Ifor Williams trailer suitable for Minor.....

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Ifor Williams trailer suitable for Minor.....

Postby Ronald » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:08 pm

I have an ifor Williams lt1056 ,ie, 10ft x 5.6.......
Twin axle flat bed, wheels underneath type, I have made ramps that store underneath, and make loading a small car such as the minor a piece of cake, in my ownership, (about two years) it has had all four tyres replaced, and it went to our local agent and had a full brake service and check over, most of the brakes were replaced due to it not being very well looked after, but it's now in perfectly useable condition, I have put chequer plate where the wheels sit to improve the grip on the car tyres, the bed below that is reconstituted plastic, which is fine, but not great at taking heavy localised loads, it also comes with a headboard should you wish to use it for other things, I have also made a couple of brackets on the far rear corners and fitted hd jockey wheels which act as rear legs, but also means I can raise the entire trailer off the ground and roll it sideways in my garage, even with a minor on it! These brackets and jockey wheels can of course be easily removed.......
It tows really nicely, and as it has a gvw of just 2tonnes it can be towed by the majority of large estate cars....

Located in central Dorset.

£1200 to a fellow minor owner....

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