1933 Maddox Fixed head Coupe EN 5810

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Re: 1933 Maddox Fixed head Coupe EN 5810

Postby Ian Grace » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:27 pm

I have now had a chance to get to know Maddie a little bit and a plan has evolved to overhaul the car before shipping it to Eng;land in the spring. I have driven it about ten miles in a series of short trips up the lane and I'm getting used to driving her. When climbing the hill and pulling hard in third, I'm seeing about 20 psi oil pressure, which may well be correct. I have a couple of spare gauges, but haven't tried one yet. However, this and the general state of things under the bonnet had persuaded be to do a front end overhaul over the winter, to include a complete engine overhaul, a thorough sort of the firewall (currently quite scruffy and painted green!), front axle/steering service and probably repainting the front wings, one of which ha some peeling paint. The bonnet doesn't quite fit correctly, so hopefully I'll be able to sort that too.

While the engine and gearbox are out, I'm going to fit a replacement Hardy Spicer prop shaft which I obtained from Clive Hamilton-Gould a while back for the McEvoy. The car is going to be doing a considerable mileage in England, and this mod might make long distance journeys a little smoother.

While checking under the car, I noticed that the running board chassis outriggers have been cut off. In their place are stepped brackets bolted to the chassis which lower the running boards a good two inches from their original height, possible done to make the car look a little taller than it actually is. However, the rear ends of the front wings have been re-worked to meet up level with the running boards. The boards are also much shorter than the standard minor units and the front wing has been extended back to accommodate. I'm sure that this won't be the last secret that the car gives up!

Note also that the car has the flat dummy honeycomb radiator grille fitted to early 1934 season Minors.

The picture below shows the car without the front bumper, which I am not convinced was fitted by Maddox. It was manufactured by the British Bumper Company and is extremely heavy and not really suitable for a Minor. I removed it to get at the chassis number to support the registration recovery application and I think I will leave it off. Does anyone have a standard Minor front number plate support bracket, or one I can borrow to have copied?

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