Adverts in the Magazine and on the website

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Adverts in the Magazine and on the website

Postby Ian Grace » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:55 pm

You have probably noticed that many of these are years out of date! Although some adverts that have been out there for a very long time are still valid, many are probably not and so I'm going to zero them all out and start again. Before I do that, I'll be e-mailing everyone who has a current For Sale or Wanted advert posted to see if they are still current. All others will be removed.

So this would be a great opportunity for everyone to have a think about what they potentially have for sale and what parts they are in need of, so that new and relevant adverts can be posted in the Magazine and on the website. I'll repeat all this in the August Newsletter so everyone gets to see it, but in the meantime, do let me have your input - with respect to old adverts and also any new ones you would like to submit.

As mentioned elsewhere, once we get things up to date, I plan to post all new adverts - for the first month - in the monthly Newsletter as well.

Please help me get all this sorted and up to date, so we can offer a better service all round to all members.


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