10/10  New member Tony Eldridge has reported in on his 1934 saloon restoration.  Tony acquired the car in February.
He reports, "Its coachwork is decidedly shabby and the radiator grille is very non-original but I have a proper one for it.
So far the utterly worn out running gear has been put back to new condition and the previous owner conducted a top overhaul and bottom inspection.
I have now sourced the missing/wrong parts to complete it and have begun to deal with the bodywork.
There is much still to do until it is finally brought back to something like it was when it left Cowley in June 1934.
I am hoping that the project will be completed during 2012 at the latest.
The registration mark is ATO 441 should anyone have come across the car in the dim and distant past."
Keep up the good work, Tony.

31/10/10  Welcome to new Register member John Pallister who won this 1933 saloon on eBay today.
The car has been in dry storage for many years.  Looks like a great project, John!

28/10/10  Over in Northern Ireland, Paul Machaughton is offering his 1930 M Type project for sale.
He purchased the car a while ago, but now has a storage problem.
The engine is running and the cylinder head and dynamo were rebuilt by the previous owner.
The car goes with a correct pair of headlamps and four correct wings.
There is a UK logbook with the car and Paul is asking £4,500.
Contact Paul if interested.

27/10/10 Tony Gamble is making tremendous progress with his ex-Roy Hogg Semi-sports KJ 607 (M30499).
Here it is seen after delivery back from Garry Waiting yesterday.
Garry has been busy on it in the fabric and trim departments.
Looking great Tony!  Good work, Garry!

26/10/10  And congratulations to Terry Bouncer who has recently acquired this 1933 2-seater and joins the Register today.
Welcome Terry!  (This is a good time to join the Register, as new annual memberships from now will run to the end of 2011.
Download a Membership Form here.)

25/10/10  And congratulations to Ray and Viv Davies who have just acquired the ex-Brian Govier, ex-George Bryne 2-seater, OD 263.
Welcome to the Regsiter, Ray and Viv.

19/10/10   Congratulations to Bill Piggott who yesterday traveled to Cornwall and acquired the ex-Allan Jubb 1929 fabric saloon UR 4313 (M11438).
See also 28/9/10 below.  Bill is an enthusiastic VSCC and Light Car Section member, so expect to see this car very much
out and about next year.  Welcome to the Register, Bill.

1933 McEvoy Special TJ 1876 at a Morris 8 Tourer Club rally at Beaulieu in the early 1960's - photo John Hagger

18/10/10  The ex-Bev Hicks, ex-Tony Dunster 1933 McEvoy Model 70 TJ 1876 (SV31850) has as long last been traced.
This historic car was exported to Germany in the mid 1970's and subsequently went to ground.
It was believed to have passed to a new owner in Belgium around 1987.
The current owner has been traced in Belgium, and turns out to be the owner who acquired the car back in 1987.
Since then he has completely rebuilt ther car, and we await further news with great anticipation.
A fascinating article by Bev Hicks relating the tale of his ownership of this car
will appear in the 2010 Register Yearbook.

15/10/10  Congratulations to Bruce and Irene Davison who recently purchased this 1932 season saloon via eBay.
WV 215 (SV7384).  Unfortunately, the car is missing its sliding roof.  If anyone can help, please contact Bruce or Irene.

12/10/10  Orchid Cars is offering this 1929 fabric saloon (M 12504 - now paneled) which was recently
imported from new Zealand.   Details here.

12/10/10  Sadly, we must report the passing of another Register member - the Reverend Ted Spiller, who has died of kidney cancer.
Ted, who lived in Thirsk, Yorkshire, had been an early member of the Morris 8 Tourer Club back in the sixties
and had recently located and re-acquired the same Minor 2-seater that he had sold forty years ago.
He joined the Register in July last year.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ted's family.

10/10/10  Another great turnout under cloudless skies today at our autumn pub meet at the Hatchgate.
(Photo: John Nagle)

6/10/10  This 1932 (1933 season) 2-seater is to be auctioned by Richard Edmonds specialist auctioneer
at Castle Combe circuit, Wiltshire on Saturday 30th October.
OD 6730 (SV31417), first registered 23/8/32 and with a V5.
The estimate is £800 to 1,200.
View it here.

5/10/10  The October Newsletter was distributed today.  A copy may be found in the Members' Area.

5/10/10  A reminder that our autumn pub meets will take place on Sunday 10th October this year.
Details may be found here. All pre-war cars - Morris or otherwise - warmly invited.

4/10/10  One up for the Morris Minor!  Hearty congratulations to Colin Lee who successfully saw off competition from
no less than sixteen Austin Sevens at the VSCC's Light Car Section Driving Tests in the New Forest on Saturday 25th September.
Good job, Colin!

4/10/10  Update on the Thing from the Deep!  Simon Hodgins went along to the Wey and Arun canal last week to view the remains
of this Morris Minor (see report dated 24/9/10 below).  He reports: "A rather bent and twisted rotten chassis with block, crank, front housing,
front wing stays, shock absorbers and headlamp shells.  No head, sump, dynamo, starter, pistons, rods, flywheel, springs, axles or wheels.
Too rotten and corroded to read the chassis number or the engine number, the cast iron block was rotten
and turning to powder when wire brushed but we think there was a 9 in there."
The Wey and Arun Canal Trust has written up the find on their website - read about it here.
Interestingly, there are no roads anywhere near the find, but the canal does adjoin Dunsfold aerodrome at this point,
which was constructed by the Canadians in 1942.  So perhaps the Minor was dumped in the canal at the time of construction,
or at some other point during the war, or ealy post-war years.

30/9/10  Harry Edwards' funeral will be at Chelmsford large crematorium (off Writtle Road) at 2.00 p.m. on Monday 11th October.
Afterwards there will be a gathering at 'The Three Compasses', West Hanningfield.
 Flowers are welcome, but also/or donations to 'Wallace Kennels', for whom there will be a collection on the door.

28/9/10  The ex-Allen Jubb 1929 fabric saloon M11538 has turned up again in Cornwall.
It is being offered for sale by West Country Classics and can be viewed here.
West Country Classics is also offering a 1933 SV saloon (ALL 806, SV33413) for sale.  View it here.
A 1932 2-seater is also being offered for sale in Reading.  View it here.

24/9/10  The thing from the deep!  No, not a morning after photo from a VSCC trial.
Incredibly, what appears to be an OHC Minor has just been dredged up from the Wey and Arun Canal.
An attempt will be made to read the chassis number and identify the car.

24/9/10  Our autumn pub meets will take place on Sunday 10th October this year.
Details may be found here.  All pre-war cars - Morris or otherwise - warmly invited.

24/9/10  This 1933 season 2-seater (SV29435, first registered 1/1/33) is being offered for sale in France.
Details here.  Thanks to Mike Tebbett for the information.

21/9/10  The September Newsletter was distributed electrically today.  A copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

Harry Edwards (hands in pockets) in his element at a past Morris Register Rally
(Photo:  Ken Martin)

20/9/10  Sadly, we must report the passing of Harry Edwards, Morris Register historian, Honorary Member and
member number 3 of the VMR, universal focus of knowledge on all things Morris.
Harry died in hospital of surgical complications early yesterday morning after suffering for some time from bowel cancer - he was 81.
  An obituary will appear in the next Register Magazine, but for now, I am passing
on the thoughts and best wishes of all the Register to his family.  Details of funeral arrangements will be announced
as soon as they are known.

16/9/10  We have a copule of new members to welcome to the Register.  Paul Fraser-Bennison is hoping to aquire
this very sound looking 'barn find' 1932 saloon WV 864.
We also welcome Richard Mace, of Cawston, near Norwich who has recently purchased 1934 Minor saloon
DG 8657 (34/MS/42866) and is looking for help with his sliding roof - which doesn't.  Contact Richard if you think you can help him.

16/9/10  Goodness - how time flies!  Jayne and I have been totally consumed by events over the last few weeks - not least of which
was Amanda's Wedding which was held at Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands.  After the Wedding, many guests who attended
from all over the world seemed reluctant to go home!  So we have been, and are still entertaining until the end of next week.
In the coming days, I'll be picking up work on the next Magazine, the September Newsletter and completing the Yearbook.
With a further Magazine to publish before Christmas, any and all contributions by way of articles, restoration updates, etc. would be warmly received!

5/8/10  The August Newsletter was just launched into the ether and can also be found in the Members' Area.

28/7/10  Photos of our Summer Rally may be found here.
148 more superb photos taken by Allan Rhodes of Track Car Photography may be found here and can be ordered in a variety of colour formats.
Ordering details on the Forum under Events/VMR Tenth Anniversary Rally 2010.

27/7/10  What a fantastic weekend!  Undoubtedly the best VMR Rally to date - made so by the wonderful group of entrants.
Just got back to VMR HQ - more news anon.  In the meantime, hearty thanks to everyone involved!

27/7/10  Welcome to new member Dan Witcher who owns this very tidy 1932 2-seater KJ 9306 (SV22691).
Dan lives in Pulborough, West Sussex and acquired the car last year.

16/7/10  VMR Prescott - a week tomorrow!  In the last few days, I have had several owners ask if it is too late to enter.
Absolutely not!  Simply turn up on the day and pay at the gate.  Climb tickets will be available from the start line hut,
and there will be spare BBQ tickets available during the day if you would like to join in the evening social fun on the hill.
See you there!

15/7/10  We now have the VMR lunch menu for the Inn for All Seasons,
which will be our lunch stop on the Scenic Tour on Sunday 25th July.
Here it is.

10/7/10  Impatient to get Minor motoring in his saloon, Mike Houston has acquired the Semi-sports IA 9142.
The car has a long and fascinating history that Mike is now piecing together.
Much more on this car on the Forum.

9/7/10  With just two weeks to go to our Tenth Anniversary Summer Rally, we are all systems go!
It is NOT too late to enter - either e-mail the Register or simply turn up at Prescott on Saturday 24th July and pay at the gate!
The July Newsletter, just launched into the ether, has all the final details and can also be readhere.
I shall be flying over to Heathrow Thursday night next week and returning Monday morning.
See you all there!

3/7/10  Back in April we reported that Tommy Jardine had ended his search for a Minor saloon with the purchase of a 1934 model.
He has now got it running and taken it for its first road test.  He reports: "The road test was very good - it appears that the
old rusty exhaust contributed to bad running and I fitted a new distributor cap and leads plus a new coil.
The gearbox is also rattle-free after repairs to reverse selector.  It is now up to my brother to respray the car
as the paintwork is very poor.  This will be a long job as he strips everything down to bare metal."
Tommy is looking for a pair of half shafts, and here we see him in his Phillipines transport.

30/6/10  The Light Car Section of the VSCC held their Summer Rally last Sunday around the wilds of Staffordshire.
Here we see Dave Aston's tourer (currently for sale) alongside the Rolfe's saloon - the only two Minors to attend this year.
Dave reports: ":Just to prove I take my daughters out in the sunshine too ... my and Dave Rolfe's Minor at the VSCC LCES Summer Rally.
I drove my car from Tenbury, Worcestershire to the event near Rugeley, Staffordshire mostly on B roads.
We had a great party there Saturday night, with glorious weather all weekend.
Being kind to our kids, Dave and I had elected to do the tour rather than the competitive rally.
Hence we were able to really enjoy a very scenic 60 mile route on the Sunday, including two fun water splash fords.
Neither Minor missed a beat the whole weekend, a 200 mile round trip for us.
Shame there were only two Minors compared to the Austins which made up 50% of the entry.
Glad I haven't sold my Minor yet, I would have missed out on a fantastic event."

19/6/10  Welcome to new member Anthony Haddock of Worksop who has acquired Jen Lees' Minor US 2299 (see 2/2/10 below).
This car features in the new Longstone Tyres advertisement which will appear in the Yearbook.

11/6/10  The June Newsletter was distributed today and is also available in the Members' Area of the website.
Magazine M 135 has been posted worldwide and is also available in full colour in the Members' Area of the website.
The Register's 2010 Yearbook will be published at the end of June - order your copy here.

6/6/10  Believe it or not, a second extremely rare 1934 Minor 4-seater tourer has turned up in India.  Parth's 4-seater is already well-known
to Register members.  This one - chassis 34/MS/38026 - was spotted by Dave Aston, who reports:
"Here are some photos of a sidevalve Morris in Jodhpur, India.
I went there to rewire the Maharaja's Phantom II Rolls Royce.  As seems usual for Maharajas, they keep all the cars they ever bought,
and the Morris was on display as part of the Maharaja's collection at the Umaid Bahwan Palace, Jodhpur - where Liz Hurley was married,
I'm sure you will have that copy of "Hello!" magazine!"
So Parth, it looks like you have a very useful reference car not too far from you - but please ignore the front bumper, front wing brace,
headlamp stone guards and radiator mascot!

5/6/10  Three inches of snow, and the hood down - that's the vintage Minor spirit!
Dave Aston is regrettably selling his 1930 tourer.   This very capable and sorted car
is well-known in the VSCC, having been totally rebuilt with a new body, wings, etc. by Terry Dickie.
Dave reports that his daughters enjoy vintage motoring but don't travel light, so he needs a larger car.
(However, we think that they may have objecyed to being frozen to death!)
He is asking £10,000.  Those interested should call Dave on 07968/225262 without delay.

3/6/10  Magazine M 135 has now been uploaded to the Members' Area of the website.
Printed copies will be on their way to all members next Monday.

3/6/10  As reported (16/5/10) below, the MG Car Club's South West centre mounted an historic re-enactment of the 100 ascents
of the Beggar's Roost Trials Hill by an M Type MG in May 1930 last weekend.  Several VMR members were in attendance,
and three entered their M Types.  In all 8 M Types ascended the famous hill over the weekend.  This line-up was captured by Melvyn Tubb.
A full report on the weekend will appear in the Yearbook which will be published at the end of this month.
Download the Yearbook order form here if you have not yet ordered your copy.

27/5/10  Roger Baker is offering this very tidy 1934 Minor saloon for sale at £4,950.
More phots and a full description may be found here.

18/5/10 This Model 70 McEvoy Special Morris Minor has been languishing in an Ipswich engineering workshop since 1957.
Today it was finally removed from its lair and has been delivered to Walker Freight in Colnbrook
for onward shipping to VMR HQ in Seattle, where its arrival is eagerly anticipated.
The car was delivered by Robin Hunter, who did an outstanding job.

17/5/10  Mr C. Leeper is offering his award-winning 1933 season Minor 2-seater is being offered on the Internet at present.
 It is seen here at the Vintage and Classic Car Show at Hebden Bridge on the Vintage Weekend on 3rd August 2008.
First registereed 31/12/1932.  Asking price is £9,000.
View it here.

16/5/10  The MG Car Club (SW Centre) will promote an Historic Re-enactment of the 100 ascents of the Beggars Roost Trials Hill
by this MG M Type in May 1930.  The 80 year commemoration is to take place at Barbrook, near Lynton, North Devon
on 29 May 2010 between 2-4 pm and on 30 May 2010 between 10-12 am.
The aim is to make 50 non-stop climbs of the hill on each day.
During the time each car is making its ascents its engine must continue to run without stopping.
Details and the entry form may be downloaded here.
We understand there are about 12 cars entered.

15/5/10  Over in Japan, our member Kenji Matsuoka attended Meet the MG 2010 at
Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor earlier today (Japan is 16 hours ahead of VMR HQ!).
41 MGs, including  one M-type (Kenki's), three J2s and one P Special (Q replica).
Kenji reports that this spring it is colder than usual in Japan, but it was beautiful on the day,
and many people came to see old MGs.

14/5/10  The May Newsletter has just been launched.  A copy may also be found in the Members' Area.

14/5/10  Don't forget that the Register will have a club stand at Spring Beaulieu this weekend (look out for the banner!).
Stall number R293 (red field, bottom half towards the Thomas Cook bank).
Stop by and sday hello to Toby.

7/5/10  In New South Wales, Ian Hancock is offering his 1928 Minor roadster for sale.
Chassis mumber MM1226, chassis laid down 14/12/1928.  Au$12,500 firm.
Contact Ian for details.

Laura and Clive Hamilton-Gould and friends.  LCES Summer Rally 2004. (Photo Phil Jones)

6/5/10  The VSCC's Light Car and Edwardian Section has just released the Regs and Entry form for their 2010 Summer Rally,
to take place in Stafordshire over the weekend of Sunday 27th June.  Download here.

6/2/10  Not a Minor, but member Kenji Matsuoka's new toy over in Japan.  Kenji reports
that the beginning of May is a short holiday week in Japan, so he has spent
several days with the car, a 1933 Austin Seven.  The driver here is Hiro Nishio,
and the young boy standing next to the car is restoring a Nippy.

Below is Kenji with his other car (ex-WH 2424, 2M886).
This car was fully rebuilt by David Cooksey in Wokingham 1988/89.

2/5/10  This 1932 Minor OJ 772 (SV17683) is currently being offered on eBay.  View it here.
Thanks to Mike Tebbett for spotting this one.

1/5/10  John Nagle is making rapid progress with the restoration of his 1934 2-seater OW 4224,
which he hopes will be ready for our Summer Rally in July.
It is seen here with the newly-restored body ready for paint.

(Photo: Ken Martin)

(Photo: Toby Sears)

(Photo: Brian Maeers)

25/4/10  Our spring pub meets were very well attended today.
The upper photo shows the Hatchgate meet - with about 20 attendees including five vintage Minors and an M Type.
We were joined by the Bean Car Club and the Morris Register.
The middle photo shows the attendees at the Hurstbourne Tarrant meet including Ronald Hogg with his 1929 tourer,
and a big smile that may have something to do with the car's recent engine overhaul.
The pint sitting on the bonnet was spotted at our Peatling Magna meet, where 21 people in 9 Minors
and other vintage cars followed the pub meet with driving tests at Brian and Heidi Maeers' farm
Up hill, reverse, then around the pond and back down.  FTD went to Tom Walker in 1931 Minor 2-seater TM 8687 ('Agnes')
with a time of exactly one minute.  Second was a Frazer Nash (1.02), third was a Lea Francis (1.04),
fourth was Agnes driven by Brian (1.05).  More photos of this meet here.
All in all, a great day was had by all.

24/4/10  A reminder that we are holding our spring pub meets this Sunday, starting at noon.
Find all the details here.   Everyone is welcome.


16/4/10  Down in Dorset, member Hugh Knott is sadly having to sell his 1932 Minor OW 1920 (SV18463) due to immobility.
OW was featured in a Practical Motorist article in August 1981 entitled 'Cars Worth Keeping' when in the ownership of Ken Ford.
Hugh reports, "I have known the car since 1972 when I went with Ken to help push it to his home when he purchased it.
Ken had known it since the Second World War, after which it was owned by Horace Lane of Wareham."
Contact Hugh if interested.

15/4/10  We are delighted to welcome back Col Schiller in Toowoomba, Australia as a Register member.
Col left in 2002 when he sold M11421 to the late Lawrie Buckand (where is it now?).
Recently, Col acquired Y581 with this fascinating roadster bodywork which exactly matches that
on new member Brian Jeffery's car (M9722 - see  20/8/09 below).
Happily, Brian and Col are now in contact.
Since leaving the Register in 2002, Col has been bitten by the MG bug and now owns
an MG 14/40, an MG 18/80, an MG M Type, an MG J1 and an MG SA.
That must have been quite a bite, Col!

13/4/10  The April Newsletter was published today and is also available in the Members' Area.

13/4/10  Tommy Jardine joined the Register last month as he was searching for a Minor saloon.
He has now acquired this delightfully original example - congratulations Tommy!

12/4/10  In Queensland, Australia, Gary Schulze is offering his 1931 OHC tourer for sale.
This car just won the best early Minor at the Morris Register of Australia's National Rally.
Details in Marketplace.

11/4/10  This original 1934 saloon has just come on the market.
"Very original condition, untouched car, reconditioned brake master cylinder and pipes.
Has been in storage for 30 years, very good original paint work and bodywork, original interior with sunroof, engine runs."
Located in Hampshire.  View it here.

10/4/10  A rare and gorgeous Minor.  Sarah Gibson's 1932 McEvoy captured recently and looking resplendent in Spain.
Thanks for the great photos, Sarah.  More in the next Magazine.

8/4/10  Four VMR members supported the Morris Register of Australia's 17th National Rally at Goondiwindi,
about 200 miles south of Brisbane over the Easter weekend.  Shown here are (l to r)
Ted Pavitt's 1929 roadster, Max Dawkins' 1929 Buckboard, Gary Schulze's 1931 OHC tourer and Ewan Lambess' 1929 tourer.
There will be a full report on the weekend in the next Register Magazine.  Photo courtesy of Ewan Lambess.

7/4/10  And this 1931 2-seater is also for sale in Cheshire - view it here
or contact Richard on 07043/228880 for further details.

7/4/10  This 1931 SV Minor is currently being offered for sale by Peter Dolley.
Chassis SV2955, engine U3586A.  Peter acquired it in 1990 and restored it over 3 years.  Little used since then.
Internal trim and external paintwork in excellent condition.  Current MoT.
£5,500 ono.  Garaged near Sevenoaks, Kent.  Contact Peter at 01732/870888.

31/3/10  Hot news!  Clive Hamilton-Gould has won the Llwynbarried Trophy at the 2010 VSCC LCES 'Welsh'
with his 1930 Morris Minor tourer.  The Llwynbarried Trophy is the premier award for the weekend,
for the best overall performance across the weekend to include the Touring Assembly
on Saturday and the Sporting Trial on Sunday.
Well done Clive!

25/3/10  Today we welcome Les Beardmore to the Register.
Les is restoring this Hundred Pound Minor (MU 3272, chassis SV2693) for his boss,
and doing a wonderful job. This is what he started with.  Les is on the lookout for a replacement radiator -
please contact the Register if you think you can help.
(Les's boss also owns a 1930 Semi-sports (EC 9689, M30077) which he has owned for about 40 years
and was his first car.  Les will be working his magic on this car once the SV 2-seater is completed.)

24/3/10  We are delighted to report that, at long last, the 'time capsule' 1931 fabric saloon LG 6677 (sadly now BF 4527)
has been acquired by true enthusiast Dereck Hardiman in Southport who joins the Register today.
Dereck and his wife also own  a Top Hat Austin 7 and are doing everything possible to
reunite the car with its original registration number.

23/3/10  We have added a fourth pub to our spring pub meet calendar - the George and Dragon in Hurstbourne Tarrant
near Andover, Hampshire.  Sunday 25th April at noon.  An appropriate venue since this is not only ther FBHVC's Drive It Day,
but also St. George's Day falls two days earlier!  All welcome - members or otherwise.
Details of this and our other spring pub meets may be found here.

17/3/10  And another on eBay - view it here.

12/3/10  This 1932 season 2-seater is currently being offered on eBay.
Location is Cardigan, South Wales.
View it here.

10/3/10  The March Newsletter was distributed today and can also be downloaded from the Members' Area of the website.

8/3/10  This 1932 season saloon is currently being offered on eBay.  Located in Morpeth.
View it here.

7/3/10  At long last, spring is just around the corner, and the start of the summer motoring season.
So time to get the car out, crank it up and get it ready for the open road once again.
We have three Spring Pub Meets organized so far, with at least one more to come.
Find all the details here.

7/3/10  Last summer, the Register held an online Midsummer Auction which was highly successful.
The highlight of the auction was this rare 1932 four-seater 'barn find' which found a good home.
So this year, we will hold another Midsummer Auction of cars, spares and automobilia.
Please send in details (with reserve and photo if possible) to the Register.
(Here you can view last year's auction.)

6/3/10  This 1934 saloon has surfaced in New Zealand where it is being offered for sale.
View it here. Thanks to John McDonald and Peter Field for spotting this one.

4/3/10  This 1933 2-seater is being offered by dealer D. W. Mathewson up in North Yorkshire.
View it here.

4/3/10  Our very special Tenth Anniversary Yearbook will be published in June.
To reserve your copy, download the order form here.

2/3/10  Talking of M Types, here is one currently for sale in the Dordogne, France.

2/3/10  Young VSCC member Rachel King is looking for an M Type in which to compete in standard class VSCC trials and driving tests.
She is looking for a car in in any state (from a pile of bits upwards) but ready to go and classed as standard would be good too!
Contact via the Register if you think you can help.

  2/3/10 As reported 19/1/10 below, Les Heward owns this very tidy Minor saloon
and reported that, prior to his ownership, it had previously been stored in a skip.
For those restorers in need of a little encoragement, here is what Les started with.

1/3/10  Over in Northern Ireland, Peter Mann has his 1933 Minor 2-seater (chassis SV31597) for sale once again.
Last summer, after advertising the car, it suffered a bent rod, broken piston and scored cylinder liner.
Paul is therefore looking for a realistic offer for the car in its current state.
E-mail Peter if interested.  See the current advertisement here.
For those looking for somewhat more of a restoration challenge,
find the remains of a 1933 saloon on eBay.

25/2/10  The 1929 tourer seen above and offered for sale below (7/2/10) is now being offered on eBay.
View it here.

25/2/10  Member Simon Hyslop up in Dumfries is offering his 1934 2-seater AYF 22 (SV41783) for sale.
View it here.

23/2/20  Today we welcome Simon Candlin of Bath to the Register.  Having recently sold his early twenties Austin 12,
Simon is looking for a sound OHC Minor tourer to campaign in VSCC Light Car Section events.  Offers of help via the Register please.
Simon also owns this 1927 Humber 14/40.

23/2/10  Jeremy Evans over in Aberaeron is offering his 1929 M Type LJ 455 for sale (2M/617, engine MG481, first registered 4th October 1929).
Jeremy reports: "the car is now on the road (MoT etc.) and running in. I have done about 120 miles so it is getting a bit happier now.
I am looking for £17k o.n.o.  It is standard mechanically, early engine, early cam, 3 speed gearbox, transmission handbrake, rod/cable brakes
but with new Bob Hudson brake drums (cast in one piece in good old iron so no belling out on braking).
It is fully rebuilt - everything that needed doing has been done, although I did not make a terribly good job of painting the bonnet!
 It has its original (transferable) Bournemouth number, it has the later dashand as I did not have any wings
I have fitted cycle types.  The front ones turn with the steering.  No windscreen I am afraid."
Contact Jeremy for further details.

22/2/10  The February Newsletter is now available in the Members' Area.
If you are a member, and did not receive your copy via e-mail, please contact the Register.

20/2/10  The VSCC's Light Car Section will once again be holding their Welsh Weekend March 27th/28th.
Since this is the Register's Tenth Anniversary year, let's see if we can get a bumper entry together.
Regs and entry form can be downloaded here.

18/2/10  Today the number of SV Minors recorded in the chassis register reached 400.  This is nowhere near the likely total survivors,
but is something of a milestone for the chassis register.  Of these 400, 190 chassis numbers are recorded,
and these numbers are increasing at a good clip.
For comparison, we have 412 OHC Minors recorded, for which we have 319 chassis numbers.
For the M Types, we have 341 examples recorded, for which we have 286 chassis numbers.
If you can provide any of the missing chassis numbers or provide information on cars not currently listed
on the chassis register, (which may be found in the Members' Area), please contact the Register.

18/2/10  Today we welcome Tommy Jardine from southern Scotland to the Register. He is looking for a 1931 to 1933 SV saloon,
in restored condition, preferably in black, and preferably within a reasonable distance of his home in southern Scotland.
Contact Tommy if you can help.

17/2/10  Jen Lees' Minor 2-seater sold today at auction for £5,280 (see news item for 2/2/10 below)
Auction results may be found here.

17/2/10  Sadly, we must report the passing of member Les Simpson of Sheffield.  Les was an early member of the Register
and owned this CMS Supersports replica, based on 1929 chassis M6671.  Happily, Les's son Richard has taken custodianship,
is joining us, and will inherit his father's membership number 76.  Les rebuilt the car when Richard was 12 years old.
Welcome, Richard.

16/2/10  We extend a warm welcome to Rasmus Larsen of Oelgod, Denmark who joins the Register today
with this very smart Hundred Pound Minor, Z 9489, chassis SV1918.

15/2/10  Here's a mouth-watering collection of MMM MG's,
including an M Type Sportman's Coupe (CM/1973) and 2-seater GK 489 (2M/2125).
However, you may be surprised at the location - the Kawaguchiko Motor Museum in Japan.
Thanks to Kenji Matsuoka for forwarding this image and thanks to Hiro Nishio for
forwarding data on nine known M Types in Japan for the chassis register
which can be found in the Members' Area.

14/2/10  This Aberdeen-registered 1933 season Minor 2-seater has just been listed on eBay.
Only two owners from new and it has been off the road for forty years.
But it looks like it could be recommissioned with a clean and a service.
The car is located in Woodbridge, Suffolk.  View it here.  And many more photos here.

12/2/10  Update to the recent sale of the ex-Olive Willats fabric saloon KR 5670, reported 5/2/10 below.
The car is for sale again - view it here.

8/2/10  Today we welcome Derrick Gück to the Register.  Derrick lives in Florida and has three Morrises in the UK -
a 1931 Minor tourer, a 1937 Morris 8 tourer and a 1923 Bullnose.

8/2/10  Yes, this ghostly apparition is a Morris Minor!  Owned by Eduard Delgado in Barcelona, and currently under deep restoration.
1934 saloon, chassis 34/MS/42892 and registered BU-2252 in Spain.

7/2/10  Mark and Debbie Borman survey the dismantled Hundred Pound Minor (chassis SV 2277) belonging to Debbie's father,
who acquired it in the seventies from the Harrah Collection in the USA.  A complete restoration is about to commence in their
home town of Monroe, Washington - about 12 miles from VMR HQ!

7/2/10  As spring approaches, it seems that several Minors are coming on to the market, including the ex-Tony Gamble 1929 OHC tourer
SV 9091 (originally Bath-Registered as FB 8045), chassis M12591.  The original engine, U12700 has also been replaced by an earlier unit U2079C.
Auctioned by Bonhams in 2001, it had been in the previous ownership for forty years, when it was acquired from Clearwaters Garage in Salisbury in December 1966.
Tony sold this car to Kevin Mitchell, in Banstead, Surrey in 2008, but circumstances dictate that Kevin must now pass it on again.
Tony reports: "It is pretty well complete (minus exhaust system , from memory), but really needs a complete new body as the ash frame
has the dreaded "worm" in several places and the bodywork has rusted at the bottom of the doors.
It has, however, been completely retrimmed, and the seats and interior are quite good.  A new body would make it a reasonably good car.
The engine does run (or did run) but I don't know how sound it is."
Kevin is looking for offers on £3,750 .  His mobile number is 07957/288125 and his home number is 01737/350321.
Hurry - this car will go quickly!

6/2/10  And another saloon has come on the market - the ex- Rob Lawrance 1930 OHC saloon (M26625)
which was purchased in 2002 by a number plate dealer who stripped the car of its original number (BR 8362).
The car has been  fitted with a SV engine for many years, replacing the original OHC unit U27147.
First registered 22nd July 1930.  Find the full details here.  This is a trade sale.

6/2/10  This very smart and original December 1931 Minor was offered for sale by House of Carriages in July last year,
and is being offered again by Dorset Vintage Car Auctions at their sale on Thursday 25th March.

5/2/10  Today we welcome two new members to the Register.
Richard Parker has joined the Register with the remains of three Minors - two OHC and a SV.
One of the OHC Minors is 1930 saloon VE 2782 (M20663).  Richard doesn't have any paperwork for this chassis,
but the Register was delighted to be able to provide Richard with the original brown logbook for this car!
The full and fascinating story of this, and Richard's other two cars will be included in M 135.
Our second new member today is Tony Eldridge who has recently acquired a 1934 saloon in need of restoration.
The car was last on the road in 1986 and was acquired from an elderly friend.
Thanks also to Chris Moorhouse for referring Tony, which means that Chris will receive a £10 discount on his Register subs.
Welcome both!

5/2/10  Many members will be aware of the late Olive Willats' fabric saloon, seen here in Italy on the FIAME Rally Della Laguna in 1964.
After being offered for sale for some considerable time, this famous car has now found a new home.
Read more about Olive and her car here.

2/2/10  Jen Lees is passing on her tidy and well-sorted 1933 Minor 2-seater, seen here climbing Prescott on the 2005 VMR Summer Rally.
The car, chassis SV26862, was first registered 10/7/33 and is being auctioned by H&H at The Pavilion Gardens, Derbyshire on 17th February.
Details here or contact the Register for more information.

31/1/10  Member Dave Manning is passing on his 1930 saloon restoration.
HX 7747, chassis M31567, engine 32370, first registered 31/12/30.
Find it here on eBay.

22/1/10  Bruce Murray is making excellent progress with his 1929 tourer (M11171) in Dunedin, New Zealand.
This car has a long and fascinating history which will be detailed in the upcoming 2010 Register Yearbook.

20/1/10  We have been able to arrange with the Bugatti Trust for them to open their museum for us at Prescott on the Saturday of our Summer Rally.
The museum is definitely a 'must-see' for those who may not have visited it before.
Entrance will be completely free for Rally entrants and their guests.

19/1/10  Welcome to new member Les Heward of Sheffield who owns 1933 saloon VE 8450 (SV27846).
Les tells us that be bought the car in pieces in the late 1980's - it had apparently been stored in a skip!
The ash frame was totally rotten, so was replaced, and the car was MoT'd in 1993 but has been little used since.
However, Les hopes to get it back on the road this year.  Les also owns the remains of a 1934 2-seater and a Morris 10/6 Special.
Welcome aboard Les!

18/1/10  Does anyone know the current whereabouts of this 1930 OHC Minor?  This was David Biles' first car, and he would like to trace it.
It IS still registered with DVLA.  The car was first registered in London on 19th June 1930 by Stuart & Ardern.
It is parked outside Maria Grey College, now part of Brunel University, and was registered to someone in Acton, London W3 until about 1962.
David then owned it from 1963 to 1965 in Ruislip, Middlesex and then sold it to someone in Northwood, Middlesex.
The picture shows a delightful example of a typical sixties student hack with all the usual modifications - Magna wheels, lost front bumper,
ex-WD head and sidelamps, SV radiator cap, Sparton horn sportily relocated up front, and the obligatory bald tyre!
Otherwise, the old girl has fared very well compared to the great majority of her contemporaries.
David reports that the car was great fun for him 45 years ago.  Can anyone say what state is she in today?

18/1/10  For those undertaking brake rebuilds in the near future, the Register is contemplating having another batch of brake parts made,
including the SV brake pulley gear shown above.  If you have a current or possible future need for kingpins, brake cables or pulley gear
for either an OHC or SV Minor, please contact the Register to discuss.

 15/1/10 Malcolm Elder and son Mark in Oxfordshire have this very smart 1934 2-seater for sale for £7,750. Chassis SV40171.

13/1/10  The restoration of 1930 tourer VA 9714 (M23264) is well advanced in the capable hands of Walter Watson up in Lanarkshire.
Walter sold this car to Edwin Farrall in September 2008, but re-acquired it last April, since when the restoration has continued apace.
M23264 will soon join a very small number of surviving 1930 season tourers on the road.
By 1930, demand for saloons was far outstripping demand for open models.

12/1/10  The VSCC's Light Car Section will once again be holding their Welsh Weekend March 27th/28th.
Regs and entry form can be downloaded here.

9/1/10  And by contrast, here is Trevor Wilkinson's 2-seater taking an airing earlier today in Bedfordshire.

9/1/10  New Year's Day at the Hatchgate.  This is the Bean Car Club meet, to which we were invited.
Mike Jones reports:
"Sadly no VMR cars there except for those in BCC too, but in the prevailing cold it would have been quite a long way for them.
The only Minor there was the Cookseys', seen entering left, in the shot of most of the other cars there.
That and my 12/50 and the Cowley on the right are all sporting radiator muffs!  Alan Wheeler came by Cowley (second from left).
I thought his Minor saloon would be the car of choice for the cold, and Pam Knight with friend Max in his 1970s Merc (boo!)
I gather their Minor fell foul of MOT tester for worn shackle pins/bushes.
If I'd known the weather was going to be sunny all day I'd have made the effort to go Minor - and avoided the hassle
of the 12/50's headlights trying to take the day off when I set off for home from our tea-stop!"

6/1/10  If you were planing to be at Brooklands for the VSCC's New Year Driving Tests and film show,
please be advised that this event has been postponed due to the prevailing weather conditions.
The VSCC has announced:
"Brooklands Film Show and New Year Driving Tests - 9/10 January 06
After careful consideration, it has been decided to reschedule these two events for 6/7 February.
Tickets issued for the film show will be valid for Saturday 6 February at the same time.
Anybody who is unable to attend on this revised date is asked to contact Ann Watson at Brooklands Museum
after Monday 11 January on 01932/857381 Ext 244.
Similarly, all tickets and passes issued for the Driving Tests will be valid for Sunday 7 February with the event timetable remaining unaltered.
If you are unable to take part on this revised date, please contact the VSCC Competitions Department."

6/1/10  Has anyone seen this Minor?  The son of a past owner is searching for it.  Last heard of around 1980.
Please contact the Register if you have any information.

4/1/10  The January 2010 Newsletter was launched into the ether today.  A copy has also been placed in the Members' Area of the website.
If you do not receive the Newsletters but would like to, please contact the Register.

2/1/10  It was a glorious day in the New Forest yesterday when Toby Sears captured this image of his saloon
on his return from the VSCC New Year's Day meet at the White Buck Inn, at Burley, Hampshire.

2/1/10  As we enter our tenth anniversary year, it may be of interest to members who have joined since then
to read the very first VMR Magazine from the year 2000.
Download it here.

1/1/10  With the start of our tenth anniversay year, what better time to join the Vintage Minor Register!
If you own a pre-war OHC or SV Morris Minor, or an M Type MG, and are not yet a Register member,
please consider joining over 200 other owners worldwide and becoming part of the Chassis Register.
Simply download the 2010 membership form here.

1/1/10  Mike Stubbings (6' 2") is instructed how to fit into a Minor 2-seater by Alister Reid at Brooklands earlier today.
Great day, great vintage turnout - cold but sunny - the perfect way to start the New Year!
Thanks for the great photo, Mike.

29/12/09  Today we welcome Kenneth Cox of Huntly, Aberdeenshire to the Register.  Kenneth has recently acquired
1930 saloon WE 9758 (M29355) from Dennis Wilson.  This saloon will join another 1930 saloon in Huntly - KR 958 owned by the Frendraught Estate.

22/12/09  As we approach the end of another splendid vintage motoring year,
it is only fair to recognize some of those who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the wheels of the Register turning smoothly.
Today, therefore, we would like to honour the following for their undaunted loyalty and support throughout the past year:

Subscription Rate Advisors   Illgott and Gaines
Subscription Refund Administrator   Imelda Czech
Chief Accountant   Candace B. Rittenoff
Complaint Line Operator   Levon Hold
Sexual Harassment Counselor   Natasha Diaz
Morris Minor Back Seat Testers   Wilma Butfit and Fitz Matush
Back Seat Drivers  Veronica Lizzioncourse and Mischa Turnov
Member Care Representative   Kurt Reply
Fleet Manager   Lisa Carr
Transportation Coordinator   Orson Buggy
Assistant Chassis Registrar   Megan Model
Magazine Humorist   Nadia Geddit
Tyre Technologist   Yessir Issaflat
Summer Rally Entry Forecaster   Luigi Bord
Summer Rally Jazz Band Leader   Sasha Noyes

Stop by for more staff credits in the coming days.

22/12/09  With the UK in the grip of blizzards, here's a seasonal shot of the editorial 1929 fabric saloon in Germany
about ten years ago, and now owned by Tom Dixon.

17/12/09  The Members' Area now contains a full set of the original pre-war Morris service sheets for the Minor.
Grateful thanks to Sam Christie for providing these.

17/12/09  New member Peter Rowley's 2-seater turns out to be a saloon!  Originally registered WD 4182 in Warwickshire in 1932,
and with chassis number SV935, this is an early SV saloon.  Peter has owned the car for over thirty years and brought it to the States
eleven years ago.  Now retired, Peter is picking up the pace of the rebuild.  WD 4182 joins a number of other saloons
currently under restoration.  And Peter's membership bring to ten the number of US Register members.

16/12/09  Congratulations once again to Clive Hamilton-Gould who gained a Second Class Award
in the VSCC's winter driving tests at Westcott on Saturday 5th December.  Clive reports:
"It is a pity that no other Minors were entered as they are so nimble, only the brain struggles to keep up!
They are complex tests - only the winner in my class did not get a test wrong.
My car had more mud on it than after the Cotswold Rally!"
So, is any other Minor or M Type entered in the New Year Driving Tests at Brooklands on Sunday 10th January?

16/12/09 Today we extend a warm welcome to new member Peter Rowley, of LaGrange, Georgia, USA who is restoring a 1931 Minor 2-seater.
Peter's daughter Debbie has just purchased membership for him as a Birthday gift.
We look forward to talking to Peter and learning details about his Minor.

14/12/09  By popular request, a virtual pub meet has been opened for a third year on our forum for Christmas and the New Year.
Pop in for a pint and a chat with other members from around the world!

14/12/09  The December Newsletter was distributed today.  A copy may be found in the Members' Area.
If you did not receive your copy - please contact the Register.

8/12/09  Very little news at present, which is not surprising, given the season.
However, we have been invited to join the Bean Car Club at the Hatchgate, Bramshill for lunch on New Year's Day.
The BCC are regular supporters of out spring and autumn Hatchgate meets,
so this is an opportunity to reciprocate.
Contact the Register if interested in attending.

17/11/09  Up in Lancashire, Les Beardmore is making rapid progress on his boss's Hundred Pound Minor MU 3272 (SV2693).
This was the car that was rescued along with many other cars in parlous state from a field in Norfolk and
auctioned earlier this year by Keys.  Here is what Les started with and here is the car as found.
And here is the Daily Mail story of the discovery and auction.

11/11/09  The November Newsletter was distributed today and is also downloadable from the Members' Area.
If you are a member and did not receive a copy by e-mail, please let the Register know.

11/11/09  Hereford Vintage Auctions has these items on offer at their How Caple auction on 25th November.
Full auction details here.  We are happy to support HVA, as they are also strong supporters of the Register.
Thanks to Simon Hodgins for this snippet.

10/11/09  The Richard Buxton 2-seater JJ 9085 (see below) sold for £3,600 plus 15% commission.

3/11/09  New Zealand members Neville and Val Wilson are offering to co-ordinate with any members from New Zealand or Australia
who would like to visit the UK next August to attend the Register's Tenth Anniversary Rally.
Neville and Val may be contacted at (+64) 6/8340967 or via e-mail at neval.wilson@xtra.co.nz

3/11/09  Member Richard Buxton is reluctantly auctioning his 1933 Minor 2-seater JJ 9085 (chassis SV26464, engine 26069)
through Charterhouse Auctions this Sunday at their Bristol Classic Car Show auction at the Royal Bath and West showground.
The car has been in Richard's family since the War and comes with an Arnott supercharger which was once fitted to this car.
View the catalogue entry here (lot 291).

31/10/09  Today we welcome John Wheeley to the Register.  John lives in Great Yarmouth and is looking for
a Hundred Pound Minor two-seater similar to the one above that was just sold by Miller's Garage in Newbury.
If you have such a device surplus to requirements, please give John a call on 01692/670294 .

17/10/09  And this rare Cowley-bodied 1933 2-seater is being offered by dealer David Ekberg in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia,
where everything is upside down and SV Minors are far more rare than their vintage precursors.
Chassis SV29421, engine 30168.  More details here.  Thanks to Ewan Lambess for spotting this one.

15/10/09  This 1933 saloon is currently on offer over in Holland.
Original UK registration was AXU 976, chassis SV33231.  The chassis and coachwork have been fully restored,
including new leather, but the interior needs some completing.  Details here. Price €11,500.  info@potomacmotors.nl

13/10/09  Hearty congratulations to Clive Hamilton-Gould and Paul Rogers for achieving a Second on the VSCC Welsh Rally
last weekend, dropping only 8 points on the day - great job guys!

12/10/09  It was a day that favoured saloons at the Hatchgate yesterday, but the turnout was excellent,
 including this lineup, plus a brace of MMM MGs and a rare Calshott Special OHC Minor.
(Photo: John Nagle)

9/10/09  Just how we like to find them.  Joe Barnett's father pondering his discovery in the sixties.
His son Joe who recently joined the Register is now completing the restoration that his late father started.
We wish him good luck and many miles of happy motoring.

9/10/09  Congratulations to Mike Jones for his fifty years of membership of the Vintage Sports-Car Club.
Among other cars, Mike campaigns a 1930 Minor Semi-sports and is seen here accepting the coveted Roy Hogg Trophy
at our 2004 Summer Rally having just won the trophy in our navigation rally.  Mike is also a stalwart of the Bean Car Club,
for whom he is the magazine editor, and is working tirelessly to encourage BCC members to join us at Prescott in 2010.
Mike is member number nine of the VMR, so is also coming up on ten years membership of our own esteemed club.

7/10/09  With Christmas just around the corner, my company is already gearing up for Secret Santa gifts, socials and more,
which made me think about the VMR.  Living so far from England, I always like to receive Christmas cards from my old car friends,
particularly ones depicting old cars!

So here’s an idea which might be worthwhile and may well lead to new friendships.  Why not check out the Members’ List
and pick, say, ten members - perhaps ones that you don’t necessarily know, and possibly some that live far away around the globe,
and add them to your Christmas card list.  You might like to include a brief note and a few details/photo of your car(s)
and family along with some seasonal best wishes to them and their families.  Perhaps you could pick members
with cars identical to yours in year and type.  You might also look for members who do not have e-mail addresses,
and so have more tenuous communications with the Register.  You might also consider the Honorary Members,
all of whom have given far more to our sport than they have taken.  I would be happy to provide suggested addresses
if you don't want to plough through the Members' List yourself.

As for the holidays themselves, is there any interest in local Christmas dinners anywhere, or New Year's Day meets,
or even a Boxing Night Informal?!  If so, I will co-ordinate as best I can.

6/10/09  Our Barrington pub meet on Sunday was very well attended.  Apart from regulars,
Hugh Barnes brought several of his Austin Seven friends, and Keith Herkes from the EMGS
brought along his MG 18/80. It was also good to see Michael Taylor and his vintage Austin 12.
Two more meets this coming Sunday - the Hatchgate, Bramshill, Hampshire and
the Four Horseshoes, Thornham Magna, Suffolk.
(Photo Keith Herkes)

6/10/09  Today we welcome Chris Warman to the Register.  Chris is looking for
a vintage Minor restoration project. Chris lives in Dinas Powys, near Cardiff.

1/10/09 Today we welcome Joseph Barnett of Great Barr, Birmingham to the Register
with his 1934 Minor 2-seater.  Joseph becomes member number 345.

1/10/09  The October Newsletter is now downloadable from the Members' Area.

30/9/09  Does anyone own up to building this very clever Minor saloon?  Find ithere.

30/9/09  Barry Whitehead of Ratby, Leicestershire is parting with his 1933 Family 8 project - ANO 252 (MML8/32603).
Find it on eBay here.  Ends 6th October.  Or contact Barry directly.

30/9/09  Declarations of Interest are arriving for our Tenth Anniversary weekend at Prescott next August.
The latest to arrive in the post is from Annabelle Swain - daughter of Barbara Skinner and Honorary Member of the Register.
Annabelle has entered her 1929 Australian-bodied roadster which she brought back with her when she repatriated in 2005.
Her son is working hard to recommission the car in time for the Rally.

30/9/09  Today we welcome Peter Cowdrey to the Register with his Oxford-registered 1933 Minor 2-seater JO 6062 (SV24045).
Peter lives in North Fambridge near Chelmsford and has owned this car since 1973.

29/9/09  Member and M Type owner Hugh Barnes is commissioning a batch of M Type bonnet and front apron catches.
They will come as shown, finished in bright nickel or chrome to choice.  Please contact Hugh directly if you have an interest.
He is looking to place a firm order for production by Friday 16th October with delivery hopefully 2 - 3 weeks after that.
The cost will be £45 each plus P&P.

29/9/09  Robin Clifford is selling his 1933 Minor chassis SV31272 (engine 40580) on eBay.  Find it here.
The chassis includes a valuable 4-speed box - itself probably worth more than the current bid of £175.

27/9/09  Welcome to two new members this weekend.  Geoffrey Colquitt has joined us with his
ex-David Whittle 1929 tourer WE 6554.  Geoffrey is a VSCC member so we hope to see the continued presence
of this fine early tourer in Light Car and other events.  Wally McCormack also joins us with his M Type 2M/1094, PG 6768.

24/9/09  The password for the Members' Area of the website was reset today - to that provided with the last Magazine.
If in any doubt, please contact the Register.

24/9/09  Welcome to new member Peter Smith of Aylesbury.  Peter acquired his 1930 M Type, MG 770 (2M/1918) from his brother
last August and has spent the last year returning it to roadworthiness.  The final remaining task is to refit the reconditioned dynamo,
so we hope to see the car out and about again shortly.  It was last on the road in 2000, having previously been rebuilt
between 1984 and 1989 by Peter's brother.

21/9/09  The VSCC held their traditional and ever-popular driving tests at Madresfield yesterday,
and Francis Sanders entered his late father's Minor in his first ever competitive event.
Clive Hamilton-Gould reports:  "We sorted Francis Sanders' Minor which is now going very well and he followed me to Madresfield
where he did his first competition in the car.  He was doing well but could not see much going backwards!
No results yet but he must be best Minor if he does not win an award.  No others entered.

21/9/09  After the house move, VMR HQ is up and running again.
All went smoothly and e-mails/forum posts are being answered as fast as possible.

11/9/09  A quick update from VMR HQ, which will be moving tomorrow to 13416 Kellogg Lake Road, Sultan, WA 98294, USA.
                     The pre-move chaos is the reason for not posting much news lately - we shall be off internet from tomorrow until next Wednesday
           when we shall (hopefully) be back up with satellite internet (no cable up in the mountains).  Very quickly, this weekend will see our first Rally in Holland -
             Halbe Tjepkema has worked hard to organize - we have three Minors traveling today from the UK.  Also, it is the Beaulieu Autojumble this weekend,
       and many members will be attending.  Hunt down Toby Sears, who will be flying the VMR flag on stall at R327/328 - he'd be delighted to meet other members.
    There WILL be an autumn pub meet at the Cock Inn, Peatling Magna, Leicestershire, hosted by Brian Maeers. 18th October.  This meet needs your support!  Please
      come along if at all possible.  Everyone should have received their M133 Magazines and Yearbooks by now - thanks to Bev Hicks and Ewan Lambess for forwarding
         well over 200 envelopes.  I have also finally found time to post various spares to various members - so if you are expecting parts, they are on their way now!
         Finally, included with M 133 were Declaration of Interest forms for our 10th Anniversary Rally next year - please return these ASAP so that we can gauge
                interest and make plans.  So far interest has been strong, and we have just hears that the Wolseley Hornet Special Club will be joining us.
Signing off until later next week.

27/8/09  Meet the Grey Ghost - RB 6600.  The gent on the right, sitting on the passeneger door, took his driving test
in this car shortly after the War.  Yes, there are six people in the car - but is it an OHC tourer or a 1932 chassis?
Answers on the back of a ten bob note please.  The gent on the right is Clifford Wright and he is still very much
with us and excited to tell the story of his beloved Minor which will appear in the next Yearbook.

26/8/09  This Hundred Pound Minor is currently for sale by Millers Garage in Newbury for £5,995.
Details here.

22/8/09  And the first new member to take advantage of the half subs for the rest of 2009 is Mick Bennie,
whose smart red Australian Minor appears below.  Welcome Mick!

21/8/09  A reminder that anyone joining the Register between now and the end of the year will only pay half of the annual subscription.
Also, existing members who refer new members receive a ten Pound discount for every new member they refer.
Indeed, one of our members is actually ten Pounds in profit for the year so far!
Download the Membership Form here.

21/8/09  And still they turn up - in Australia.  M3953 has recently been acquired by Mick Bennie of Epping,
Victoria from Ken Smith in Pambula, NSW.  The car dates from March 1929 and was originally
one of a batch of eleven export chassis.

20/8/09  Over in Northern Ireland, Peter Mann has his 1933 Minor 2-seater (chassis SV31597) for sale.
Unfortunately, since placing the advert on the internet,
the car has suffered a bent rod, broken piston and scored cylinder liner.
Paul is therefore looking for a realistic offer for the car in its current state.
E-mail Peter if interested.

18/8/09  And still they turn up - particularly in Australia, where M9722 has just surfaced.

17/8/09  In New South Wales, Ewan Lambess is making progress with his recently-acquired chassis of Y329 - see news item for 13th June below.
The chassis, which came in two halves, has now been welded back together again!

16/8/09  Debbie and Mark Borman finally exhumed their Hundred Pound Minor from its lair above their spray shop in Redmond, Seattle, yesterday.
The car had been gathering spray dust for twenty six years, so required a good air blast before loading up and hauling back to their home workshop.
The car's history is fascinating, having been acquired by Debbie's father in 1984.  Prior to that it formed part of the standby stock of the Harrah Collection
which was sold in 1978.  Harrah acquired the car from a private owner in New York, but the history prior to that was unknown - until yesterday.
Among the parts were the original British number plates - OU 8760, confirming that the car was first registered in the spring of 1931 in Hampshire.
Further research is now under way to see if we can discover some of its English past, and a full restoration will now commence.

Black Bess climbs Kop Hill in 1925

14/8/09  The Register has been invited to a commemorative climb of Kop Hill over the weekend of 26th/27th September.
Kop Hill, near Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire, was a speed hill climb for motorcycles and motorcars between 1910 and 1925.
The Register is planning to attend on Saturday 26th - members may either take part in the commemorative run or simply to spectate.
If you would like to enter, then we recommend you send in your entry as soon as possible as numbers are limited.
Full details and an entry form may be found here.  If you intend to attend in any capacity, please let the Register know,
so that we may co-ordinate lunch which will be at the Peacock at Henton.

14/8/09  The August Newsletter is now available in the Members' Area.

12/9/09  Peter Widdison took his SV Family 8 along to the Crich Tramway Village's 1940's weekend
last weekend.

11/8/09  The Register received the folowing this morning.  Please feel free to respond to Pam, and offer a suitable donation in return.

"My name is Pam Brew, I am part of the comittee of my local scout group.
An elderly local man has donated some bits and bobs including:
An undated operators manual for the Morris Ten Four and Twelve Four
A 1942 Operation Manual for an Morris Ambulance
A handbook for the Morris Oxford series 3
A 1941 Morris 10 hp Light Utility car illustrated list of spare parts along with some lubrication diagrams for Morris Oxfords series 1 and 2
These are not in great condition so no use to a book collector, I just wondered if any of your members or enthusiasts would find them useful?
 My e-mail address is pbrew935@btinternet.com"

9/8/09  The Morris Register held their annual Summer Rally at Thoresby Hall this weekend.
Tony Gamble visited yesterday and took these photos.
These three Minors were present - long wheelbase models outnumbering the single SWB car
and no vintage examples present!

6/8/09  Declarations of interest are now being gathered for our Tenth Anniversary Prescott event, and may be downloaded here.
Please return your form as soon as possible so that numbers can be assessed and planning made accordingly.

4/8/09  There is major news regarding our 2010 Summer Rally which will mark the tenth anniversary of the Register.
In addition to the traditional Navigation Rally/Scenic Tour and social events, we will be returning for a third time to Prescott
for a Vintage Garden Party and day of untimed climbs of the hill – the previous two occasions being in 2003 and 2005.
Saturday 24th July has been booked with the Bugatti Owners Club and we were very lucky to be able to secure the last
of 30 days for 2010 that the club is permitted to use the hill for noise reasons.  Of course, the cost of the hill and associated costs
of insurance, etc. have risen substantially since 2005 and so the following strategy regarding entries is being adopted.
Provisional declarations of intent will be sought between now and the end of 2009.  If a threshold number of provisional entries are received,
then the deposit to the BOC will be paid by the due date of 31st December.  If not, then the hill booking will be cancelled.
As in 2003 and 2005, several other clubs are being invited to join us on the day – most notably the VSCC, MGCC, EMGS and MSG.
A provisional booking form will be available shortly.  So dip your finger in engine oil and write 24/7/10 on the garage wall!

3/8/09  And we would also like to extend an equally warm welcome to Caz Lester of Stoke Prior, Leominster who joins the Register
today with his Oxford-registered 1934 saloon UD 5962 (SV33436).

3/8/09  We extend a very warm welcome to Anne and Richard Bryant who joins the Register with their fascinating 1932 Minor van.

2/8/09  Congratulations to Toby Sears who annexed the Roy Hogg Trophy at our Summer Rally yesterday - by just half a point!
The weather was wet on Saturday, but all were cheerful - and there were no official protests!
The buffet dinner on Saturday nightat the gardeners Arms also went off well, and the landlady remarked
to me what a lovely group of people we were.  She must have confused us with another party.
In other weekend news, Paul Rogers had an 'off' at Prescott on Friday in his 30-98 when he ran into the tyre wall
and deranged the front axle fairly comprehensively.  Thankfully, Paul is OK, and rumours that Michael Schumacher
will be standing in for him are being officially denied.

26/7/09  Gordon Smiths' mother and grandmother.  The huge load of luggage perhaps explains why the engine is being coooled!
With acknowledgement to Gordon's grandfather, Chief Yeoman of Signals George Smith RN, who was the photographer.
More on this car and the family in M 134.

22/7/09  Dave Whittle may be selling the ex-Philip Knight, ex-John Peckham, ex-Paul Harris 1929 tourer,
chassis M9738, engine 9630, first registered 10/10/29, rebuilt 1976.
Update - David has now sold the car to a VSCC member - more details anon!

Flashback to the 2002 VMR Summer Rally - eight vintage Minors await the start

20/7/09  Just under two weeks to our Summer Rally.  Tickets have been posted to entrants - all except the
VSCC Prescott tickets which will be distributed by hand on the Saturday of the Rally.

19/7/09  Ted Spiller (see 9/7/09 below) took his Minor 'The Red Bomb'
to Newby Hall yesterday and won fourth prize agaist some far more illlustrious vintage mounts.
Well done, Ted!

13/7/09  Less than three weeks until our Summer Rally!
If you have not yet entered, but wish to do so, please e-mail your intentions without delay
so that tickets can be purchased and catering number finalized.

9/7/09  Today we are delighted to extend a very warm welcome to the Reverend Ted Spiller
who joins the Register with is modifed 1931 Hundred Pound Minor 2-seater.
Ted, who lives in Thirsk in North Yorkshire owned this car back in the sixties
and recently rediscoverd and re-acquired it.
Here it is seen at Otterington Hall in June.

1/7/09  The electric newsletter for July was launched into the ether this evening and is also available for download in the Members' Area.

29/6/09  Congratulations to Laura Hamilton-Gould and navigator Clive for achieving only one of two First Class awards in yesterday's
VSCC Light Car Section's Summer Rally.  Other entrants were Robin Harcourt-Smith in his CMS Special, and Brian Maeers
also entered the Touring Assembly on one of his tourers.
The full results may be viewed here.
Photos here.

29/6/09  By pure coincidence, the ex-George Bryne Hundred Pound Minor featured
on the front cover of M 133 (below) is to be auctioned on 19th July by Charterhouse Auctions in Dorset.
Here is the link.

28/6/09  Magazine M 133 is now available for download in the Members' Area.
Printed copies will be on their way to members shortly.

28/6/09  Today we welcome M Type owner Garry Waiting to the Register.

23/6/09  We heard today via Chris Lambert from a John Richardson who lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
He has a friend, the Reverend Ted Spiller who owns a 1932 two seater.
John says that Ted doesn't have long to live as he has kidney cancer
and wants to attend the VMR Summer Rally in his car.
BUT his car is missing a hood frame and the purpose of the contact from John Richardson
was to establish if we could help find one or provide him with a set of drawings.
He would then make up a frame for Ted (John is a retired coachbuilder) prior to the Rally.
So, can anyone help with a detailed drawing or even better - could an original frame
be borrowed temporarily to use as a pattern?  Or even better still,
has anyone got a spare frame and/or sidescreens?
If so, please contact the Register immediately.  Thanks in advance.

22/6/09  We extend a warm welcome to Bruce Sharman of Western Australia who joins the Register
as he is about to acquire the remains of three OHC Minors in his locality.
All three were previously unknown to the Register - two were export chassis, and the third was a saloon.
Also in the haul is an Australian roadster body.  We look forward to learning more once Bruce has
recovered these these cars.

21/6/09  Our online Midsummer Auction concluded successfully this evening.
In particular, congratulations to Toby Sears for successfully bidding on the 1932 tourer!
Sincere thanks to all who offered lots and to those who bidded for them.
Sellers and winning bidders will be contacted shortly by e-mail
with instructions for concluding their transactions.
Thanks again everyone.

15/6/09  The Register received this invitation today from the MG Car Club:

The Gold Cup Center's Summer Concours d'Elegance
Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire - Sunday 16th August

The Chairman and Committee would like to invite the Vintage Minor Register to take part in this annual event
in the delightful grounds of the Petworth Hotel; and we have arranged for "After the Break" to play for us on the terrace overlooking the cars.
We do hope that you will be able to accept this invitation on behalf of your members,and ask you to publicize it in your Club magazine.
A copy of the invite and entry form are enclosed, and further copies are available here.
It would be appreciated if you would confirm your Club's acceptance of this invitation by 17th July.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Hewson
Competitions Secretary & Secretary of the Meeting

Mike is a longtime VMR member, owning the ex-Captain McCloud MG Q Type-engined Morris Minor fabric saloon.
So let's see if we can give Mike and the MGCC some support - right?
Please let the Register know if you intend to enter.

13/6/09  Congratulations to Ewan Lambess of Lochinvar, New South Wales, who has just returned from a 1,900-mile
round trip to collect a 1929 Minor project, chassis Y329 - one of only 14 known surviving
Y-chassis Australian export Minors in captivity.  The car will join Y581 - Ewan's other Minor.

12/6/09  Today we welcome Melvyn Tubb of Sutcombe in Devon to the Register. Melvyn owns a very special Hundred Pound Minor.
He bought the car for fifteen Pounds in the mid sixties and rebuilt it himself.  It was used as his only car until about the early seventies.
Unfortunately, it has been unused since and since then its condition has deteriorated markedly.
However, Melvyn has recently been fired with enthusiasm and, as he is now retired and has more time on his hands,
and has started to rebuild her again.  Welscome Melvyn and we look forward to helping you with the rebuild.

11/6/09  A reminder to get your Summer Rally entry form in as soon as possible so that a host of planning issues can be completed
including catering numbers, group tickets, etc.
Download the entry form here.

11/6/09  Four more lots have been added to the Midsummer Auction today, and more are in the pipeline.
If you have any items to sell, simply e-mail details to the Register.

10/6/09 The June Newsletter is now downloadable in pdf format from the Members' Area.
Any member who has an e-mail address and who has NOT already received an e-mailed copy, please contact the Regsiter.

10/6/09  Today we warmly welcome Nigel Hawkins to the Register.  Nigel recently acquired this 1929 coachbuilt saloon, M12504
that was recently been imported from New Zealand.  It was offered for sale there in February as part of an estate clearance
and imported by Andrew Booth at Orchid Cars.  Now it lives a starting handle's throw from Ken Martin.
The car is interesting, in that it appears to have originated as a fabric saloon and has subsequently been paneled.
The production of coachbuilt saloons commenced in September 1929 with chassis M12739,
so this lends weight to the argument.  The Genome also confirms that M12504 was bodied
at Cowley - not in New Zealand.


20/11/06  New member Martin Croston is sadly having to sell his recently-acquired 1934 Minor AXV 51
in advance of a relocation to Turkey.  In lovely condition and ready to go.  MoT to 30/8/07, taxed to May 07.
Being offered first to VMR members.  If not sold after four weeks it will be offered on eBay.
Martin paid £5,000 at the beginning of the year and is looking for offers in that region.
Chassis 34/MS/40739, engine U41339.  Contact Martin if interested.

20/11/06  There are two Minors currently on offer on eBay.  Links to them can be found in the new Forum.
The Forum will be used to make eBay announcements in future, as any member can place an alert
for cars, spares, automobilia, etc. at any time.  If you spot anything of interest, let everyone know!

19/11/06 We have a Forum again!  Visit it here to register!
(To register, you will need to define a new username and password for yourself - these
are NOT the same as for the Members' Area.  Look for the 'Register' tick at top right.
Then agree to the terms, and fill in your details.
Once registered, use this username and password to access the Forum in future.)

18/11/06  The Strickland Sidevalve archive is now available once more in the Members' Area.
Other areas of the Member's Area will be back up shortly, now that we have more webspace.

16/11/06  We have ONE set of kingpins and brake pulley gear left!  If you want it, e-mail immediately.
Sets should be ready for shipping next week.

14/11/06  Today we welcome Martin White to the Register with his Australian-bodied Minor.
This car has recently been liberated from a museum where it has resided for thirty years.
Martin lives in Kyabram, about two hours north of Melbourne.
Martin also owns a 1926 Singer and a 1938 500 c.c Ariel Red Hunter (see above).
Welcome aboard, Martin!

12/11/06  The Members' Area now contains listings of SV Minors and M Type MGs owned by Register members.
These two lists are in the early stages of development, so if you own a SV Minor or an M Type,
please check the listing and let the Register know of any inaccuracies or omissions, of which
there are bound to be many.  As part of our winter membership drive, the Register is encouraging
membership from SV Minor and M Type owners and to that end, current Register members may claim a £5-00 discount
on their next subscription for every new member they introduce.  The membership form can be downloaded here.

12/11/06  We hear that the weather conditions on the VSCC Lakeland Trial this weekend were the worst in living memory,
with driving hail and near arctic conditions on the fearsome Drumhouse.  Daniel Redmond had a good day, while
father Martin slightly less so due to slipped timing.  More reports, and hopefully some photos expected shortly.

8/11/06  Today we welcome another new member to the Register- David Mould with his 1930 M Type.
David, who lives in Chichester, West Sussex reports that he found this car as a complete wreck, having been dismantled fifty
years before in order to make a special (this was 1947).  In 1950, the previous owner left his wife who would not let him have the car back,
so it stayed in a locked garage until 1999 when he rescued it.  The garage was a 'time warp', not having been opened for half a Century.
Eight months later, TM 7924 was back on the road.

8/11/06  Simon Hodgins is researching the possible batch manufacture of DS4 distributlr cap spring clips.
Anyone interested in a pair, please contact the Register.

4/11/06  Today we welcome Dave Aston to the Register.  Dave recently bought the ex-Terry Dickie,
ex-Christine Barnett tourer MM9326.  Welcome aboard, Dave.

31/10/06  As many of you will know, the restoration of Semi-sports LJ 4435 'The Bed-Pan' is progressing day and night
and nearing completion after thirteen years of work in three countries.  The plan is to ship the car
to Dave Cooksey in England next spring who will complete the hood, upholstery and the pin beading on the body.
There will then be a very special reunion during our Summer Rally of the car with two wonderful ladies, now in their eighties,
who learned to drive on this car before the war.  These ladies are Jean Woodroffe and Mary Seymour,
the two surviving daughters of Captain Angus Hambro who owned the stately home of Milton Abbey
in Dorset before the war and who is buried in the Abbey (see photo below).  This reunion promises to be a
high-profile affair with media coverage and several other members of the Hambro family in attendance.
The cost of shipping the car to the UK and the Garden Party at Milton Abbey will be considerable,
and I am therefore looking for support in the form of sponsorship to help cover some of the cost.
If your company would like to sponsor this unique reunion and the Rally,
please contact the Register for further details.

30/10/06  This 1930 chrome radiator is currently being offered on eBay.
Location, West Sussex.  View it here.

30/10/06  Five sets of calormeter wings spoken for so far.
However, we will need a good, original pair of wings to borrow to cast from.
Does anyone have a good pair we could borrow to cast from?
M 125 should be with most of you by now.  The Oz/NZ Magazines have arrived with Alex
who has posted them on.  Now the race is on to get M 126 out before Christmas - an input?
Please send all contributions without delay!

27/10/06  The Register is considering casting a batch of feathered calormeter wings for the OHC Minor.
The cost of these wings should be very much less than from other sources, most of which have sold out.
Anyone interested, please contact the Register for further details.  SV wings could also be cast if sufficient interest.

27/10/06  Today we welcome Alister Reid from Surrey to the Register with his extremely tidy1933 SV Minor 289 UXG.
Welcome aboard Alister!

24/10/06  We extend a warm welcome to Rob Constant in Cornwall who joins us with his M Type project.
Rob runs Cornwall Classic Car Hire, which is highly recommended by several VMR members.

15/10/06  This original and unrestored 1931 'Hundred Pound' Minor 2-seater is currently being offered on eBay.
Location, Freshwater, Isle of Wight.  First registration date claimed as 1/1/31.  We don't think so.
Bidding closes Thursday.  Bid for it here.
(Chassis number confirmed as SV871 - manufactured May/June 1931)

10/10/06  Magazine M 125 - our Silver Issue - shipped from Grand Rapids today.
M 126 is scheduled for shipping in time for Christmas.

9/10/06  Hearty congratulations to Clive Hamilton-Gould, navigated by Annabel Jones,
 who were joint winners of the VSCC Welsh Rally over the weekend, dropping just ONE point
along the route!  Clive's tourer performed flawlessly as usual.

7/9/06  Brian and Wendy Fidler are offering their very smart 1931 Minor saloon KJ 1664 (M34411)
for sale through Gavin McGuire.

6/10/06  We wish good luck to our members competing in the VSCC Welsh Trial this weekend.
Martin Redmond and his son are entering both their Semi-sports trials specials, David Whittle is
entering his 1929 tourer, and Paul Rogers will be piloting Annabel Jones' a Ford Model A.
Jeremy Evans will be marshaling, as the engine in his saloon is currently under rebuild.

6/10/06  Just how we like to find them.  This tourer has surfaced in the Azores and is
owned by Jorge Pacheco who was given the car by his father-in-law.
Jorge was born in Tracy, California but moved to the Azores when only 9 months.
He plans a complete rebuild and will need a lot of help from us!

5/10/06  Advance notice that the spring pub meets are scheduled for Sunday 22nd April to coincide with Drive-It Day.
More details nearer the time.

29/9/06  This Lucas festoon interior lamp, correct for the OHC Minor, is currently being offered on eBay.
Bid for it here.  But hurry, bidding closes tomorrow night.  Location is Calgary, Alberta.

28/9/06  A final reminder that our Peatling Magna and Thriplow Autumn Pub Meets will take place THIS SUNDAY, 1st October.
Full details and directions here.  Please support these meets to help maintain their viability.

27/9/06  There was a frantic bidding war for the 1932 SV Minor 2-seater (see below) on eBay this evening,
which saw the hammer fall at a resounding $7,800.
We have asked the vendor to put us in touch with the new owner.

27/9/06  Two vintage Minors took part in the Bean Car Club's run to Cornwall last weekend -
those of Wendy Cooksey and Pam Knight.

27/9/06 Still on the subject of batches.
Eric Mouser is trying to co-ordinate a batch of the proper brown/black blotch Karhyde (Rexine) material
originally used on Morris car interiors.  Martrim in Cheshire have taken an original sample and can get a 500m roll made to pattern
to sell at £10.00/metre.  If orders for 200m could be assembled they would go ahead with manufacture.
Eric would be happy to coordinate orders.  Be generous and have a bit to spare!  Eric is starting with 20m.
Contact Eric at eric.mouser@ntlworld.com or tel: 0118/376/7621(Reading) if interested.

26/9/06  The new kingpin and brake pulley sets have now been ordered and everyone
who enquired should now have been contacted and have confirmed their orders.
Thanks to all of you for making this batch order possible.
We do have just two additional sets which are not yet spoken for.
If you would like to avail yourself of a set, please contact the Register for details without delay.

24/9/06  A reminder that our Peatling Magna and Thriplow Autumn Pub Meets will take place next Sunday, 1st October.
Full details and directions here.

24/9/06  A very original 1930 saloon has surfaced in Nelson, New Zealand.  Peter Field, who lives in Nelson
sent this newspaper report from this week's issue of the Nelson Mail Wheels Weekly.

23/9/06  This unloved but basically sound and quite original 1931 SV 2-seater is currently being offered on eBay.
But don't all rush - it is in Virginia, USA!
The car was exported from Portsmouth by a sailor in 1972.  The current owner has owned it for 19 years,
and it has been reassembled recently to sell.
View and bid for it here.

17/9/06  The view from the cockpit of Trevor Wilkinson's Minor on his recent 1,200-mile tour of Southern Ireland.
More images here.

17/9/06  Starting them young.  Jeremy Evans' children have a project on their hands!

13/9/06  First photo from the VMR Norfolk Tour, which returned today.
More images here.

10/9/06  Beaulieu Autojumble.  Numerous members attended this weekend, including
Ken Martin, Barry Rogers, Tony Gamble, Simon Hodgins and Eric Mouser.  Barry found a 1929 fabric saloon logbook,
and there were two Minors in the Autojumble:

This is the ex-Mouldsworth Museum, ex-Tim Armitage 1931 fabric saloon currently owned by Mike Hobday.

Second was this wonderful 'barn find' Kent-registered 1932 season saloon.
It is not yet known whether either of these cars sold, but
hopefully they both found good homes.

10/9/06  Two news items relating to senior appointments.  First, Michael Schumacher has announced his retirement.
Second, VMR member Alex Norman has been elected President of the illustrious and historic Cambridge University Automobile Club.
(see his M Type below)  Congratulations to both!

8/9/06  Brake parts and kingpins update.  The go-ahead has been given for production,
even though we are two or three sets short of our order target.  If anyone would like to order a set (or part set)
of kingpins, front brake pulleys, axle pulley posts or pulley shrouds, please contact the Register ASAP.
A full set costs 150 Pounds.  Thanks to those who have already ordered.
8/9/06  We wish bon voyage to our East Anglia Chapter who embark on their tour of the wilds of North Norfolk on Sunday.

Among the intrepid tourists will be Trevor Wilkinson and his wife, who have just returned from a 1,200 mile tour
of Ireland in their Minor 2-seater - with nothing worse than a broken fan belt to report.

2/9/06  Website Survey!
This website is due for a general upgrade and update,
but before the work commences, I would like to know a bit more about its usage.
The web counter is currently incrementing about 100 hits per week,
but this may be 100 people accesssing it once, 10 people accessing it 10 times,
or 2 people accessing it 50 times!  So could I ask anyone who reads this note (member or otherwise)
to take a moment to reply with a quick e-mail, and possibly also let me know what area of
the website you were accessing and what you do and do not find of interest or use.
That will help me greatly when I come to upgrade the site and make it more useful to everyone.
Any and all suggestions most welcome.
Thank you!

1/9/06  The VSCC is holding a new event this November - a Cotswold Trial on Saturday 25th November.
Unusually, there will be a special class for Light Car Section cars,
plus a class for newcomers,  so let's see if the VSCC/VMR Minorists can put up a good show.
Download the Entry Form here and get your entry in quickly!
If any non-VSCC members would like to enter, please contact the Register ASAP.
(It is worth downloading the Entry Form - even if you do not intend to enter -
as the front page shows Eddie Wrigley on his way to winning the 1938 VSCC Cotswold Trial.
This is the same Eddie Wrigley who ran the famous Morris Minor spares emporium in Hounslow
for many years post-war.   His catalogue will be reprinted in Magazine M 125.)

 30/8/06  Autumn Pub Meets - it's nearly that time again.  The Hatchgate, Bramshill - SATURDAY 23rd September
(with Alex Dempster from New Zealand, so let's please have a GOOD turnout to welcome him).
The Green Man, Thriplow - Sunday 1st October,
The Cock Inn, Peatling Magna - also Sunday 1st October.
(and Brian and Heidi Maeers invite all comers to lunch at Manor Farm thereafter -
please RSVP in advance to Brian and Heidi on 0116/247/8284)
All meets start at noon.  Members and non-members equally welcome.
Full details of all meets here.
And don't forget the Beaulieu Autojumble on 9th/10th September!

30/8/06  For those wishing to take a look at photos taken at recent VSCC Light Car Section
events, including many vintage Minors and some familiar faces,
check out the Section's new GroveStreet site here.

30/8/06  Looking very good.  This is Alex Norman's M Type which is approaching completion in Cambridge.
Alex is a PhD student at Christ's College, Cambridge, but this is no studen't hack!
We look forward to seeing it at our Thriplow meets and Summer Rally next year.

28/8/06  More technology!  Click here for a short film of Barry Rogers ascending the hallowed Brooklands Test Hill
  duringthe recent VSCC Light Car Section Driving Tests.
(7 Mb .avi file - only for broadband users!)

28/8/06   As a further technology upgrade, a Vintage Minor area has been set up on the GroveStreet
photo sharing website.  Check here for pictures of our Summer Rally.
Click on Summer Rally 2006.  Then click on a thumbnail for a larger picture.
Then click on the larger picture for a full-size image.
There will be many more photos uploaded shortly.

27/8/06   Not the best photograph, but the best that could be achieved, given the
storage situation of this Minor, which has not turned a wheel since1961 and
was last on the road in 1956.  It is a 1933 Jensen Special which has recently come to light
in Ipswich.  More information in Magazine M 125.

24/8/06  eBay alert.  This 1930 M Type is currently being offered on eBay.  View it here.
Appears to be the genuine article (but aren't those 1932 wings?).
Thanks to Chris Lambert for spotting this one.

12/8/06  This is the magnificent Milton Abbey in Dorset - location for our next Summer Rally 28th/29th July, 2007.
Milton Abbey was the long-time home of the Hambro family, first owners of the Editorial Semi-sports, LJ 4435.
A very special Garden Party will take place at the Abbey on Sunday 29th July which will
include a reunion of the car with the family, including Mary, who learned to drive
in this car in 1940.  The car will be shipped to the UK for the occasion, which will represent the culmination of a
thirteen-year restoration.  The weekend is expected to be the best VMR Summer Rally yet,
and with so much advanced warning - no excuses for absence will be accepted!  In particular, would all other
owners of Semi-sports models please make every effort to attend with their cars.
For more details, contact the Register.

12/8/06  Richard Davies is planning to manufacture a batch of Derrington manifolds for the Minor.
Price will be around £250.  Contact the Register for further details.

12/8/06  VMR HQ is now back in operation after the Summer Rally, which was a tremendous success.
Final results - Simon Hodgins, navigated by Ian Pilcher won the Roy Hogg Trophy (for the second time),
Jeremy Evans, ably navigated by his son, took the Sports & Vintage Cup home,
and the Sevens won the Lewis & Nicholson Trophy - again!
Many more website updates shortly - watch this space.


9/11/04  It is with sadness that we must report the death of VMR member James Mogge.
Jimmy died suddenly at the age of 72.
Our sincerest condolences go out to his wife Joy and son Martyn.
Martyn will be taking on custodianship of his father's Minor and his membership number 194.

7/11/04  Great news!  Magazine M 117 finally arrived in the UK yesterday, six weeks after posting.
The shipment almost certainly went by sea, and so it is anticipated that the magazines forAustralia and
New Zealand should also arrive with Alex Dempster shortly.  Watch this space for further news.

7/11/04  We extend a warm welcome to Allan Napier who joins us with his 1930 Fabric Saloon FH 7004 (M27047).
Allan acquired the car from his brother-in-law, VMR member John Purser.

3/11/04  Amazingly, another 1931 Minor van has turned up on eBay.
This is a SV example with a C-cab style body (chassis SV10125, engine U10910)
and is located in Toronto, Canada.  The original UK registration number was BR 8725.
Details here.
The Garnons-Williams book mentioned below sold for £240.

28/10/04  A rare Morris book is currently on offer on eBay, which will be of considerable interest to all vintage Minor owners.
It is a signed limited edition of 'Morris Cars, 1913-1930' by Philip Garnons-Williams.
It contains virtually every Morris sales brochure from 1913 to 1930 (including the 1929, 1930 and 1931 season Minor brochures)
as well as many contemporary magazine articles and road tests.
View it here.  Bidding ends at 9.44 on Sunday morning UK time.  Good luck!

25/10/04  We extend a warm welcome to Alex Norman who joins us as a student member with his M Type MG.
(Members under 21 benefit from a reduced subscription).  Alex joined us at the Green Man on Sunday where he was able to
negotiate for a cut-out for his car.  Alex is looking for other parts - see his Wanted advert in the Marketplace.

24/10 o4  If anyone is interested in a set of new front pulley brake cables for their vintage Minor,
please contact the Register.  A batch is about to be ordered.

22/10/04  Please don't forget our final Autumn pub meet this Sunday at the Green Man, Thriplow, Cambridgeshire.
Full details and map here.

20/10/04  We warmly welcome new member Richard Harland up in Cumbria who owns
the1929 Minor tourer DS 7123 (ex-PN 4886).  Richard is desperately searching for a
vertical drive pinion and matching camshaft bevel gear.  Please contact him if you can help him out.

19/10/04  It now appears that the Australian and New Zealand batch of M 117 Magazines
which were shipped from Grand Rapids on 22nd September has also not arrived!
It is thought - and hoped - that they have been erroneously sent by sea,
in which case they should be arriving in around three weeks.

13/10/04  Don't forget the VMR pub lunch at the Cock Inn, Peatling Magna this Sunday,
and The Green Man, Thriplow on the following Sunday 24th October.  Details and maps here.

13/10/04  It is not too early to send in contributions for the 2005 VMR Yearbook - to be published next July.
Photographs, letters and articles would be most welcome.

13/10/04  For those in the UK and Europe who have not yet received the latest Magazine (M 117),
these were shipped on 22nd September, but as of this morning, they had not arrived in the UK for onward posting.
Enquiries are being made with the postal services both in the UK and here in the USA.
Watch this space for further news - and keep your fingers crossed!

4/10/04  We extend a warm welcome to Toby Sears who joins us with his 1934 Minor tourer
and recently-acquired 1933 saloon.  Toby hopes to have the latter at the Bramshill meet next Sunday.

25/9/04  Welcome to Hugh Mackintosh of Retford, Nottinghamshire who has joined the Register
and is looking for a Minor tourer.  Please contact Hugh if you can help him.

22/9/04  The Autumn Magazine M 117 was shipped from VMR HQ today, and should be with everyone within two weeks.
M 118 will ship in good time for Christmas.  Please send any material for M 118 ASAP.
Please also order any 2004 VMR Yearbooks required to ship with M 118 ASAP.  You may do so here.

22/9/04  Congratulations to Simon Hodgins who has acquired the very interesting Jensen Special Minor
EC 9783 from Henry Posner.

22/9/04  Welcome to Della Rowbottom of Stoke-on-Trent who has joined us after
purchasing Bryan Davies' 1930 saloon JO 1445 at the Beaulieu Automart last weekend.
Della joins us as Register member number 203.

20/9/04  We extend a warm welcome to John and Josephine Nagle, of Lower Earley, Reading
who join us with their 1931 OHC Family 8.  Please welcome them at the Hatchate meet on 10th October.

13/9/04  More information is now available here regarding our Inaugural Rally in the Hunter Valley, Australia.


29/5/04  A reminder that the VSCC Light Car Section's Summer Rally takes place on Sunday June 27th.
Full details with downloadable entry form may be found here.
Can we beat the eleven vintage Minors which entered the Welsh?

28/5/04  Welcome to new member David Hammond of Leeds who joins us with his M Type MG.

22/5/04  Welcome to Jim Mogge who joined the Register this week with his
1931 SV Hundred Pound 2-seater.  Look out for it at our Summer Rally.

1/5/04  A final reminder that our Spring Meets are taking place this month.
The first will be our Shoulder of Mutton Meet at Hazeley, North Hampshire next Sunday.
Full details and directions here.

1/5/04  The front cover photo competition for M 116 is still open.
Some great images have been received, but more would be most welcome.
Details here.

21/4/04  Simon Hodgins just called in to VMR HQ to remind us that he is about to have a batch of fuel tap cork seals manufactured.
If you are interested, now is the time to give him a call.
Details here.

15/4/04  We extend a warm welcome to Barry Davis of Crewe who has acquired the
5 cwt. van DF 9897 from Brian Denton.  We look forward to meeting Barry at our Summer Rally.

14/4/04  The latest e-mailed Update may be found here.

8/4/03  Welsh Trial results.  Suzanne Woodward won a First, Clive Hamilton-Gould won a Third.
Brian Maeers was just about half way down the field - a tremendous achievement on his first ever sporting trial.
David Roscoe was close behind him.
Well done, one and all!
(Full results for the weekend here, here and here)
(Pictures by Duncan Buck here)

The next Light Car Section event is the Navigational Rally and Summer Tour, Sunday 27th June.
Full details including entry forms may be found here.
The event will be based in the Tewksbury, Gloucestershire area.
Let's have another great turnout of vintage Minors!

5/4/04  It was very pleasing to see the web counter sail past 25,000 this week.  There is another Morris club
with around 2,000 members whose website started before this one and whose website web counter
has just passed 28,000.  We may have less than 200 members, but they are clearly
highly dedicated enthusiasts!

29/3/04  Congratulations to all entrants in the VSCC Light Car Section's Welsh weekend.
We hear that an excellent weekend was had by all.
In particular, congratulatios are in order for Clive Hamilton-Gould who won the
Section's annual Light Car Trophy once again.

19/3/04  The pre-war Minor fraternity now has a new Bulletin Board which can be accessed here.
The new Bulletin Board replaces the e-mail forum.
Hearty thanks go to Gren Strickland who has worked night and day this week to establish this
powerful new resource.

16/3/04  All forms for the Summer Rally are now to be found on the Summer Rally web page,
so now is the time to download them, complete them and return them.

13/3/04  For the first time, the Vintage Minor Register will publish a Yearbook in June.
More details and ordering information here.

12/3/04  A list of accommodation options has been added to the Summer Rally web page.
Due to the rural nature of the Rally area, nearby accommodation is scarce,
so it is suggested that you make your reservations as soon as possible.

7/3/04  Planning for the Summer Rally is now progressing apace.
Many more details  have been added to the website here, including the Rally Entry Form.

5/3/04  Welcome to new member Peter Baines who owns the 1930 fabric saloon CP 8177 (M19686).
This car was last heard of in 1962 when in the ownership of the Reverend Ron Jackson in Blackpool.
It was last licensed in December 1950.  Peter is completing the rebuild of this very original fabric saloon
and we look forward to meeting him at our summer rally in July.

23/2/04  VMR member Mike Tebbett is organizing an informal Normandy Nomad run in mid July.
This would make an excellent opportunity for VMR members to venture abroad with their vintage Minors.
Further details here.

23/2/04 The current list of confirmed vintage Minor entrants for the LCES Welsh Rally is:

Tom Dixon
Paul Rogers
Brian & Heidi Maeers
Terry & Lee Dickie
Ken & Kate Martin
Clive & Toddy Hamilton-Gould
David  & Diana Roscoe
Peter Stubberfield
Mike Jones
Sue & Richard Woodward

Wendy Cooksey is also entering in a Citroen.
David & Clare Rolfe are also entering, which makes a VMR team of eleven vintage Minors.
This is a record vintage Minor turnout for a VSCC event!

23/2/04  Hearty thanks to all who sent best wishes for my 50th,
and a curse upon the man who pirated the site.  (Not really, Gren!)
As Martin Redmond put it, there is life the other side of 50 - but not as we known it!

16/2/04  Welome to new member Nick Reeve of Andover who joins us with his 1932 OHC Family Eight Special.
Nick becomes VMR member number 190.

9/2/04  Fancy seeing your Minor on the front cover of the VMR Magazine?
Find out more here.

8/2/04  We extend a particularly warm welcome to Richard and Bill McKellar of Canterbury,
Australia who are joining the Register with the earliest known Minor in the southern hemisphere.
Richard and Bill have acquired MM1019 from Clive Carmichael.  This car left Cowley
as a chassis on 8th December 1928.  It is the fourth earliest Minor known to have survived,
and one of just eight laid down in 1928.
The new owners are searching for a speedometer, a Sparton horn and a calormeter.  Can anyone help them out?

5/2/04  The VMR is planning a 'raid' on the VSCC Light Car Section's Welsh Rally in March.
We currently expect around a dozen vintage Minors to take part.
For more details of the weekend, contact Kevin Lee, the LCES Competitons Secretary.
Downloadable entry forms, regulations and accommodation details, may be found here.
But hurry, the entry list is filling rapidly!


22/5/03  Footman James & Co. Ltd. has joined with the Vintage Minor Register to offer a
discount insurance service to members.  Further details will be posted here shortly.

22/5/03  C D Bramall plc, the Cheltenham MG Rover agents have generously agreed to sponsor our
Anniversary Rally.  They are providing a trophy for the Concours
and a brand new MGTF as the Course Car at Prescott.
19/5/03  There are three additions to the Summer Rally web page, including order forms for
the Sudeley Castle Vintage Picnics (by Longborough Farm Shop),
the Cream Teas at Mill dene (by Tiddley the tea lady), and
an important traffic warning regarding the International Air Tattoo at Fairford, Gloucester.

19/5/03  There was an excellent turnout of eleven vintage Minors at the
Shoulder of Mutton lunch meet last weekend.  Details and pictures
will be in M 112.  Thanks to all who supported the meet.
The next gathering will be in the autumn, as has become our custom.

6/5/03  Welcome to new member Alan James of McKinnock, Victoria, Australia.
Alan owns a highly original and very early Minor (chassis MM1619).
The chassis was bodied by Cheneys and was in the ownership of the first owner until last year!
Look out for photos of this unique Minor in the next VMR Magazine.

5/5/03  Don't forget the Spring Meet at the Shoulder of Mutton, Hazeley, this Sunday.
All are welcome.  Full details here.

1/5/03  The latest e-mailed Update may be found here.

24/4/03  The 1930 Morris Minor colour brochure has been added to the website here.

15/4/03  Jack Blyth has successfully completed his circumnavigation of the South Island of New Zealand.
He covered over 1,400 miles in less than two weeks.
Congratulations, Jack!
His final report can be seen here.

14/4/03  An important addition has been made to the Summer Rally.
See the Rally page for details.

13/4/03   Welcome to new member Roger Burnett of Philadelphia
who owns an extremely rare MG M Type Sportsman's coupe
which is currently nearing completion with Mike Allison in the UK.
If all goes to plan, its public debut will be at our Summer Rally,
while Mike plans to bring along his historic Monte Carlo N Type.

13/4/03  Simon Hodgins has acquired the ex-Pat Guthrie-Jones saloon VK 3672 (M31288)
from Pioneer Automobiles.
Simon will bring the car to the Shoulder of Mutton and the Summer Rally.

12/4/03  Summer Rally latest.
We are planning a Bring-and-Buy Morris/MG Autojumble at Prescott.
Please bring along any Morris or MG spares which you would like to dispose of.
We will sell them for you with a 10% commission going towards Rally expenses.
Simply label your spares with your name and a price
and drop them off at the VMR stand.
Donations of useful surplus spares would also be most welcome.
If you think you might have some spares to sell or donate, please let the Register know.
If we have sufficient donated goodies, we might even be able to hold a small auction.
For Sale posters for cars or other large items would also be welcome
and will be displayed at the Timekeeper's Hut.


8/3/03  To date, we have TWENTY vintage Minors declared for our Summer Rally!
Also, thirty other vintage Morrises and MG's have entered,
including some extremely rare and interesting models.
However, only TWO Entry Forms have been received so far from VMR members.
We need to pay a substantial deposit to secure Prescott very soon.
Please therefore return your entry forms ASAP.  Thanks!

23/2/03  Magazine M 111 is now complete and being printed.
If any member would like a free experimental copy of the Magazine on CD,
in addition to their regular printed copy, please contact the Register ASAP.

10/2/03  There has been an important and exciting change to the VMR Summer Rally.
The steam dinner scheduled for Saturday evening, 19th July has been replaced
by an "Evening at the Proms" open-air concert at Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe,
complete with the English Symphony Orchestra,
an air display by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
and a Grand Firework Finale.

The evening is being jointly promoted by the CSMA and the VSCC.

Preliminary particulars  have been distributed today by e-mailed Update
while fuller details are contained in the Rally Page.
The Rally Entry Form has also been amended accordingly.

8/2/03  There may very well be a VERY exciting and important change to our
Summer Rally plans for Saturday evening 19th July.
It is STRONGLY recommended that you watch this space next week!
Full details will be posted here as soon as they can be made public.

29/1/03  VMR member Jim Worth in Christchurch has purchased 1931 Minor saloon SV 8134 (M33032)
from Nicky Paul-Barron.  This brings Jim's vintage Minor collection to three, including
the well known ex-Roy Hogg 1930 Van and 1930 Minor saloon CV 3487 (M29226).

29/1/03  We extend a particularly warm welcome to new member Graham Beck.
Graham had his Minor saloon (VC 6555) stolen a while back.
Nevertheless, he supported our Summer Rally last year
and has booked in again for this year's Rally.
Graham becomes VMR member number 153.

23/1/03  Full accommodation details for the Summer Rally have now been added to the site.
We strongly recommend booking early, as summer accommodation
in the popular Cotswolds fills rapidly in the spring.

23/1/03  The Entry Form for our Summer Rally is now available in downloadable format.
Please download, print and return with your entry fee as soon as possible.

22/1/03  The latest e-mailed Update is now available on the site.

21/1/03  The Spring Meet at the Shoulder of Mutton, Hazeley, Hampshire
will take place at lunchtime on Sunday 11th May.
Please come along - with or without your Vintage Minor
and enjoy this popular Register springtime gathering.

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